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Semper fat? Marine Corps to overhaul chow bid to curb obesity

No more burgers or beer? The fitness-obsessed US Marine Corps is rolling out a color-coded food labeling scheme in a bid to trim the fat and fight the growing problem of its members being classified as overweight or obese. Read more Obesity is widespread in the US, and not even the military elite is safe. A 2017 Army report classified ...

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WhatsApp now marks forwarded messages to curb the spread of deadly misinformation

WhatsApp just introduced a new feature designed to help its users identify the origin of information that they receive in the messaging app. For the first time, a forwarded WhatsApp message will include an indicator that marks it as forwarded. It’s a small shift for the messaging platform, but potentially one that could make a big difference in the way ...

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Europe’s plans to curb Iranian missile program ‘a dream that will never come true’ – Khamenei

Europe’s attempts to limit Iran’s ballistic missile program will never become reality, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said, adding that Tehran has no plans to limit is influence across the Middle East, either. “Some Europeans are talking about limiting our defensive missile program. I am telling the Europeans: Limiting our missile development is a dream that will never come ...

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Over half of Russians describe efforts to curb corruption as successful – poll

Around 55 percent of Russians believe the authorities are waging a successful war against corruption, with 47 percent saying that arrests of senior officials for bribery are the best proof of this. In a survey conducted by state-run VTSIOM agency in late May, 55 percent of the respondents said they have noticed the positive results of the nationwide anti-corruption campaign; ...

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Moscow welcomes Trump’s desire to meet Putin, mend ties & curb arms race – Lavrov

Russia welcomes Donald Trump’s desire to engage with Moscow regarding an arms race and other global challenges, but the US leader’s deeds must match his words, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. “We have repeatedly stated that we positively assess President Donald Trump’s desire to establish normal dialogue between our countries,” Lavrov told Italy’s Panorama magazine on Thursday. He added, ...

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Existing Iran deal 'not sufficient' to curb nuclear program – Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the existing deal with Iran was not sufficient to curb its nuclear program, while Tehran’s influence must be contained. “We are of the opinion that the JCPOA is the first step that has contributed to slowing down their activities in this particular respect, that also established a better verification and monitoring process. But ...

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Hungarian MPs put forward ‘Stop Soros’ bill to curb immigration

Hungarian lawmakers have presented new legislation aimed at curbing immigration and which also affects foreign funded NGOs. The legislation, dubbed the ‘Stop Soros Act’ references the US-Hungarian tycoon, George Soros. Following a cabinet meeting Wednesday, Interior Minister Pinter Sandor and government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs announced the proposed ‘Stop Soros Act.’ Details will be presented Thursday, but local media said it ...

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Crypto-crackdown: EU agrees on new rules to curb bitcoin anonymity

Published time: 16 Dec, 2017 10:08 Edited time: 16 Dec, 2017 10:11 The EU is targeting bitcoin anonymity, saying the measure is needed to tackle tax evasion and other crimes. Anonymity of the cryptocurrency holders is a built-in feature that the EU hopes to undermine. The new rules concerning cryptocurrency passed on Friday by the European Parliament and the European ...

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Police go undercover on Black Friday to curb violence & theft across US

Undercover officers and helicopters will be watching over bargain hunters during this Black Friday in an effort to stamp out the annual chaos that turns America’s malls into potential war zones every holiday season. The day after Thanksgiving, millions of customers wait outside their favorite retailers for the first day of the Christmas gift shopping season. When big-box stores opened ...

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Israeli minister reveals contacts with Saudi Arabia 'to curb Iran'

Published time: 19 Nov, 2017 20:50 A senior Israeli official has said Tel Aviv has “partly covert” ties with “many Muslim and Arab countries,” including Riyadh. With the absolutist kingdom, Israel is now working on common concerns over Iran, the cabinet minister said. “The connection with the moderate Arab world, including Saudi Arabia, is helping us curb Iran,” Energy Minister ...

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