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Wyclef Jean, Handcuffing was 'Lawful' and 'Reasonable,' Claims Sheriff

3/21/2017 1:42 PM PDT Wyclef Jean fit the description of an armed robber, and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. says they did nothing wrong when the artist was cuffed and put in the back of a patrol car. The Sheriff’s Dept. just explained why they took the action they did, starting with the fact that they had an armed robber ...

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Fox News benches Andrew Napolitano over wiretap claims

Fox News has reportedly benched legal analyst Andrew Napolitano because of his claims that former President Barack Obama had used British intelligence officials to spy on President Trump. Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court judge, reported last week that three intelligence sources had told him that Obama went “outside the chain of command” in order to surveil the President. ...

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David Cameron mocks Trump’s wiretap claims as former PM blasts President’s worldview

The former Prime Minister quickly added the statement was “a joke” in a series of comments that criticised the President’s approach to the world. In an apparent criticism of President Trump’s protectionist economic nationalism, Mr Cameron said Nato should be treasured and claimed it was impossible to “make America great again by making Eastern Europe weak again”. Mr Cameron, who ...

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Spicer claims Trump golf outings are helpful to 'U.S. interests'

The White House got stuck in the rough Monday after President Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended his boss’s frequent golf outings by claiming the commander-in-chief uses the game differently than former President Barack Obama did. Trump, who just eight weeks into office has already made 10 trips to green, was a repeated and vicious critic of his predecessor’s penchant ...

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James Comey has 'no information' to support Trump wiretap claims

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s claims that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign aren’t backed up by the facts, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey testified Monday morning. “I have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the FBI,” Comey said during testimony to the House Intelligence Committee. That comment knocks down ...

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Mar-a-Lago Guest Claims Security Breach … Secret Service Says BS (PHOTOS)

3/19/2017 10:09 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Donald Trump‘s Secret Service did not screw up Saturday, despite the claim of a Mar-a-Lago guest. Joseph Young posted a pic on IG mugging in front of a Trump portrait in the study. Young, a guest at Mar-a-Lago, captioned the photo, “Snuck by secret service to catch this selfie. They might have told us not ...

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Marine Le Pen 'WILL NOT WIN' the French presidential election, Jean-Claude Juncker claims

The European Commission president, speaking in an interview ahead of the European Union’s 60th anniversary next week, said he was optimistic about the outcome of the race. He said: “The European Union will survive Marine Le Pen because she won’t become President. “And even if she did, it would not be the end of the European project. “But it would ...

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Jean-Claude Juncker MOCKS Brexit & claims no other countries will follow Britain out of EU

Asked if other member states will follow Britain’s example in quitting, Juncker told the newspaper: “No. Britain’s example will make everyone realise that it’s not worth leaving.” He added: “On the contrary, the remaining member states will fall in love with each other again and renew their vows with the European Union.” Juncker said more countries would join the EU ...

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Justice Dept. has no evidence to support Trump's wiretap claims

A classified report delivered to Congress by the Justice Department provides no evidence to support President Trump’s claims that his predecessor wiretapped him, according to reports. Two government officials told CNN Friday evening that the classified report does not back up Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations that former President Obama had him under surveillance. The report was sent to the House and ...

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Blame Putin! Russian news site 'spread FALSE rumours of GCHQ bugging Trump', spy claims

A Cheltenham-based spy agency discovered the original claim that GCHQ had wire-tapped the US President, was from a Russian news site, the Sun has claimed. Speaking to the newspaper, the anonymous intelligence source said: “We have identified the site where the claim was first made. “The whole incident bears all the hallmarks of the Russians. It’s a shame people who ...

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