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VA hires providers with malpractice claims & criminal histories – media investigation

The US Department of Veterans Affairs has a history of hiring doctors with dodgy pasts and malpractice claims – even when those appointments are deemed illegal by federal law, according to an investigation by USA Today. It centers on neurosurgeon John Henry Schneider, who had accumulated more than a dozen malpractice claims and settlements in two states, including serious cases ...

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‘House of Cards’ fans attack Anthony Rapp for ruining show with Spacey sex assault claims

Published time: 3 Dec, 2017 00:25 Anthony Rapp, who stars in “Star Trek: Discovery” and was the first to come forward and accuse actor Kevin Spacey of sexual harassment, has been subjected to abuse online following the suspension of Netflix hit series “House of Cards.” Rapp told Buzzfeed on October 30 that Spacey made sexual advances toward him in 1986 ...

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‘Thousands’ of porn images on Damian Green’s office computer, detective claims

Theresa May’s cabinet is facing yet another setback as her effective deputy Damian Green has been accused of “extensively engaging with” pornographic material in his Commons office. The allegations date back to 2008. A former Scotland Yard detective said he was shocked by the “thousands” of pornographic images he allegedly discovered on Green’s computer at the time Green was the ...

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Yeti or bear? DNA study debunks ‘abominable snowman’ claims (POLL)

Published time: 29 Nov, 2017 13:49 The ‘yeti’ has long been a scare story for travellers passing through the Himalayan mountains, with some climbers even claiming to have found remains of the mythical beast. Now, though, a new study is casting doubt on these claims. According to established folklore, the yeti is an ape-like creature native to the frozen and ...

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WADA chief cites ‘hints & claims’ over Russian state-sponsored doping, 1 year after McLaren Report

President of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Craig Reedie has said that despite the organization still having no sufficient evidence a state-sponsored doping system in Russia ever existed, it does not mean the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) will be reinstated. In an exclusive interview with RT at the sporting forum Play the Game in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Reedie said that ...

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Muslims are ‘not completely human,’ Swedish politician claims, causing uproar

Published time: 26 Nov, 2017 19:12 Martin Strid, of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD), made the comments while addressing party faithful gathered for the SD’s national conference. Other members have distanced themselves from Strid who now faces expulsion. Addressing the crowd, Strid, according to various local sources said that there is a scale of humanity from 1 to 100, that ...

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Pixar & Disney chief takes ‘leave of absence’ over harassment claims

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 02:14 Edited time: 22 Nov, 2017 02:24 Walt Disney Animation and Pixar chief John Lasseter has reportedly taken a six-month leave of absence following reports of sexual misconduct towards employees at the company. In a memo announcing his temporary departure to company employees, Lasseter alluded to the allegations. The statement, which has been seen by ...

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Vote Leave rocked by donation claims as watchdog probes Brexit campaign

The UK Electoral Commission has launched an investigation into the financial links between the Vote Leave campaign, a fashion student and a Eurosceptic veterans’ group at the time of the 2016 Brexit referendum. In a statement on its website, the campaign finance watchdog said it has begun an inquiry into whether Vote Leave broke the £7 million ($ 9.3 million) ...

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Lost in reverie: Mattis claims UN let US intervene in Syria, although it never did

US Defense Secretary James Mattis has recently claimed that Washington received a mandate to operate in Syria from no less than the UN itself. The problem is the UN never did any such thing as it does not even have any legal capacity to do so. The UN cannot sanction a foreign invasion of Syria or any other country because ...

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Drudge Report creator fires back at Washington Post over ‘Russian propaganda’ claims

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 11:40 Drudge Report creator Matt Drudge has lashed out at the Washington Post in a rare public statement, after the paper accused him of being “linked to Russian propaganda.” Drudge noted that his site gives the paper over a third of its referral traffic. “I’ve linked to Washington Post over 10,000X in 25 years of ...

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