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40% Recurring Commission

40% Recurring Commission – Pook Many people became and are becoming succesful with the company that you are about to discover with the link below. The good news with the link below, is that it’s will gives you access to a few videos and show you the right direction to go. It’s a short free training in 4 days to ...

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‘I’m not ready for massive scolding of Russia’ – EU Commission President Juncker

EC President Jean-Claude Juncker said he is not ready to burn bridges with Moscow. It follows the Netherlands’ claims that Russian intelligence officers attempted to hack the OPCW. Moscow denies the allegations. Despite the disagreements and problems which have been on the rise lately, there is a need for dialogue, Juncker told  Austrian daily Der Standard. “For the reasons of ...

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'Shortseller Enrichment Commission’? Musk mocks SEC over fraud probe

While things aren’t on the up-and-up for eccentric entrepreneur Elon Musk, ousted as Tesla chairman and sued by a US agency for fraud over scandalous tweets, he’s now put Twitter in overdrive with an act certain to invite trouble. Musk appears to have run afoul of the $ 20 million settlement he recently reached with the Securities & Exchange Commission, ...

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Alex Jones’ flagship radio station shut down by Federal Communications Commission

The US communications regulator has shut down Alex Jones’ flagship radio station and slapped it with a $ 15,000 fine. A lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Austin this week accuses Liberty Radio of operating without federal consent since at least 2013, the Austin American-Statesman reports. The Austin-based station has been solely streaming online since December, when it ...

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‘We need new EU Commission’: Hungarian PM launches scathing attack over migration policy

In another sign of discord over migration inside the EU, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called for a new commission that can hammer out a practical solution to the crisis, saying the current one has “no significance.” Orban took a swipe at the executive body for condemning those countries which insist they are protecting their borders from migrants. He ...

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Facebook independent research commission, Social Science One, will share a petabyte of user interactions

Back in April, Facebook announced it would be working with a group of academics to establish an independent research commission to look into issues of social and political significance using the company’s own extensive data collection. That commission just came out of stealth; it’s called Social Science One, and its first project will have researchers analyzing about a petabyte’s worth ...

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Funding NGOs & stirring dissent: Russian special commission exposes election meddling by US

A special commission report on foreign meddling in the 2018 presidential election has been unveiled in Russia’s Upper House. The document highlighted the main methods of the elaborate campaign, spearheaded by the US. The report, presented on Wednesday in Russia’s Upper House (the Senate), was prepared by the Commission for State Sovereignty Protection in cooperation with leading experts and analysts. ...

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Gazprom agrees to reduce natural gas prices for Eastern & Central Europe – European Commission

Published time: 24 May, 2018 10:47 Edited time: 24 May, 2018 11:01 The European Union is imposing a series of obligations on Russian energy giant Gazprom to improve the flow of gas at competitive prices in Eastern Europe, EU Antitrust Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said on Thursday. Gazprom will have to ease its hold on the European market, said Vestager, giving ...

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Russian economy gaining momentum on rising oil prices – European Commission

Brussels is expecting the Russian economy to grow faster this year, citing surging oil prices as the main driver. “The impact of higher oil prices recirculating throughout the economy is likely to further support domestic demand and thereby GDP which is expected to grow by 1.7 percent in 2018,” the Commission said in its recent forecast, published on Thursday. Read ...

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Putin re-elected as Russian president, Election Commission declares polls valid (WATCH LIVE)

Russia’s Central Election Commission is announcing the final results of the country’s presidential election, after declaring the vote valid. According to the head of the commission, Ella Pamfilova, Vladimir Putin has claimed 76.69 percent of the vote, winning his third non-consecutive term as Russian president. Putin’s candidacy was supported by 56.43 million voters.  Communist Party candidate, Pavel Grudinin, came second ...

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