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Russian liberals ask Putin to fire National Guard commander over fisticuffs challenge to activist

The head of one of Russia’s oldest liberal parties has asked President Vladimir Putin to fire National Guard commander Viktor Zolotov after he challenged a prominent anti-corruption activist to a hand-to-hand fight. In her letter to the president, the chairman of the Yabloko party, Emilia Slabunova, suggested that General Zolotov’s video address, which issued a challenge to Aleksey Navalny, could ...

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National Guard commander challenges opposition figure Navalny to hand-to-hand fight

The head of the Russian internal security agency has dismissed charges of graft and corruption made by Aleksey Navalny, calling the activist a “cloned US puppet” and challenging him to a hand-to-hand fight. “You have allowed insulting and slandering theorizing about me and it is not a habit among officers to simply forgive such things. Since time immemorial, scoundrels get ...

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‘Russians will die in Tallinn if they invade’: Estonian commander launches bizarre rant

An Estonian Defense Forces commander – who confessed to fighting bloodthirsty Russians in his dreams – vowed during a bizarre interview with Politico that Russian troops “will die in Tallinn” if they ever dare to invade. Members of the 6,000-strong Estonian Defense Forces – half of whom are conscripts – have likely pondered a perceived ‘Russian threat’ at some point ...

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Moscow’s air-defense system is unique, able to intercept any targets – commander

Moscow is protected by a state-of-the-art air defense system, which adopts the most modern weaponry available and can intercept any incoming targets, a top commander said amid celebrations of the 100-year anniversary of the unit. “System of air and missile defense of Moscow and the central industrial district is unique, there’s only one such system in the world. It’s able ...

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Trump taps ex-Gitmo commander & Navy chief in 2011 Libya bombing as new envoy to S. Korea

A former commander of Guantanamo Bay and the maritime chief of the US-led bombing of Libya in 2011 has been nominated by President Donald Trump as US ambassador to South Korea. He currently heads all US Navy operations in Asia. Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr, the incumbent commander of US Pacific Command, is President Donald Trump’s pick for the American ...

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China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ is threat to US in Latin America – US commander

Beijing’s decision to extend its ambitious multitrillion-dollar trade initiative to Latin America creates “security vulnerabilities” for the United States, said the chief of the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Kurt Tidd. Read more Talking at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting, he said China has already pledged $ 500 billion in trade funds with various Latin American countries and $ 250 ...

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‘Covered commander until out of fuel’: Major Filipov’s wingman recalls last battle of hero pilot

The wingman of hero pilot Major Roman Filipov, who was shot down over Syria’s governorate of Idlib and sacrificed his life fighting terrorists on the ground, has recalled their last mission and his efforts to cover his commander. The pair of Su-25 attack jets had been performing a routine flight over Idlib de-escalation zone on Saturday. While their primary objective ...

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US-led coalition won't attack ISIS in govt-controlled areas of Syria – commander

Ignoring the Syrian forces’ vastly successful Russia-backed anti-terrorist campaign, a senior coalition commander has accused Damascus of being “unwilling or unable” to defeat ISIS. Still, the coalition won’t go after Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists that are still holed up in territory under the Syrian government’s control. “We will continue to deconflict with the Russians, but we have got ...

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USAF aerobatics team ‘Thunderbirds’ commander axed over ‘leadership & risk management style’

Published time: 30 Nov, 2017 10:14 The US Air Force has dismissed the leader of its prestigious demonstration team, ‘Thunderbirds,’ citing a lack of confidence in his leadership and risk management skills. The retirement decision comes less than a year after his appointment. Lt. Col. Jason Heard was removed as commander of the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron on November 20, ...

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Iran could increase its missile range ‘if Europe becomes a threat’ – Revolutionary Guard commander

Published time: 26 Nov, 2017 04:50 Europe is not a threat to Iran, but just in case it allies itself with the US and Israel and becomes one, Tehran has enough technical capabilities to increase the range of its missiles, the commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps has warned. “Both the United States and the European Union and the ...

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