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Apple could release an updated MacBook Air

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple has been working on multiple new Macs. In particular, Apple could be planning to release a new entry-level laptop to replace the aging MacBook Air. This isn’t the first rumor about a MacBook Air refresh. While Apple has released a 12-inch retina MacBook, it’s not nearly as cheap as the MacBook Air. It’s ...

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Manafort trial: Long jury deliberation could be bad news for prosecution

After a bizarre trial that saw ostrich-skin jackets as evidence and no mention of Russia, the jury in Paul Manafort’s fraud trial enters its fourth day of deliberation, spelling bad news for Robert Mueller’s prosecution. Holed up on the ninth floor of a federal district courthouse in Virginia, jurors began deliberating on Manafort’s case last Thursday. Manafort, the former chairman ...

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Helping Russian police to solve crimes could now pay up to $150,000

Russians who help police to solve crimes or catch suspects could receive rewards of up to $ 150,000, according to a Justice Ministry document. Previously, awards and bounties were offered only as a private initiative. According to the document, signed by Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and registered with the Justice Ministry earlier this week, monetary rewards for help in solving ...

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You could soon spend 10 years in Australian jail if you don’t hand over your phone password to cops

New Australian bill introduces some of the toughest legislation anywhere in the world for refusing to hand over personal data, while other Western countries are scrambling for their own solutions. Existing legislation already allows for imprisonment for up to two years for failing to give investigators access when serious crime is involved, but the new Assistance and Access bill, which has ...

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Could science-fiction super soldiers become reality after extreme US military tests?

Captain America, Deadpool, Wolverine: three fictional characters with superhuman bodies boosted for combat. Such stories, however, may soon become reality through US military trials currently proposed to revolutionize warfare. According to funding opportunity documents from the United States Special Operations Command, the “primary emphasis of the USSOCOM Biomedical, Human Performance, and Canine Research Program is to identify and develop techniques… ...

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Putin & Merkel could stick it to Trump as they look to bring Nord Stream 2 over the line

Russia and Germany are both set to benefit from the proposed gas pipeline to be discussed at Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel’s meeting on Saturday. But the pair will be wary of a backlash from an erratic and irate Washington. The Kremlin and the Federal Government office have both confirmed that the €9.5 billion ($ 10.8 billion) project will be ...

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Cities of angels? 5 metropolises that could soon be killed by Mother Nature

They may seem like impressive monuments to humanity’s control over Mother Nature but did you know that many of the world’s biggest and most famous cities are sinking into the sea? Rising sea levels have put scores of cities at risk of being flooded out of existence. In many cases the city itself is also sinking, further adding to the ...

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Chromebooks could dual-boot Windows 10 soon

Chrome OS has come a long way in the past few years. Even so, it’s still not the full-fledged operating system many of us require on our desktop machines. Google is reportedly looking to address that, in part, by adding the ability for users to dual-boot in Windows 10. According to XDA-Developers, the company is actively courting Microsoft hardware certification ...

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What the Facebook Crypto team could build

Facebook is invading the blockchain, but how? Back in May, Facebook formed a cryptocurrency team to explore the possibilities, and today it removed a roadblock to revealing its secret plans. Former head of Messenger David Marcus, who leads the Facebook Crypto team, today announced he was stepping down from the board of Coinbase, the biggest crypto startup. Marcus was formerly the ...

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Social media posts could ruin your college dreams, lawyer warns

Merely following Alex Jones on Twitter almost cost one teen a college admission. Another lost his scholarship over a Facebook message about the 2016 election. Anything you post can and will be used against you, a lawyer tells RT. “It’s absolutely troubling what some of the colleges are doing,” attorney Bradley Shear, who specializes in social media cases, told RT. ...

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