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Close encounters? Clinton & Comey within 1km of each other on Dublin trip (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton could be forgiven for thinking she’s unable to escape James Comey’s shadow – they each traveled thousands of kilometers from home to find themselves just 700 meters of each other in the Irish capital. While it’s not known if the pair actually had an awkward encounter on the Emerald Isle, the odds of an unexpected meeting in a ...

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Clinton tries to troll Comey, gets butt kicked by WikiLeaks

Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt at what appears to be a joke about her infamous emails fell flat on its face after WikiLeaks responded with an awkward reminder of just how significant those emails were. Clinton, who still hasn’t accepted the many factors which contributed to her losing the presidential election to Donald Trump, thought it would be a good idea ...

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Trump: Justice Dept report a disaster for ‘Comey and his minions’

US President Donald Trump lashed out at former FBI Director James Comey, as well as two FBI officials, after the Justice Department Inspector General’s report criticized the agency’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe. “The IG Report is a total disaster for Comey, his minions and sadly, the FBI. Comey will now officially go down as the worst leader, ...

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Comey broke FBI procedure in Clinton email probe, says inspector general

Former FBI Director James Comey “deviated” from standard FBI and Justice Department procedures in his probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server use, according to the report from the inspector general, as seen by Bloomberg. Michael Horowitz’s report, released Thursday after over a year-long investigation, found that Comey was not motivated by political bias but nevertheless damaged the FBI’s image of ...

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Trump sets off Twitter storm after requesting thanks for firing James Comey

US President Donald Trump’s suggestion that Americans should thank him for firing former FBI director James Comey backfired somewhat, setting off another Twitter storm. Trump tweeted on Thursday afternoon, wondering why Americans had not yet started to thank him for Comey’s firing and suggesting that they should start expressing their gratitude soon. When will people start saying, “thank you, Mr. ...

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Sailor pardoned by Trump is suing Obama & Comey for letting Clinton go

A former US Navy submariner says he will sue Obama administration officials for jailing him over mishandling classified information while going easy on Hillary Clinton for the same type of offense. Kristian Saucier served a year in federal prison for taking photographs of classified sections of the submarine he worked on. He argues that the same officials who threw the ...

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Justice Department IG finishes report on Clinton email case, Comey & Co. brace for impact

The Justice Department Inspector General has finished its report into law enforcement’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email case. Officials named in the report will now review it, and many have a lot at stake. Over a year in the making, Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz finished the report Wednesday and a draft has been made available to the agencies ...

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Comey blames Obama & Lynch for ‘jeopardizing’ Clinton investigation

In his new book, former FBI director James Comey blames President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch for “setting up” his bureau amid the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email affair. In the book, Comey writes that President Obama “jeopardized the Department of Justice’s credibility,” by referring to Clinton’s use of a private email server as a “mistake,” according ...

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‘A weak and untruthful slime ball’: Trump tears into Comey for prostitute comment

US President Donald Trump tore into former FBI Director James Comey on Friday, after Comey told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos “it’s possible” Trump was with prostitutes in Moscow in 2013. “James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR,” read a tweet from the president. “He is a weak and untruthful slime ball who was, as time has proven, a terrible ...

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FBI texts suggest Comey could have lied under oath, staffers used Gmail for official business

A new report has revealed additional texts between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, indicating that FBI staffers used non-official email servers. It also questions whether James Comey lied under oath. The texts were released in a 25-page report titled ‘The Clinton Email Scandal and the FBI’s Investigation of it,’ which was released by the Committee on ...

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