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Sharecuts is creating a community for sharing Siri Shortcuts

With the upcoming release of iOS 12, Apple is introducing a new app called Shortcuts that will allow users to build custom voice commands for Siri that can be used to kick off a variety of actions in apps. While some apps will directly prompt users to add a Shortcut to Siri, the new Shortcuts app will offer more shortcut ...

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Israeli gets 100 days community service for lynching asylum seeker he mistook for terrorist (VIDEO)

An Israeli man has avoided jail time and instead been sentenced to 100 days community service for his role in a mob beating of an Eritrean asylum seeker mistaken for a terrorist in the aftermath of an attack. An Israeli man has avoided jail time and instead been sentenced to 100 days community service for his role in a mob ...

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PR stunt or more? Robbie Williams' middle finger at FIFA World Cup opening puzzles Twitter community

Pop legend Robbie Williams unleashed a true avalanche of comments on Twitter after sticking up his middle finger while performing a song at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in Russia. Twitter users were left puzzled as to why. Thousands of fans in the Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium sang in unison on Thursday with one of the UK’s most popular artists. ...

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French police thwart terrorist attacks on swingers club & LGBT community

French authorities have foiled five terrorist attacks this year, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb revealed, with local media reporting that, in at least two cases, radicalized suspects had plotted to target gay and swinger groups. Two alleged Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) radicals, aged 21 and 22, were arrested in the eastern Paris suburb of Seine-et-Marne, were indicted on Tuesday by ...

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Philippines plans to give free guns to ‘clean’ community leaders willing to fight drugs & crime

The Philippines’ Interior Ministry has announced plans to provide some 42,000 community leaders with free handguns to ramp up the statewide battle against drugs and crime, which continues to draw the ire of human rights defenders. The decision to give state-issued handguns to the community leaders – known locally as barangay captains – was announced by the ministry on Wednesday. ...

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Global community, not global market: Rafael Correa and Jose Mujica discuss perils of globalization

Ex-Ecuador President Rafael Correa discussed with his Uruguayan counterpart Jose Mujica how globalization may become less damaging and more benefitting to humanity in general as opposed to rich corporations. Mujica served as president of Uruguay between 2010 and 2015, winning the nickname “the world’s poorest president” over his insistence on living at his wife’s farm and driving an old Volkswagen ...

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Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for offending gay community during online Hannity spat

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has apologized for his part in a vicious online spat with Sean Hannity after he was criticized for sexual innuendo about the Fox News presenter and US President Donald Trump. Kimmel, who initially became embroiled in a feud with Hannity over comments the former made about the First Lady’s Slovenian accent, apologized if he ...

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Facebook’s plan to build community with hiring and $10M in grants

Facebook will award up to $ 1 million to five community leaders and $ 50,000 to 100 more to fund their ideas for how to strengthen people’s online and offline connections. Facebook will also hire double the number of engineers currently working on safety-related causes in its London office. These were a few of the big announcements made at today’s ...

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Twitter is opening up its full archive to the broader developer community

Twitter today is launching a new premium product for developers that will provide access to the full Twitter archive – going all the way back to the first tweet from Twitter CEO @Jack (Jack Dorsey) in 2006. Previously, this level of access was only available to enterprise API customers, but it’s now being made available to the wider developer community. ...

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#1917LIVE: Twitter community won’t let go, creates #1918LIVE to keep project going

Although #1917LIVE was designed to run through 2017 commemorating the 1917 Revolution, the project is alive and well in 2018 thanks to its devoted followers on Twitter, who created a new hashtag to stay connected – #1918LIVE. In 2017, RT invited Twitter users to participate in a year-long historical re-enactment of 1917, which culminated in autumn, exactly 100 years after ...

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