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French disapprove of Trump, no longer consider US ‘trusted ally’ – poll

With US and the EU locking horns over economic and political issues, only 44 percent of the French see a safe partner in Washington. An overwhelming 80 percent disapprove of the US president’s record, new poll shows. The attitudes of the French towards their most powerful ally have changed drastically since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election 2016, revealed ...

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2 US citizens confirmed stabbed in busy Amsterdam station as police consider terrorist motive

Two people injured in Friday’s knife attack at Amsterdam’s Central Railway Station were American tourists, the US ambassador has confirmed. Authorities say that no motives for the attack have been ruled out – including terrorism. US Ambassador Pete Hoekstra said on Saturday that the American government has already “been in touch with them and their families.” The suspected attacker was ...

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Watchdog to consider de-blocking Telegram in Russia if service provides encryption keys to FSB

Russia’s telecom watchdog has reiterated its willingness to consider lifting a ban on popular messaging app Telegram if it agrees to follow a court order to give access to the content of its encrypted messages. Telegram was ordered last year by a court in Russia to provide decryption keys that would allow law enforcement to read messages of suspected criminals ...

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Duma to consider proposal to criminalize compliance with anti-Russian sanctions

The Russian parliament will soon pass an amendment introducing criminal responsibility for executing sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States, a high-ranking member of the parliamentary majority caucus has said. The idea was proposed by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin last week, when the parliament discussed legislation to counter the latest round of anti-Russian sanctions introduced by the United ...

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Russian govt to consider dedicated agency to counter foreign economic sanctions

The Russian cabinet is to consider setting up a special agency to counter foreign sanctions, according to the head of the country’s Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, who suggested the name CounterOFAC for the body. Head of the union and former Russian economy minister, Aleksandr Shokhin, has told RIA Novosti that he had personally proposed the idea to Prime Minister ...

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Russians consider their armed forces world class — poll

About a third of Russians currently consider their military to be the best in the world, with over half of respondents saying that it must hold one of the top places in the international rankings, a recent poll has shown. Read more The study was conducted by the Russian state-run public opinion research center VTSIOM in connection with the “Day ...

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Chinese bitcoin miners consider setting up in energy-rich Canada

The mounting pressure by Chinese authorities on the country’s cryptocurrency industry is forcing mining companies to look for alternatives, and Canada is one of the preferred hot spots. Read more Bitmain Technologies, the operator of some of the largest mining farms in China, is among several companies looking to expand overseas. The company’s spokesman, Nishant Sharma, told Reuters that it ...

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Bitcoin continues sinking, down 30% from peak as China & S.Korea consider strangling industry

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 08:34 The most valuable cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is falling for the fourth straight day. It is also 30 percent down from the record $ 20,000 tracked on December 17. Bitcoin was trading at $ 14,400 on Wednesday, down more than five percent from the previous session. It has also been losing its dominance over the cryptocurrency ...

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BRICS consider setting up gold trading system

Published time: 26 Nov, 2017 06:45 Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) are discussing the possibility of establishing a separate gold trading system, according to the First Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov. Read more “The traditional (trade) system based in London and partially in Swiss cities is becoming less relevant as new trade hubs are ...

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Why Mets should consider picking up Asdrubal Cabrera's option

CHICAGO — Asdrubal Cabrera has been making his case. The Mets veteran infielder who demanded to be traded when he was moved off of shortstop in June, is looking to prove he is a viable infielder for next season. He’s been steady at third base, pretty good at second base and his bat of late is speaking volumes. Cabrera was ...

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