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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify before House committee over ‘shadow banning’ & bias claims

Published time: 24 Aug, 2018 21:41 Edited time: 24 Aug, 2018 21:53 Twitter’s chief executive Jack Dorsey will appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Sept. 5 to testify about the company’s algorithms that have repeatedly raised suspicions of judgment bias and stealth censorship. The panel plans to grill Dorsey about “the complex processes behind the company’s algorithms ...

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‘It looks like spam’: Facebook hit with more claims that it unfairly censors conservatives

As Facebook continues to be hit with claims of censorship from Donald Trump and other conservative voices, two more alleged cases have been added to the pile, with the social network claiming the posts “look like spam.” The social network removed articles posted by conservative CNN commentator Salena Zito and attorney and radio host Jenna Ellis, who was recently cited ...

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Argento accuser Bennett speaks out over sex assault claims

Jimmy Bennett, the actor who accused actress Asia Argento of sexually assaulting him when he was aged 17, has said that he decided to speak out after she came forward as a victim of producer Harvey Weinstein. READ MORE: #MeToo hero Asia Argento denies sexual assault of 17yo actor despite massive payout Bennett told The Hollywood Reporter that he did ...

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Senate wants to know about Cohen’s ‘Trump evidence’ as his lawyer denies ‘mixed up’ Russia claims

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said his committee is interested in Michael Cohen’s alleged evidence on President Trump. However, recent comments by Cohen’s lawyer have cast doubt over such ‘evidence.’ Michael Cohen, Trump’s one-time ‘fixer’ and attorney was convicted on eight counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud in a plea deal with prosecutors reached earlier ...

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Latvia and Estonia compensation claims dismissed as groundless by Russian senator

Latvia and Estonia have no legal right to demand compensation for what they describe as “Soviet occupation” and any such claims are just Russophobic propaganda games, a Russian senator has stated. “This is hardly news. They are trying to implore something from us since the collapse of the USSR. But there is no legal grounds behind their claims because there ...

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‘Wow effect': Microsoft’s claims on alleged Russian hacking are a political stunt – Moscow

Microsoft’s claims that Moscow-backed hackers are attacking US websites is simply a case of the tech giant joining the Washington-led ‘witch hunt’ on Russia, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday. The company’s claims that the hacking group Fancy Bears is linked to the Russian government and is creating a number of “spear-phishing” websites lacks any substance as the company has ...

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Liberal project of new world order has failed, top Russian senator claims

Russian Upper House chair Valentina Matviyenko says the liberal project of a ‘new world order’ has failed because liberals have abandoned many of their original ideas and have become repulsive for the general public. “I would like to note one more tendency that is not always noticed or duly assessed by others. I mean the obvious failure of the so ...

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Fake intercept? Russian MoD dismisses UK claims of chasing off six Su-24 bombers over Black Sea

Russia has denied British claims that the Royal Air Force intercepted six Russian military jets over the Black Sea, saying the incident was a lot less dramatic and didn’t feature a single Su-24 bomber mentioned in the reports. Four aircraft from the Russian Black Sea Fleet naval aviation group carried out routine exercises above the Black Sea on Monday, the ...

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Radioactive sheep boost claims of secret Israeli nuke test

Radioactive isotopes discovered by scientists in Australian sheep have added gravity to longstanding claims that a mysterious flash above the Indian Ocean 39 years was actually an illegal Israeli nuclear weapon test. On September 22, 1979, US satellite Vela 6911 detected a ‘double flash’ near the Marion and Prince Edward islands in the southern Indian Ocean. Ever since, there have ...

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‘Dismantling global security’: Russian lawmakers dismiss US claims of Open Skies violations

High-ranking members of the Russian parliament have stated that Washington’s refusal to cooperate with Moscow on the Open Skies Treaty is based on unfounded charges as Russia has always stuck to its obligations. “The United States’ accusations in our address are completely unfounded. Russia is acting strictly in accordance with the existing agreements and their terms – the same applies ...

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