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Another government shutdown looms as budget deal hits snag in Senate

The White House is preparing for the second US government shutdown in three weeks, after the budget deal negotiated by Republicans and Democrats was delayed in the Senate. A two-year, $ 300 billion budget deal negotiated on Wednesday would increase the funding for both military and civilian programs, and was deemed a fair compromise by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ...

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First make nuclear deal a success, then we’ll talk other issues – Tehran to US & EU

Tehran will not yield to pressure to renegotiate the landmark nuclear deal, a senior Iranian official has said, claiming no other country will bother negotiating with Washington in future if it withdraws from the agreement. The US and European Union must make the 2015 nuclear deal work before asking Tehran to negotiate other issues, such as its ballistic missile program ...

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May blasted for refusing to protect the NHS from a post-Brexit trade deal with Trump

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is being accused of secretly plotting to sell off the National Health Service (NHS) after refusing to rule out whether it would be part of any future post-Brexit trade deal with the US. During the Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) in the Commons on Wednesday, the Tory leader was quizzed on the exact terms of any ...

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EU’s Donald Tusk hampered post-Brexit free movement deal – New Europeans CEO (VIDEO)

The New Europeans group has rounded on President of the European Council Donald Tusk, accusing him of creating unnecessary barriers for the British citizens during Brexit negotiations and being generally uncooperative. Leader of the pro-European Union civil group the New Europeans, Roger Casale, has rounded on Tusk over British citizens rights in the EU during a session of the European ...

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Aeroflot secures $5bn deal for 50 Russian-built MC-21 passenger jets

Russia’s leading airline Aeroflot has leased 50 domestically made MC-21 jets for its fleet. The leasing contract has been signed for a period of 12 years with a possible extension. Aeroflot will receive the first jet in the first quarter of 2020, with the full delivery to be completed by 2026. The total cost of leasing payments and maintenance fees ...

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Google completes its $1.1B deal to buy a chunk of HTC’s smartphone division

Google has announced the completion of its $ 1.1 billion deal to buy a large slice of HTC’s hardware business. The acquisition was announced back in September 2017 but now it has passed the requisite approvals and is finalized. Beyond the transfer of over 2,000 engineers from HTC — that’s around one-fifth of HTC’s engineering team — Google will also receive ...

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Moscow accuses Washington of ‘blackmailing’ Europeans into altering Iran nuclear deal

Washington is essentially “blackmailing” European signatories to Iran’s nuclear deal to amend its conditions, Russia’s envoy to EU said, urging the parties to preserve the status quo created by the landmark agreement. Following Donald Trump’s repeated bashing of the historic 2015 deal, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced on Monday that the US is dispatching a diplomatic team to Europe ...

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Europe’s ‘concessions’ make Trump less committed to nuclear deal – Tehran

Iran’s ballistic missile program is not up for negotiation, top Iranian officials have restated, criticizing next week’s US diplomatic mission to Europe with a mandate to revise and “fix” the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement. On Monday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced the US is dispatching a diplomatic team to Europe to iron out “flaws in the nuclear agreement” signed ...

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US to send diplomatic team to Europe to discuss Iran nuclear deal – Tillerson

The US is dispatching a diplomatic team to Europe next week to outline “flaws” in the Iranian nuclear deal, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said. “We have a team traveling – actually, they’re coming to Europe,” Tillerson said according to Reuters citing the US reporter traveling with him. The team would explore “how we can address these flaws in the nuclear ...

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US govt shutdown continues for 3rd day as Senate fails to reach funding deal

US Senate members have failed to strike a deal to end the government shutdown, pushing the deadline back by 11 hours. After hours of deliberations, Democratic and Republican senators failed to reach a federal funding deal to end the government shutdown that started Friday. The vote, initially planned for 1am Monday, has been postponed until noon. “It would be my ...

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