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US cold war-era nukes in Europe almost useless, pose ‘catastrophic terrorism’ risk – report

The US plans to spend $ 10 billion upgrading 150 Cold War-era nuclear bombs stationed in Europe, even though the weapons may be more of a security liability than a strategic deterrent, according to a new report by arms experts. Assumptions about the safety and security of US nuclear weapons stored in Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Turkey have ...

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Corbyn’s Communist spy links? Labour leader named in Cold War files

Jeremy Corbyn is in line for tough questioning over allegations he met with a communist spy during the Cold War. The Labour leader allegedly met with agents in the 80s after being vetted by the then-Soviet government of Czechoslovakia. Secret files obtained by The Sun suggest Corbyn met with agents at least three times, twice in the Commons. The Czech ...

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Risks of interstate conflict higher than any time since end of Cold War – DNI chief

The risk of interstate conflict is higher now than at any time since the end of the Cold War, according to US Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats. The most immediate threats over the next year come from North Korea and from “Saudi-Iranian use of proxies in their rivalry,” Coats said during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday. “At ...

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UK crackdown on wealthy Russians ‘politically driven by Cold War mentality’ – George Galloway

The UK government this week issued a warning to oligarchs and rich Russians living in Britain and suspected of corruption. They will be forced to explain their luxury lifestyles in the UK as part of a crackdown on organized crime, security minister Ben Wallace said. Officials could seize suspicious assets worth more than £50,000 ($ 70,565). RT talked to George ...

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Car’s plunge into river pours cold water on lovers’ passions (PHOTO)

A young couple getting frisky in the back seat of a car had their passions quickly extinguished when their vehicle accidentally rolled backwards into the river Elbe. In the midst of their love making one of the pair accidentally knocked off the handbrake sending the Smart car trundling into the major river. Witnesses told the Hamburg Morning Post the couple ...

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‘Cold war mentality’: China blasts US nuclear review calling Beijing a threat

China has followed Russia in criticizing a recent US government report which describes the two countries as potential nuclear threats, saying Washington needs to drop its “cold war mentality.” China has strongly rebuffed the claim in the US’ latest Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), that Beijing is engaging in increasingly aggressive behavior. The 74-page report, which is the first review of ...

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Russian babushka wades barefoot through river in bitter cold (VIDEO)

Below-freezing temperatures did not deter an elderly Russian woman from walking barefoot across a river in Vologda Region. The brave soul, who seemed unfazed by the bone-chilling cold, said she just had to go buy some bread. There’s no bridge to help Lyudmila Galikova get to the nearest grocery store, so wading through the river has become a part of ...

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‘Going back to Cold War and who has the bigger guns’: Analysts rip into US defense strategy

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has revealed a National Defense Strategy (NDS) shifting the focus from international terrorism to America’s old geopolitical rivals, Russia and China. But should these really be its priorities? Mattis unveiled the new NDS document on Friday, calling for a bigger defense budget to counter any “threat to America’s democracy experiment” in the world. But ...

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Ice-cold iguanas plunge from Florida trees during winter storm cold snap (PHOTOS)

Published time: 5 Jan, 2018 02:02 Edited time: 5 Jan, 2018 04:48 Frozen iguanas are tumbling off their perches in Miami’s suburbs, as South Florida and much of the US Southeast are in the grips of a frigid winter storm, as the freezing weather grows in intensity as it moves up the East Coast. The iguanas were seen dropping from ...

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2017 could have been year Russia and US made up. Now they stand on brink of new Cold War

On this day 12 months ago, Moscow held off from retaliating to Barack Obama’s diplomatic parting shot, in hope of a new start. Instead, 2017 has been the worst year of US-Russia relations since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Three weeks before leaving the Oval Office, Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Moscow-owned properties in the US ...

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