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Facebook’s plan to build community with hiring and $10M in grants

Facebook will award up to $ 1 million to five community leaders and $ 50,000 to 100 more to fund their ideas for how to strengthen people’s online and offline connections. Facebook will also hire double the number of engineers currently working on safety-related causes in its London office. These were a few of the big announcements made at today’s ...

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Twitter is opening up its full archive to the broader developer community

Twitter today is launching a new premium product for developers that will provide access to the full Twitter archive – going all the way back to the first tweet from Twitter CEO @Jack (Jack Dorsey) in 2006. Previously, this level of access was only available to enterprise API customers, but it’s now being made available to the wider developer community. ...

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#1917LIVE: Twitter community won’t let go, creates #1918LIVE to keep project going

Although #1917LIVE was designed to run through 2017 commemorating the 1917 Revolution, the project is alive and well in 2018 thanks to its devoted followers on Twitter, who created a new hashtag to stay connected – #1918LIVE. In 2017, RT invited Twitter users to participate in a year-long historical re-enactment of 1917, which culminated in autumn, exactly 100 years after ...

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Children protest after Israel demolishes only school in Palestinian community (VIDEO)

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have demolished the only educational facility in a Bedouin Palestinian community in the occupied West Bank. The demolition was reportedly aimed at paving the way for an Israeli settlement project. Israeli soldiers backed up by a helicopter knocked down the two-classroom facility located in the Abu Al-Nawwar community situated east of Jerusalem early on Sunday. ...

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Facebook expands ‘Community Boost’ digital skills training program to Europe

Facebook has announced it’s expanding a free training program that teaches Internet-skills, media literacy and online safety to Europe. It says its “ambition” is to train 300,000 people across six EU countries by 2020 — specifically in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Poland. It also says it will be opening “digital learning centers” in three of the countries — ...

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Anti-Semitism in ‘heart of German society,’ rising in Muslim community – Jewish leader Knobloch

Jews in Germany are under increasing threat of anti-Semitic attacks, both physical and verbal, meaning that normal community life is not possible without police protection, a Jewish community leader says. Charlotte Knobloch, the former head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and current President of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, believes the current sociopolitical climate ...

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#1917LIVE finale: 17 best tweets by #1917CROWD community

Rounding up an incredible year of interactive fun on Twitter with RT’s project dedicated to the 1917 Revolution, here’s a look at the best tweets from the history-loving community. In January 2017, RT launched its interactive history project about the Revolution of 1917, creating an account for a fictional news outlet – The Russian Telegraph – alongside some other accounts ...

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4-story-tall phallus painted on NYC building for ‘healthy community’ (GRAPHIC ART)

A feminist street artist has veered from her usual topic of giant vaginas, instead stunning New York City’s Lower East side with a 40-foot tall penis graffiti on an apartment building. Swedish street artist Carolina Falkholt chose the side of 303 Broome St. as the canvas for her four-story phallic masterpiece. Her previous work has featured in multiple museum exhibitions, ...

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Chicago official seeks UN help over ‘genocide’ in black community

With Chicago, Illinois enduring nearly 3,500 shootings and over 600 homicides this year, one official is seeking the assistance of the United Nations in dealing with the ‘quiet genocide’ of the city’s black community. Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin traveled to the UN last Thursday and met with the Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support Oscar Fernandez-Taranco to discuss the murder ...

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Russia-led bloc CIS urges intl community to resist global monopolies jointly

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 14:35 Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have endorsed an address critical of international monopolies. Such entities often hurt the interests of nation states and citizens, the bloc said, calling upon other nations to resist. Read more In his speech to the heads of CIS governments, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said ...

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