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Homeless & migrant workers ‘exploited’ to clean up Fukushima radiation, UN warns

UN human rights experts have slammed the Japanese government for the alleged exploitation of “tens of thousands” of workers, as well as migrants and the homeless, said to be cleaning up the mangled Fukushima nuclear plant. In a three-way joint statement, released Thursday via the United Nations, the human rights experts detailed their deep concern over the “possible exploitation by ...

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‘I’m a clean, thoroughbred, white girl’: DUI suspect tries to avoid arrest

A South Carolina woman who was caught speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol told police officers that she shouldn’t be arrested because she is a “very clean, thoroughbred white girl”. The 32 year-old woman, Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw, was pulled over by police in Bluffton,  Beaufort County, after she ran a stop sign while driving drunk more than 30 ...

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‘Clean up after yourselves’: San Francisco mayor plans to ask homeless nicely not to poo in streets

San Francisco’s mayor has an idea to stop the homeless pooping in the street: ask them to stop – or to at least clean up. She blames charities for San-Fran’s poo-gate, saying they should teach people to “respect the community”. The city is in crisis – vagrants brazenly use drugs on the streets and trash is strewn across footpaths and ...

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Apple announces clean energy fund in China

Apple has announced a new investment fund to foster clean energy usage in China. The company isn’t just trying to switch its own offices and facilities. Apple is also working with its suppliers to expand the use of clean energy across the board. For this fund in particular, Apple and 10 suppliers will invest $ 300 million over the next ...

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Nosey neighbors: Austria demands Germany come clean on alleged massive state-level spying

Austria has urged Berlin to “clarify” allegations of large-scale surveillance conducted by German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in the early 2000s, following a damning report on German spying activities in Austrian media. “There must be no such thing among friendly states,” Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, at an extraordinary press conference in Vienna on Saturday. According to a report, published ...

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Philippines plans to give free guns to ‘clean’ community leaders willing to fight drugs & crime

The Philippines’ Interior Ministry has announced plans to provide some 42,000 community leaders with free handguns to ramp up the statewide battle against drugs and crime, which continues to draw the ire of human rights defenders. The decision to give state-issued handguns to the community leaders – known locally as barangay captains – was announced by the ministry on Wednesday. ...

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Google endorses Clean Power Plan ahead of expected repeal

Google has joined Apple in a growing chorus of tech giants coming out in support of the Clean Power Plan. The company filed a statement with the Environmental Protection Agency, which it has since shared with TechCrunch, supporting the Obama-era legislation. The legislation, which sought to curb power plant emissions by more than 30 percent by 2030, is expected to ...

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Apple says its global facilities are now powered by 100-percent clean energy

Last week, Apple called out the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to rollback the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. The company cited both the obvious environmental impact of such a move, along with potential economic fallout. It turns out Apple’s got quite a bit invested in the latter.  The company announced today that its global facilities are now 100-percent run by renewable ...

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Apple voices opposition to Clean Power Plan repeal

The Clean Power Plan is shaping up to be the latest Obama-era legislation on the Trump administration chopping block. In fact, Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt has been quite open in his intentions to kill the plan focused on cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Apple is among the first — but likely not the last — of companies to voice ...

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While Big Energy profits, US taxpayers pay for toxic clean up

Taxpayers could be liable for $ 6 billion in cleanup costs of toxic hazards left by oil and gas drilling.  Outdated laws allow companies to pay only a small share of expenses as the number of abandoned wells rises. The cost of cleaning up the tens of thousands of oil and gas wells on US public land could come to ...

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