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Putin intervenes in extremist reposts controversy to stop ‘manifestations of senility’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed softening the law ordering criminal liability for internet reposts of extremist materials. His spokesman described the move as an attempt to “stop the manifestations of senility.” Putin proposes that the law for hateful speech or internet posts should not apply when the action is committed for the first time and does not pose a ...

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'Middle finger affair' Macron lands in embarrassing picture controversy

French public is angry with Emmanuel Macron after the cheerful President posed for photos with young men at Saint Martin, one of whom showed the middle finger to the cameras. The controversial pictures were made during Macron’s visit to the Caribbean island, devastated after hurricane Irma last year. The French leader was followed by a host of photographers as he ...

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Moon landing movie stirs controversy by leaving out American flag

One small step for man, one giant sh*tstorm for the internet. A new Canadian-directed Neil Armstrong biopic drew fierce criticism after it left out the iconic planting of the star-spangled banner on the moon. ‘First Man’ opened to rave reviews from audiences at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday for Canadian actor Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of astronaut Neil Armstrong. Faithfully ...

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Golden statue of Erdogan appears in Germany, gets defaced & stirs controversy

A golden statue of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently erected in the German city of Wiesbaden has already been defaced. Created as part of an arts festival, it has stirred controversy. The monument of the president with his right forefinger outstretched was erected on Monday night in a square in the city, as part of the Wiesbaden Biennale art ...

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European MEPs vote to reopen copyright debate over ‘censorship’ controversy

A 318-278 majority of MEPs in the European Parliament has voted to reopen debate around a controversial digital copyright reform proposal — meaning it will now face further debate and scrutiny in the parliament, rather than be fast-tracked towards becoming law via the standard EU trilogue negotiation process. Crucially MEPs will have the chance to amend the controversial proposals. Last ...

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Education or propaganda? Nazi WWII re-enactment stirs controversy in Italy (VIDEO)

Anti-fascist groups are up in arms over a previously postponed World War II re-enactment, saying the event’s use of Nazi SS soldier dress normalizes propaganda and military culture. The Cologno Monzes historical re-enactment near Milan was previously cancelled in April due to its focus on a military camp run by Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht unit. A watered down version including other ...

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Hardcore Russian Christians jailed for torching cars in ‘Matilda’ movie controversy

Three members of the extremist group “Christian State” have received prison sentences for setting cars on fire in a protest over a 2017 film about a romance between the last Russian emperor and a ballet dancer. All three members were sentenced to two years in prison by the Khamovniki District Court in Moscow, Interfax news agency reported. They pleaded guilty ...

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Despite controversy, Logan Paul hasn’t done anything to be kicked off of YouTube

Despite the controversy surrounding YouTube celebrity Logan Paul (thanks to a string of videos exploiting an apparent suicide and tasering a rat), the young media personality hasn’t done anything to warrant being kicked off of the platform that made him a star. That’s according to chief executive Susan Wojcicki, who defended her company’s treatment of Paul’s video controversy on stage ...

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Bones of contention: Human skulls as art dig up Canary Islands controversy (VIDEO)

A new art installation built from real human bones and skulls is sending shivers down the spines of some visitors to a Canary Islands museum. Arranged as a burial mound or ‘tumulus’, the exact origins of the bones are unclear, but according to local reports may have belonged to indigenous Canarians.  The piece, titled ‘Threshold 2017’, is on display at ...

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H&M ‘monkey’ ad controversy: Racism or example of corrosive outrage mentality? (DEBATE)

Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 23:29 Is having a black child model a “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” hoodie racist, or are netizens reading too much into an innocent take on childhood? RT’s guests weigh in on H&M’s advertisement controversy in an on-air debate. The online outrage caused by the Swedish retailer’s pick of a photo of a black child ...

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