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Kiev recalls consul from Germany over claims he hailed Nazis, denied Holocaust, received Hitler cake

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has recalled its consul to Hamburg, Germany for disciplinary action after a popular vlogger accused him of being a Holocaust-denying Nazi sympathizer. Vasil Marushchinets was recalled to Kiev for an investigation into his friends-only posts on Facebook. He allegedly hailed Nazi policies and denied that the regime slaughtered millions of people in death camps. It is ...

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Jade Helm drills conspiracy fueled by… Russian bots, claims ex-CIA top spook

The almighty Russian bots were to blame for panic and paranoia around military drills held in Texas and six other states in 2015, claims former CIA head Michael Hayden. As is the tradition with bot theories, he cites zero proof. Read more Claims of impending martial law and other nefarious plots floated around the internet ahead of eight weeks of ...

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‘Infamous liar’: Iran blasts Netanyahu for claims Tehran had nuke program

Calling the Israeli premier “an infamous liar” and head of a “child-killing Zionist regime,” Iran has furiously denounced an elaborate presentation by Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he accused Tehran of seeking nuclear weapons. In a statement Tuesday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry blasted Monday’s claims by a “broke and infamous liar who has had nothing to offer except lies and deceits.” It ...

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Kelly in crosshairs: NBC claims WH chief of staff called Trump ‘idiot’

A controversial NBC News report claims White House Chief of Staff John Kelly disparaged President Donald Trump, echoing last year’s rumors about Rex Tillerson. Kelly and Trump have denounced the story as false. NBC’s story on Monday claimed that Kelly, a former US Marine general, talked about himself as saving the country from Trump and even called the president “an ...

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White House says Israel’s claims about Iran’s nukes are ‘consistent with what US has long known’

The “new and compelling” details about Iran’s nuclear program revealed by the Israeli prime minister are “consistent” with what the United States has long known, the White House said after Benjamin Netanyahu’s flashy presentation. On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of “lying” about its nuclear research program. Citing evidence from a trove of secret files that the Israeli ...

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Up to IAEA to decide if Iran lied & violated nuclear deal – world reacts to Netanyahu’s claims

The 2015 nuclear deal with Iran remains a pinnacle of international peace and stability, and it is up to the IAEA to assess whether Tehran violated it, several signatories to the agreement said in response to Israel’s claims. The allegations about Iran’s nuclear program made by the Israeli prime minister during his televised address from Tel Aviv might, in fact, ...

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Western media silent as Rodchenkov's Russian doping claims fail to stand up in court

Russian officials plan to sue Grigory Rodchenkov, whose testimony played a key part in the country’s Olympic bans, after a sports court rejected his claims. But most believe it’s too late to reverse the impact of the doping saga. The scandal over Olympic doping has been running since 2014, and most of the allegations have been known for years. What’s ...

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Defying death? Pigs’ brains ‘revived’ after decapitation, claims Yale neuroscientist

A scientist claims to have restored circulation to the brains of decapitated pigs in what is literally a death-defying feat – and a potential boon for those hopeful the human brain could one day be kept alive outside the body. READ MORE: Scientists create human-sheep chimera with hopes of affordable organ transplants Yale University neuroscientist Nenad Sestan conducted experiments on ...

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Escalate to de-escalate? NATO think-tank expert claims Russia is 'comfortable' using nuclear weapons

Russia is more willing to run the risk of nuclear war than the West and NATO must pour more money into developing new capabilities to deter Moscow’s nuclear aggression, according to Atlantic Council analysts. In a lengthy discussion on preparing for nuclear war with Russia, analysts from the neocon think tank lobbied for the US and NATO to spend more ...

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Celebrated doctor Hans Asperger helped Nazis to slaughter autistic children, research claims

A Vienna historian has made the disturbing claim that renowned Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger, the first to document the symptoms of autism, aided the Nazis in slaughtering disabled children. The Austrian doctor, who identified autism in 1938, and gave his name to a form of “high-functioning” autism, was complicit in the Nazi euthanasia program in Austria, Herwig Czech, a historian ...

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