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Trump official claims North Korea to blame for WannaCry cyber attack

A Trump official claims in an op-ed that the US has proof that it was North Korea behind the WannaCry cyber attack, citing a “careful investigation.” However, he also launched into various allegations against other countries. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed titled “It’s Official: North Korea Is Behind WannaCry,” White House Homeland Security advisor Tom Bossert claimed on Monday ...

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Fox News under fire for reporter’s claims of White House ‘coup’ (VIDEO)

Never one to shy away from controversy, Fox News may have crossed the line between biased news coverage and self-satire – intentionally or otherwise – as host Jesse Watters alleged a coup may be underway in the US on Sunday. The highly inflammatory comments were made during the course of a discussion on special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation into the ...

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‘Battle is not over’: Defeated Moore sets up ‘election integrity fund’ to probe voter fraud claims

Published time: 17 Dec, 2017 16:24 Republican candidate Roy Moore is refusing to concede defeat following his loss to Democrat rival Doug Jones in the race for the vacant Senate seat in Alabama. Moore has reportedly set up an ‘election integrity fund’ to investigate if voter fraud contributed to his loss.  The former state supreme court judge has refused to ...

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Covert Uber ‘impersonation’ and ‘wiretapping’ claims revealed in court letter

Published time: 16 Dec, 2017 16:04 A suit brought against Uber by an autonomous car firm has yielded more explosive allegations against the ride-hailing service, including that specialized teams were used to carry out covert operations to nab trade secrets. The allegations were published in a letter on Friday by a Northern District of California court, where a legal wrangle ...

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Ex-TYT reporter launches $23.5m lawsuit over HuffPost sex assault claims

A former reporter for online newscasters The Young Turks (TYT) has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Huffington Post for publishing an article that accused him of sexual assault and ultimately led to his firing. Jordan Chariton filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of New York Wednesday, alleging libel and defamation over a since-deleted post detailing allegations of ...

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CNN host claims tweet calling Trump ‘pathetic loser’ was not his

Published time: 13 Dec, 2017 17:41 CNN host Anderson Cooper raised eyebrows when he called President Trump a ‘pathetic loser’ on Twitter, after GOP candidate Roy Moore lost the Alabama senate race on Tuesday. However, Cooper has denied responsibility for the tweet, saying his account was hacked. Trump, who had backed both GOP candidates Luther Strange and Roy Moore before ...

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Chloe Ayling’s ‘kidnapper’ claims model plotted stunt to become famous

Published time: 13 Dec, 2017 08:06 The man accused of kidnapping aspiring British model Chloe Ayling has claimed the whole ordeal was “fabricated” to make her famous. Lukasz Herba faces court in Italy on Wednesday over accusations he abducted the 20-year-old before holding her hostage for six days. Ayling hit the headlines in July after she was found in Italy, ...

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Moscow safer than Paris, mayor Sobyanin claims

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 09:59 Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has told reporters that the city’s education and public transport are currently on a par with leading cities of the world. Sobyanin went on to claim that security in Moscow is better than in Paris. Read more “By most parameters we are better than the cities in developed countries. This ...

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US claims full credit for any ‘meaningful’ anti-ISIS fight, denies hampering Russia’s Syria op

The Pentagon has claimed all the credit for wiping out the vast majority of terrorists in Syria. It also challenged the Russian defense ministry’s assertion that US fighter jets were actively interfering with Moscow’s anti-terrorist operations in Syrian airspace. On Wednesday, the Chief of the Russian General Staff declared “there’s no territory controlled by ISIS,” but only “some spots of ...

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Alt-history? Trump claims US won two World Wars & defeated communism

Donald Trump has delivered his own reading of history that is likely to raise eyebrows in Russia, China, Europe, and beyond. The tycoon-turned-president claimed the US has single-handedly won two world wars and “brought communism to its knees.” Trump appeared at a rally in Pensacola, Florida to voice his support for the Republican nominee Roy Moore, who is running for ...

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