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‘Insults and pathetic lies’: Russian diplomat slams WaPo over praise for Bellingcat MH17 claims

Russia has done everything to help the MH17 investigation, yet to its disgrace the Washington Post chooses to believe fake social media ‘investigators’ and cherry-pick facts, a senior Russian diplomat writes. Dmitry Polyanskiy, first deputy permanent representative at the Russian mission to the UN, sent an open letter to the Post on Friday, after a July 25 story in the ...

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Guardian claims Russian mole with access to 'confidential' info was purged from US embassy in Moscow

The Secret Service has dismissed the report that a Russian employee at the US Moscow embassy, who was reportedly fired after her contacts with the Russian intelligence came to light, had access to secret data. The woman was reportedly dismissed from her job last summer over the allegations of her ties to the Russian intelligence, according to the Guardian citing ...

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Blue Lives Matter claims Facebook’s ‘fake news’ rules have halved its audience

Blue Lives Matter, a group advocating for greater protections for police in the US, has claimed that Facebook’s new rules to combat fake news has almost halved the number of people it can reach on the platform. The group said that the introduction of Facebook’s quality surveys, in which the platform asks users to rate a news source in terms ...

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Record turnout in Cambodia’s election amid claims of crackdown & US meddling (VIDEO)

Cambodia’s general election on Sunday showed an impressive turnout of more than 82 percent. The vote, which is set to return Prime Minister Hun Sen to power, was marred by allegations of US meddling and of a crackdown on critics. With vote-counting underway, the National Election Commission (NEC) said the election saw a record turnout of 82.71%. The NEC chairman ...

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Man accused of shooting migrant worker in Italy claims he meant to hit pigeon

A man from the north-eastern Italian province of Vicenza has been charged with causing serious bodily harm after allegedly shooting a migrant worker in the back. He claims he was targeting a pigeon, ANSA news agency reports. The migrant was shot from behind while he was working on some scaffolding, seven meters off the ground by a shot aimed from ...

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CNN releases audio of Trump & lawyer, claims pair talk hiding president’s alleged affair

CNN has published a tape which it says captures President Donald Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen discussing the cover-up of Trump’s alleged affair with a former Playboy model a decade ago. He denies the affair took place. According to CNN, the private conversation between Trump and Cohen was recorded in September 2016, two months before the presidential election, and ...

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Accused fraudster Browder claims GOP Congressman Rohrabacher 'on Russia's payroll'

Financier Bill Browder, wanted in Russia on tax evasion charges, has accused Republican Senator Dana Rohrabacher of being a Moscow stooge, alleging that he was paid by the Kremlin to lobby for the repeal of the Magnitsky Act. Browder made his bold statement about Rohrabacher, who is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats in the ...

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Offended by Trump’s comment, Montenegro claims ‘permanent friendship’ with US

NATO’s youngest member claimed it had a ‘history and tradition and peaceful politics’ and pledged permanent friendship to the US, after President Donald Trump called Montenegro’s people ‘aggressive’ and capable of starting WWIII. “Montenegro is proud of its history and tradition and peaceful politics that led to the position of a stabilizing state in the region,” the Montenegrin government said ...

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US media claims Trump betrayed America with Putin meeting – Republican voters say otherwise

Despite breathless reports insisting that President Donald Trump betrayed America by meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, a vast majority of Republicans approve of his dealings with Moscow, according to a new poll. The Reuters/Ipsos survey, which was conducted after the headline-grabbing summit, found that 71 percent of the president’s Republican base thinks that Trump is doing a good job ...

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Lost in translation: CNN claims Putin admitted to election-meddling. He did not.

The US mainstream media’s chorus condemnation of US President Donald Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki has gone so far that CNN claimed Putin had confessed to meddling in US elections. CNN Newsroom anchor Poppy Harlow made the claim on Tuesday while interviewing Marc Lotter, former press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence. Harlow played the clip ...

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