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Pence pledges ‘full evaluation' into Trump's voter fraud claims

Vice President Mike Pence told members of Congress that the Trump administration will launch a “full evaluation” of U.S. voting rolls and “the overall integrity of our voting system,” according to a leaked audio recording. Pence allegedly made the remarks when asked what the administration plans to do about President Trump’s repeated, and unfounded, claim that between 3 to 5 ...

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EU could 'FALL APART' if 'ENEMIES of Europe' sweep to power in elections, German MP claims

Sigmar Gabriel – who will stand down as leader of Angela Merkel’s opposition the Social Democrats after dismal opinion polls showed falling support – said crumbling Brussels bloc could collapse if Eurosceptic parties in the Netherlands and France win upcoming general elections. Speaking in Berlin, Mr Gabriel said: “The French presidential elections this spring are bitter fateful elections for Europe. ...

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Paula Patton Claims Robin Thicke Physically Abused Her

EXCLUSIVE Paula Patton has sworn to a judge Robin Thicke beat her during their marriage. According to Paula’s declaration filed in support of her domestic violence restraining order in May 2013 at the Cannes Film Festival … she and Robin got into a fight and Robin hit her with a closed fist to her upper body and then pushed her ...

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Trump claims torture 'absolutely' works in first TV interview

President Trump admitted that having access to the country’s nuclear arsenal is “very, very scary,” even to him. In his first televised one-on-one interview, Trump defended his belief in massive voter fraud, said torture works and called the world “a total mess.” And he said receiving the nuclear codes was a sobering experience. President Donald Trump told ABC’s David Muir ...

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EU's migration policy is a 'DISASTER' & US won't make same 'mistake', Donald Trump claims

After signing an executive order to build a wall along the border with Mexico and banning immigrants from seven Muslim countries from entering the US, Trump promised he will be the President of a “safe country” and plans “extreme vetting” process to curb migration to the US. In an interview with ABC News, the President said: “I think that Europe ...

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Brussels CANNOT stop Theresa May & Trump starting trade talks, EU Brexit negotiator claims

Michel Barnier admitted there was nothing anyone could do to stop the two leaders establishing a deal when the two leaders meet on Friday. Speaking in Oslo, Mr Barnier said Britain still remains a “part of the EU’s trade policy” but later made the rhetorical statement – “What could prevent countries from talking?” Although he has been tasked with getting ...

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‘His actions may be surprising’ Elon Musk claims Trump team will be GOOD on climate change

The SpaceX and Tesla founder was initially an outspoken opponent of Mr Trump and his campaign but when the property magnate and reality TV star won the race to the White House he indicated an interest in working with him. Mr Musk has was a guest at the new president’s initial “tech summit” at Trump tower and a number of ...

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Elizabeth Ruiz claims DeSean Jackson is ‘built like an Asian’

Instagram model Elizabeth Ruiz has moved on from Broncos linebacker Von Miller and is now publicly feuding with Washington’s DeSean Jackson on a rather touchy subject. There’s no sex tape involved between the two. Instead, the argument is over the size of Jackson’s, um, johnson. “I mean I can tell you who has a small one,” Ruiz said when “Hollywood ...

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‘Technophobe’ US President Donald Trump ‘doesn't use his email', Piers Morgan claims

The Good Morning Britain presenter, who is an avid supporter of the 45th US President, claimed Mr Trump gets his assistants to print out emails. The President then writes handwritten replies which are scanned and sent back, Mr Morgan said in an interview with the Sun on Sunday. The former News of the World editor said the leader of the ...

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Europe MUST BOOST military spending after Donald Trump's election, Francois Fillon claims

The centre-right Les Républicains candidate – who has been likened to France’s answer to Thatcher – met with Angela Merkel on Monday, who also supports such plans. Fillon said: “Trump’s [inauguration speech]… should make it clear to us that the Americans are withdrawing. He added: “I propose a European defence alliance. Europe is warned. It must therefore organise itself in ...

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