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'We must defend OUR interests!' Juncker claims US is not interested in Europe security

The European Commission President claimed the bloc had to push for more defence and security cooperation on its own. He told a conference in Prague: “Our deference to NATO can no longer be used as a convenient alibi to argue against greater European efforts. “We have no other choice than to defend our own interests in the Middle East, in ...

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Comey claims Russia interfered with US election 'on purpose' and with sophistication'

James Comey was sacked by President Donald Trump on May 9 and testified in front of the Senate select committee today.  Broadcast on Sky News, Mr Comey highlighted the significance of Russia interfering in the US election in which Mr Trump beat Hillary Clinton.  He said: “There should be no fuzz on this whatsoever, the Russian’s interfered in our election ...

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Man claims he's victim of bias beating at NYC Airbnb apartment

A birthday bash turned into a melee at a Manhattan Airbnb, where the N-word flew as freely as the glass from a bottle broken over the head of a guest who said prejudiced party poopers attacked him. Armani Murrell went to a Chelsea loft for his girlfriend’s 21st birthday party on May 17, but before he could even get in ...

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Intelligence document appears to back-up claims of Russian hacking as US official arrested

The top secret National Security Agency (NSA) document describes efforts by the Russians to launch cyber attacks on at least one type of software used for voting in the US.  The document details “spear-phishing” emails sent by Moscow, which trick recipients into clicking them and allowing malicious software to seal data.  It was reported more than 100 local election officials ...

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ISIS claims responsibility for Melbourne hostage situation

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a hostage incident that left two men dead and three police officers wounded in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday. Police rushed to the Buckingham Serviced Apartments in Melbourne around 4 p.m. to reports of an explosion where they discovered a man’s body. Victoria State Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp said officials tried negotiating with ...

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Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly London attack

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the deadly London attack that left seven people dead and dozens injured, according to the terror group’s news agency. The SITE Intelligence Group says ISIS posted a statement on its Amaq news agency claiming “a detachment of Islamic State fighters” was responsible for the Saturday night carnage, according to the Guardian. This comes ...

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Putin claims he never had strong connection with Michael Flynn

They sat next to each other as a lavish Kremlin dinner, but Russian President Vladimir Putin claims he never got to know former national security adviser Michael Flynn. In an NBC News interview with Megyn Kelly, which will air Sunday night, Putin denied any close relations with the former Trump adviser who is now being investigated for his ties to Russia. ...

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Putin claims a child could’ve hacked the U.S. election

A child could have hacked last year’s U.S. election, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested, comparing accusations that his country did it to anti-Semitism. Putin’s comments came during a panel discussion in St. Petersburg moderated by NBC News’ Megyn Kelly. The anchor asked the Russian strongman his thoughts on U.S. intelligence suggestions that he played a key role in Russia’s alleged ...

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Hysterical nonsense! Farage blames 'liberals' who can't accept Brexit for FBI probe claims

The former Ukip leader’s spokesman immediately dismissed the accusations as “verging on the hysterical”. Farage himself took to Sky News later in the day to lambaste the allegations as being dreamt up by the ‘liberal media.’   He told Kay Burley: “We have heard this term fake news over the course of the last year or so. This is fake news.”  ...

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'Blames everybody but herself!' Trump snaps back at Hillary Clinton election loss claims

The failed Presidential candidate said Trump’s campaign could have “guided” the Russians after they hacked emails from the Democratic party. Clinton alleged that the President and his team could have helped the Kremlin to “weaponize that information” and get him into the White House. Speaking at the Recode tech conference in Silicon Valley she also described Trump as having a ...

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