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Apple expands Business Chat with new businesses and additional countries

Apple Business Chat launched earlier this year as a way for consumers to communicate directly with businesses on Apple’s messaging platform. Today the company announced it was expanding the program to add new businesses and support for additional countries. When it launched in January, business partners included Discover, Hilton, Lowe’s and Wells Fargo. Today’s announcement includes the likes of Burberry, ...

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If US is all for sovereignty, it should stop meddling in other countries’ affairs – Lavrov

If the US cares as much about the concept of sovereignty as President Donald Trump claims, it should stop interfering in the affairs of other countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says. Statements by top US officials clearly show which country is actually interfering in the affairs of other nations, Lavrov said during a press conference on the sidelines of ...

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S-300s in, Patriots out: US to withdraw missiles from 3 Middle East countries – report

The Pentagon will remove four batteries of PAC-3 Patriot missiles from three Middle-Eastern countries, according to the Wall Street Journal. The report said the missiles are needed elsewhere to counter China and Russia. The US newspaper said Jordan and Bahrain will lose one battery of US long-range anti-aircraft missiles next month, while Kuwait will part with two. The systems are ...

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Twitter Lite expands to 21 more countries, adds push notifications

Twitter announced today its Twitter Lite app is expanding to 21 more countries, which makes the data-saving app available to more than 45 countries in total. The app was introduced last year with the goal of bringing in more users from emerging markets to Twitter. Similar to other data-saving apps, like Facebook Lite or YouTube Go, Twitter Lite is designed ...

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Companies that have more money than entire countries

The annual revenues of some corporations are so colossal that they dwarf the economies of many countries across the globe. However, the world’s most profitable and successful businesses do not always have stellar reputations. WALMART US retailer Walmart, with revenue of $ 486 billion in 2017, out-earned the sixth-largest economy in the euro zone – Belgium (with GDP of $ ...

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BRICS countries the engine that powers global economic growth

Unilateralism, coming particularly from the US, brings the “great growth nations” of BRICS closer and helps them strengthen ties, the CEO of global internet and media group Naspers, Bob van Dijk, told RT. The BRICS group unites the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The countries represent more than 40 percent of the world’s population. “Most ...

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Global war without oversight: US special forces deployed to 133 countries in first half of 2018

US special forces have already deployed to 133 nations in the first half of 2018, signaling a sharp increase in the Pentagon’s shadowy operations when compared to previous years, according to a new report. Read more America’s Special Operations forces (SOF) are stationed all around the world, where they participate in a wide range of missions, including special reconnaissance, unconventional ...

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Russia stood up for breastfeeding protection when other countries yielded to US pressure – activist

The US pressured Ecuador to drop a pro-breastfeeding resolution by threatening to drop aid, the NYT reports. A breastfeeding advocate confirmed the report to RT, stating that losing money would be a “big deal” for poor countries. According to the New York Times, the pressure was piled on this spring in Geneva, as states gathered for the World Health Organization’s ...

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Senior lawmaker calls on colleagues to visit endangered Russian war memorials in foreign countries

The issue of Soviet-era memorials is becoming increasingly politicized, State Duma’s deputy speaker Irina Yarovaya has said as she urged other Russian politicians to pay tribute to such sites when visiting foreign nations. “I think that this must become a common practice: during any working trip or official visit abroad we, as parliamentarians, must personally attend various memorials and lay ...

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Countries most at risk from trade war between United States and China

A full-scale trade war between the US and China will dip the global economy into stagflation and lead to a sharp decline in world stocks, according to economists at Pictet Asset Management. On July 6, Washington began to impose 25-percent tariffs on $ 34 billion worth of Chinese imports. Beijing has vowed to retaliate, accusing the US of breaching WTO ...

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