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Russia looks to sell MiG-35 fighters in more than 30 countries

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 14:40 Edited time: 14 Nov, 2017 14:42 Over 30 nations are ready to upgrade their aging warplanes with Russia’s new multirole MiG-35 planes, according to the Director General of Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG Ilya Tarasenko. The fighter jets are currently under testing. The company is targeting export sales of at least $ 10 billion for ...

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These 35 cities in China are as wealthy as some countries

Published time: 12 Nov, 2017 05:36 Decades of skyrocketing economic growth have resulted in some Chinese cities having economies as big as many countries. An infographic, made by Visual Capitalist, compares some cities in China, which has a population of 1.4 billion people. The numbers are gross domestic product (GDP) by purchasing power parity (PPP). Have you heard of the ...

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Legal blackmail? Congress considers withholding support for countries opposing US position at UN

Published time: 10 Nov, 2017 18:51 US lawmakers want to legally prohibit any financial and military assistance to countries disagreeing with Washington’s foreign policy. A bill suggesting such course of action based on a certain country’s “behavior” at the UN has been introduced by Republican Congressmen. The “United Nations Voting Accountability Act of 2017” has been put forward by Louie ...

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FBI hackers targeted users in 120 countries, incl. Russia, China & Iran

During the largest known law enforcement hacking campaign, the FBI reportedly hacked into thousands of computers around the world and implanted malware that allowed them to gather personal data, according to court documents. The FBI’s international hacking efforts stem from an investigation called “Operation Pacifier.” Launched in 2014, the FBI conducted an investigation into a child pronography website called Playpen ...

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Germany's Steinmeier: Relations with Russia too important, countries must find bond

Published time: 25 Oct, 2017 20:54 Frank-Walter Steinmeier has met with President Vladimir Putin during his first visit to Russia as Germany’s president. Having pointed out the historical ties between the two nations, Steinmeier said he considers improving relations with Moscow as his personal obligation to the European people. Russia and Germany “are connected by over a thousand years of ...

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'It's time for you to pay!' EU boss warns members of post Brexit raid on their countries

Gunther Oettinger, the bloc’s budget chief, said the EU could not proceed as if it were “business as usual”. Speaking at a European Commission press conference, Mr Oettinger said the union would be down around £10 billion in its estimated £130 billion annual budget. The commissioner for Budget and Human Resources said: “We’re going to be down $ 10 billion ...

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GLOBAL CYBER ATTACK: Hackers target countries across Europe with ransomware

UK-based advertising giant WPP is among dozens of firms believed to be targeted by the ransomware attack. The FTSE 100 firm gave no more detail about how the business had been impacted but said it was currently “assessing the situation”. In a statement, WPP said: “IT systems in several WPP companies have been affected by a suspected cyber attack. “We ...

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Trump's travel ban sees surge in migrants sending money back to their home countries

The policy yesterday faced another defeat after a US court upheld a decision blocking the revised ban on people from six mainly muslim countries. In the revised executive order, the 90-day ban was to apply to people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.  And it also called for a 120-day ban on all refugees, although removed previous references ...

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Where is the G7 summit and which countries are in the G7 group?

Where is the G7 summit this year? The 43rd G7 summit is being held in the picturesque mountain-side town of Taormina in Sicily, Italy. Italy which has been struggling with the effects of the migrant crisis, chose to host the G7 to focus the group’s attention on migration. The summit’s meetings will be held in the five-star cliff-top Hotel San ...

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