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A craving for berries gets bear stuck in a storm drain, prompting rescue via manhole (VIDEOS)

A Winnie the Pooh-like situation, which saw a black bear stuck in a hole after a meal, could have landed the 250 lb animal in the worst of trouble, were it not for an ingenious rescue plan by local rangers in Colorado. Apparently lured by the sweet smell of food coming from a garbage bag full of branches from a ...

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Trump’s craving for more nukes a ‘rip off’ that only benefits military industrial complex

The Trump administration’s blueprint for building more nuclear warheads to contain “strategic competitors” is a “rip-off” that only benefits manufacturers, not the American people, foreign policy analyst Robert Naiman told RT. The plan to expand the US low-yield nuclear arsenal, outlined in the draft of the upcoming Nuclear Posture Review leaked to the media, is an “outrageous and foolish” idea ...

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Swedish Church left with bad taste after GIF shows Jesus craving tacos

Published time: 1 Nov, 2017 15:59 The Swedish Church became the target of a social media onslaught after posting a GIF of Jesus wriggling his fingers in apparent expectation of something special. The picture was meant to mark the country’s tradition of eating spicy Mexican tacos on Fridays. The tweet, sent from the official Swedish Church account and celebrating Taco ...

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Serena Williams Is Not Retiring After Baby, Reveals Pregnancy Craving

Serena WilliamsI’m Not Retiring After Baby… But I Do Have Cravings! 5/16/2017 9:30 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Bad news for every other female tennis player on the planet — Serena Williams says she will be BACK to destroy all of you … right after she gives birth!  Some have speculated the 35-year-old will hang it up after the baby is born ...

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