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Daredevil raccoon climbs high-rise, drops from about 8 stories (VIDEO)

Published time: 22 Sep, 2018 14:31 Edited time: 22 Sep, 2018 14:34 In the style of Spiderman, a raccoon climbed up the wall of a high-rise near the Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. After making it about eight stories up, the critter falls off the wall, spreading its body like a parachute suit. The video, captured by South Carolina resident ...

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Daredevil worker captures dazzling St. Pete skyline from spire of Europe’s tallest building (VIDEO)

Published time: 27 Aug, 2018 00:25 Hanging almost 500 meters in the air, one man with nerves of steel managed to capture the thrilling beauty of St. Petersburg and the Gulf of Finland from the spire of the Lakhta Center, the tallest building in Europe. Rising above the waterfront business complex at 462 meters, a construction crew worker could not ...

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Russian daredevil rams police cars in high-speed pursuit, escapes free (VIDEO)

A Russian daredevil managed to outwit police in a high-speed pursuit, ramming and dodging the police cars before making a dramatic off-road getaway, leaked dashcam footage revealed. In a police dashcam video shared by Telegram viral news channel Mash, the suspect leads police on a chase through Russia’s Voronezh region. Ignoring the cops’ demands to stop, the driver artfully dodges ...

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Daredevil suspect smashes through cop car window, rides on roof (VIDEO)

The moment a Texas inmate attempted to escape from a moving police cruiser by clambering onto its roof has been captured on camera. Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said the man also threatened suicide during the incident. Footage has appeared online of Martin Estrada smashing a police car window before climbing on top of the vehicle. The events were captured by ...

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Saudi daredevil v speeding truck: Bizarre viral stunt ends in arrest (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A Saudi man who became a viral hit after jumping right in front of an oncoming truck as part of a dangerous stunt has been arrested over the incident. READ MORE: Viral ‘grad with rifle’ image continues to cause a stir as Jim Carrey joins the debate  Nail-biting footage posted to social media shows the man inexplicably jump from the bonnet ...

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DIY daredevil: Man clings to 12th story balcony while fixing window (VIDEO)

It looks like a case of extreme home renovation – a man risks death by clinging to the edge of a 12th floor balcony with one hand while he drills a window frame with the other. The bizarre DIY attempt was filmed by a curious neighbor in the Siberian city of Tyumen, after they spotted a man fitting a window ...

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Russian daredevil jumps off high-rise in nail-biting video (VIDEO)

A Russian adrenaline junkie wearing a parachute has leaped off a snowy balcony in a high-rise apartment block, capturing the daring stunt on video. In a display of both bravery and recklessness, the man calmly unwraps his yellow-and-red parachute before jumping off the edge of a balcony. The next moment, he releases his unpacked parachute and glides for a few ...

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Daredevil dangles from deckchair tied to helium balloons 8,000ft above Africa (VIDEOS)

Published time: 25 Oct, 2017 16:50 In a scene ripped straight out of the Pixar film ‘Up’ a man has flown 25km (16 miles) across South Africa on a camping chair powered by nothing but dozens of helium balloons. British adventurer Tom Morgan soared to 8,000ft (2,438 meters) on his make-shift flying machine. Morgan is part of a group called ...

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Daredevil who scaled Murray Hill tower tried to kill self in jail

A teen daredevil busted this past week for climbing to the top of a Murray Hill high-rise fell into a dark hole of depression after his arrest — and even attempted suicide, he claimed Saturday. “Tried to kill myself in jail yesterday,” Justin Casquejo, 19, wrote along with a smiley face in a bizarre Instagram post. “I was lucky enough ...

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