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On track: Train link to Crimean Bridge is almost complete

More than 80 percent of railway track to the newly-built bridge linking Russia with Crimea is complete, according to the project’s website. The railroad will link the bridge with the transport system of Crimea and mainland Russia. Construction and installation works are being carried out along the entire length of the route. It is constructed using a continuous welded railroad ...

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Ukraine still seeks to destabilize Crimean Republic claims Russian security chief

The Kiev regime and radical Ukrainian nationalists have not given up attempts to provoke unrest and extremism in Crimea, according to the secretary of the Russian Security Council and former FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev. Speaking at the Security Council’s special session dedicated to enforcing law and order in Crimea, Patrushev stated that the Russian authorities were actively working to prevent ...

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Respect the slipper: Crimean safari park director uses footwear to keep lions in line (VIDEO)

The director of a Crimean safari park has developed a powerful weapon for maintaining order among the park’s pride of lions – his slipper. A viral video shows Oleg Zubkov using his footwear to break up a (big) cat fight. Zubkov, who runs the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea, has apparently perfected the art of slipper-throwing. In a video, uploaded ...

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Crimean authorities propose visa-free entry for patients of Russian clinics

Crimean officials propose granting visa-free entry to foreigners seeking treatment in Russian medical institutions, including famous Crimean resorts, suggesting that the measure would help to “break the sanctions regime.” The proposal was detailed by an aide to the head of the Crimean Republic, Sergey Strelbitsky, as he spoke at the Zdravnitsa (Health Source) conference that has recently taken place in ...

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Crimean charm: Italian ex-PM Berlusconi fancies a dacha in Russian region

In a recent speech marking the end of the election campaign in the Italian region of Valle D’Aosta, Silvio Berlusconi confessed that the beauty of Crimea was so overpowering he would love to have a dacha there. Berlusconi said that he was bewitched by the beauty of the peninsula during one of his recent visits to Russia. Driving along the ...

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Russia to explore Crimean shelf for large gas deposits

A comprehensive study will be conducted off the Crimean coast where large gas fields could be located, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksandr Sergeyev has said. “We want to raise the issue of developing the Crimean shelf. The studies that were conducted earlier and those that are currently underway show there could be quite significant gas reserves,” ...

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Crimean Bridge: Ukraine wants to bill Russia for future 'financial losses'

The head of Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Vladimir Omelyan, has estimated potential financial losses stemming from the launch of the Kerch Strait Bridge between Russia and Crimea, and vowed to make Russia foot the bill. “We are roughly estimating our annual lost revenues at around 500 thousands hryvnia [$ 19 million],” the minister told a Ukrainian media NEWSONE. “They are ...

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We don't need your permission: Russia responds to US condemnation of Crimean Bridge

Russia will not ask for anyone’s permission to build infrastructure on its territory. This was the response to the US, which condemned the opening of the Kerch Strait bridge between Russia and Crimea. The US State Department accused Russia of flouting international law by building a bridge to “occupied” Crimea without the permission of the government of Ukraine. “As one ...

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Putin attends opening ceremony of Crimean Bridge (WATCH LIVE)

Tuesday marks the official opening of a 19km bridge connecting mainland Russia with the Crimean Peninsula. The ceremony is attended by President Vladimir Putin. The Tuesday opening of the Crimean Bridge comes a day before automobile traffic will be allowed. The Kremlin kept the program of the ceremony secret, only saying that the people who created the massive construction in ...

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Illumination of Crimean Bridge arch dazzles night sky (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The 5,500-ton highway arch of the Crimean Bridge lit up the night sky with deep blue. The massive bridge connecting the Crimean Peninsula with mainland Russia is set to open on May 5, six months ahead of schedule. The bridge’s lighting system was just recently tested and the illumination will be in full operation after the railway section of the ...

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