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Facing the FBI & fleeing to Russia: US ex-cop reveals epic struggle to expose corruption (VIDEO)

John Mark Dougan resigned from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and started a one-man crusade against what he saw as pervasive corruption there. Years later his home was raided by the FBI and he made an escape to Russia. Dougan is former Marine, who turned to police work after resigning from the military. What he found, he says, was ...

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Kadyrov says confiscation of convicts’ property is best way to tackle corruption

The head of the Chechen Republic has told reporters that full confiscation of property is the only effective preventive measure in an anti-corruption campaign, adding that the gained funds could be used for social programs. Ramzan Kadyrov said, in a interview with Izvestia newspaper, that often arrests of senior officials involved in corruption end in trial and conviction, but after ...

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Almost 80% of Russians want death penalty to fight corruption, Twitter poll shows

Some 79 percent of Russians want their country to use Chinese means to fight corruption, with the death penalty for large-scale bribery, according to a Twitter poll conducted by the head of the Defense Ministry’s public council. Earlier this week renowned Russian journalist and military expert Yuri Korotchenko asked his Twitter following to answer the question: “Does the Russian Federation ...

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Netanyahu questioned for 1st time in ‘submarine affair’ corruption probe

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent six hours answering investigators’ questions about the involvement of his cousin and top aide in alleged corruption and bribery of the government into buying German-made submarines. Netanyahu testified about “the range of professional considerations” leading him to decide to purchase three Dolphin-class submarines and four Sa’ar 6-class corvettes from the renowned German shipbuilding company ...

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Ukraine finance minister says he was told to support corruption or resign

At the time when Kiev is seeking to get another tranche of the stalled $ 17.5 billion aid from the IMF, Ukraine’s Finance Minister Aleksandr Danylyuk is accusing Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman of corruption. Read more Danylyuk asserts that Groysman gave him a choice of supporting “political corruption” or quitting after the latter officially asked the parliament to sack the ...

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Spain’s PM Rajoy steps down after losing no-confidence vote over corruption scandal

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, whose People’s Party has been embroiled in a scandal over kickbacks, is stepping down after losing a no-confidence vote. Socialist Party leader Pedro Sanchez will replace him. The no-confidence motion was initiated by the opposition Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) on Thursday and supported by Catalan parties and the leftist Podemos. With the centrist party Ciudadanos ...

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Over half of Russians describe efforts to curb corruption as successful – poll

Around 55 percent of Russians believe the authorities are waging a successful war against corruption, with 47 percent saying that arrests of senior officials for bribery are the best proof of this. In a survey conducted by state-run VTSIOM agency in late May, 55 percent of the respondents said they have noticed the positive results of the nationwide anti-corruption campaign; ...

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‘Your time is up. Resign!’ Spain’s PM Rajoy to be ousted over corruption scandal  

Five votes from the minor Basque Nationalist Party are expected to swing a tightly-balanced no-confidence motion against Spain’s center-right prime minister Mariano Rajoy, whose party has been caught up in a kickback scandal. “Resign, Mr Rajoy. Your time is up,” Pedro Sanchez, the leader of the opposition socialists PSOE, which initiated the motion, told Spain’s parliament during a specially-scheduled debate ...

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German migration agency reassesses thousands of refugee cases following corruption scandal

The German federal migration service plans to review thousands of successful asylum applications. Earlier, it was revealed that a regional migration office granted asylum to thousands of people without sufficient grounds. The German Federal Office for Migration and Asylum (BAMF) will re-examine some 18,000 cases in which refugees were granted asylum in Germany, the agency’s director, Jutta Cordt, told journalists ...

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Dark transparency: How accountability tool turned into instrument of corruption

Transparency in politics is usually seen as a crucial element to a functioning democracy, but the flip side to that openness and accountability is the corruption that it inadvertently enables. Transparency in politics is usually seen as a crucial element to a functioning democracy, but the flip side to that openness and accountability is the corruption that it inadvertently enables. ...

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