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The creator of Snoo, the $1200 high tech bassinet just came out with a baby swaddle

“Five second” baby swaddle Sleepea (pronounced “sleepy”) is a sleep sack for your little one promising to be more efficient and effective than the other swaddles on the market. This is the second product to debut from Happiest Baby founder Dr. Harvey Karp, the creator of the Snoo, a $ 1200 robot bassinet that rocks and vibrates your baby to ...

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‘WTF is going on?!’ Linux creator attacks Intel as it retracts ‘garbage’ fix for critical bug

Patches released by Intel Corp. to fix highly malicious Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities affecting its CPUs turned out to be faulty, the company admitted, urging customers to stop installing them until further notice. Earlier this month, security researchers at Google Project Zero disclosed that data processed by the majority of modern CPUs, be they desktop computers or smartphones, could be ...

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YouTube tightens the rules around creator monetization and partnerships

In an effort to regain advertisers’ trust, Google is announcing what it says are “tough but necessary” changes to YouTube monetization. For one thing, it’s setting a higher bar for the YouTube Partner Program, which is what allows publishers to make money through advertising. Previously, they needed 10,000 total views to join the program. Starting today, channels also need to have ...

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Creator of Russia's biggest financial pyramid linked to 50 suicides joins the crypto-craze

Published time: 24 Dec, 2017 10:39 A convicted Russian fraudster, who once ran the country’s biggest Ponzi scheme, Sergei Mavrodi, has announced plans to relaunch his digital currency ‘mavro’ on the Ethereum platform. “The time for change is now! We can do a lot!! Financial apocalypse is inevitable,” Mavrodi posted on his website, with a countdown before the launch of ...

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Bitcoin's cryptic creator is now among world's wealthiest people

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 13:12 The anonymous person who invented bitcoin joined the Forbes’ list of the world’s 50 wealthiest people shortly after the digital currency hit a record $ 20,000 on Sunday. The world’s number one virtual currency has retreated from record highs, trading around $ 18,000 at 13:00 GMT on Wednesday. The market value of the cryptocurrency ...

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Apple picks up a new space drama from the creator of ‘Battlestar Galactica’

What the frak is this? According to a report from Deadline, Apple may have actually gotten its hand on a good show – a new space drama from “Battlestar Galactica” creator, Ronald D. Moore – to aid in its ambitions in building out its original video content. The still untitled series comes from Sony Pictures Television and Moore’s Tall Ship Productions, ...

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Bitcoin's mysterious creator could become world’s first trillionaire

Published time: 13 Dec, 2017 13:51 The mystery man known as Satoshi Nakamoto, who’s believed to be the inventor of bitcoin, could become the richest person on the planet, ahead of Forbes’ list billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Read more With the cryptocurrency’s booming price, the fortune of Nakamoto who is reportedly sitting on $ 17 billion could turn ...

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Facebook launches Creator app for influencers to build video communities

Facebook wants to turn mindless, passive video consumption into “time well spent,” and now it’s giving social media stars a powerful tool to foster communities around their content. Today Facebook launches Facebook Creator, offering influencers Live Creative Kit for adding intros and outros to broadcasts, a unified inbox of Facebook and Instagram comments plus Messenger chats, cross-posting to Twitter and ...

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Drudge Report creator fires back at Washington Post over ‘Russian propaganda’ claims

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 11:40 Drudge Report creator Matt Drudge has lashed out at the Washington Post in a rare public statement, after the paper accused him of being “linked to Russian propaganda.” Drudge noted that his site gives the paper over a third of its referral traffic. “I’ve linked to Washington Post over 10,000X in 25 years of ...

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‘Main creator of terrorism is US war on terror, not terrorists’

Published time: 24 Oct, 2017 13:55 The US’ only answer to terrorism is violence against violence, but that’s like trying to eradicate diseases by killing patients; a more constructive approach is needed, says Jan Oberg, director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research. A report released under the Freedom of Information Act shows the US has been simulating ...

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