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Supreme Court dismisses warrant case against Microsoft after CLOUD Act renders it moot

A long-running legal battle between the U.S. government and Microsoft has been dismissed by the Supreme Court (PDF) after the crux of the conflict was mooted by recent legislation. The company will now be forced to provide data stored on servers in Ireland that it had previously said should be obtained through that country’s authorities. The case dates to 2013 ...

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Israeli court indicts Jewish man who dreamed of ‘decapitating Arab babies’

An Israeli man has been indicted for inciting both anti-Israeli and anti-Palestinian hatred in his Facebook posts. In the most notorious of them, he described his vivid dream of “decapitating” Arab babies with a butcher knife. Between 2012 and 2017, Petah Tikva resident Zohar Zuaretz issued a barrage of Facebook posts urging more than one thousand of his followers to ...

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Trump lawyer Michael Cohen also represented Fox News host Sean Hannity, court reveals

Michael Cohen, the personal attorney for US President Donald Trump, has previously represented Fox News host Sean Hannity, Cohen’s lawyers were forced to reveal in federal court on Monday. In an earlier court filing, lawyers for Cohen argued that he should not be forced to reveal the names of his clients. Cohen said he had about 10 clients between 2017 ...

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Court orders Telegram messenger services to be blocked in Russia

Published time: 13 Apr, 2018 08:36 Edited time: 13 Apr, 2018 08:51 A district court in Moscow has ordered access to popular internet messenger Telegram to be blocked after the company repeatedly refused to hand over encryption keys to its messages to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). DETAILS TO FOLLOW Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT Russian Politics News

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Supreme Court Justice’s wife under fire for criticizing Parkland shooting survivors

Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is the latest in a line of public figures under attack from the media for criticizing the survivors of the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting. Thomas shared several posts on her Facebook page, including one that depicted a pile of shoes from Holocaust victims. The caption implied that gun control ...

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Brazilian court issues arrest warrant for ex-President Lula

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been ordered to turn himself in by Friday afternoon to begin serving his 12 year sentence, after an appeals court authorized his immediate arrest on a conviction for graft. The arrest warrant was issued by Brazilian federal Judge Sergio Moro on Thursday, a day after Supreme Federal Court (STF) dismissed Lula’s ...

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Catalan ex-leader Puigdemont can be extradited for corruption, not rebellion – German court

Carles Puigdemont, the former leader of Catalonia, under investigation over the Catalan push for independence from Spain, can be extradited on charges of corruption, but not rebellion, the German court hearing his case has ruled. Rebellion is not a criminal offence in Germany, the court said, and the charge of high treason was unwarranted, due to the lack of a ...

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Brazil’s supreme court rules ex-President Lula can be jailed for corruption pending appeal

Published time: 5 Apr, 2018 03:37 Edited time: 5 Apr, 2018 03:58 Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva can be jailed on corruption charges, the country’s supreme court has ruled, dismissing an application to allow him to remain free pending an appeal against those charges. The country’s top court has voted 6-5 to deny Lula’s plea and ruled ...

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Supreme Court backs cop who shot woman in front yard

The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of an Arizona police officer who shot a woman four times in her driveway while she held a knife. The officer enjoys qualified immunity in the case, the justices said. Officer Andrew Kisela shot Amy Hughes in 2010. Hughes was in her driveway and was approaching her roommate, Sharon Chadwick, while holding ...

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Zuckerberg plans ‘Supreme Court’ body to police Facebook

Could an independent ‘Supreme Court’ help weed out abusive and inappropriate content on Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg thinks so. The Facebook CEO has said he wants to form an independent council, which would review content flagged as abusive on the social media platform. In an interview with liberal journalist Ezra Klein, Zuckerberg said that Facebook employees would make the initial decisions ...

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