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Google partners with MotherCoders to bring tech training to moms in New York City

Diversity and inclusion is a topic that all too often starts and ends with white women. MotherCoders, while targeting women, aims to support moms of all backgrounds — whether they be LGBTQ, single and/or people of color. “If you look at our cohorts, they tend to be really represented,” MotherCoders founder Tina Lee told TechCrunch. “I want to make a ...

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Discover Aleppo: Syria invites tourists to visit ancient city 2 years after liberation (VIDEO)

Video offering panoramic and aerial views of Aleppo has been released by the Syrian ministry of tourism in an apparent attempt to say that the country’s historic pearl is finally ready to receive visitors. The pitch comes almost two years after the Syrian army defeated jihadist rebel groups besieging the city in a series of fierce battles. The fighting damaged ...

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Starving children face ‘imminent risk of death’ due to Saudi assault on Yemeni city, UNICEF warns

The Saudi-led coalition’s attack on the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah could have catastrophic consequences for civilians, especially malnourished children in urgent need of care, UNICEF has warned. Heavy bombings and gunfire have already impeded access to Al Thawra hospital, a medical facility that provides much-needed care to children caught up in the fighting, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency ...

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75% of Venice under water after unusually high tide strikes famed city (WATCH LIVE)

Three-quarters of the Italian city of Venice is currently under water after a storm system brought strong winds which rose water levels and toppled trees. Four people have been killed. Water levels rose more than five feet (156cm / 61.4 inches), with photos showing locals and tourists wading their way through it.   Speaking on Monday, Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said a ...

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Thai beauty queen among 5 dead in Leicester City helicopter crash

Published time: 29 Oct, 2018 10:36 Edited time: 29 Oct, 2018 10:53 A Miss Thai Universe runner-up was among five people who died in the Leicester City helicopter crash. She was a fitness fan & foodie, who enjoyed sharing photos with Leicester footballers, according to her Instagram. All five victims of the crash have been named including billionaire and Leicester ...

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'City of Surveillance': Google-backed smart city sounds like a dystopian nightmare

A Google-backed project to build the interconnected, data-driven ‘city of the future’ sounds like all George Orwell’s nightmares come true, and is now in the spotlight after a privacy expert resigned from the project in protest. Toronto’s Waterfront district used to be an industrial wasteland, but Sidewalk Labs – a sister company of Google – wants to turn that wasteland ...

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Mexico City liquor factory goes up in flames, thousands evacuated (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 23 Oct, 2018 04:40 Edited time: 23 Oct, 2018 04:40 A Mexico City liquor factory has exploded, injuring one and forcing the evacuation of 2,000 from their homes, according to Mexico City civil protection chief Fausto Lugo. Emergency services have responded to the massive explosion. Images posted on social media of the explosion, in the Cuauhtemoc neighborhood, show ...

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China is launching a fake, extra-bright moon to cut the cost of city lights

In a move that sounds straight out of a sci-fi paperback, China is planning to launch the first artificial ‘moon’ into orbit in order to replace street lights and reduce energy costs. Chinese scientists say the man-made moon, which is essentially an illuminated satellite, will be in orbit by 2020. It will be eight times brighter than Earth’s moon and ...

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City that never sleeps… or shoots? NYC enjoys first shooting-free weekend in decades

The New York City Police Dept. has taken a victory lap after the Big Apple went the entire weekend without a shooting – a streak that hasn’t been seen since at least 1993. Murders are up eight percent from last year, however. From Thursday morning to Monday afternoon, New York City’s 8.5 million inhabitants kept their fingers off their triggers, ...

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Biker war holds Australian city at ransom, police form special task force to combat rising violence

An Australian city has been rocked by fire bomb attacks, brawls, and a drive-by shooting by someone posing as police, as a biker gang war escalates. Police in Perth fear that soon innocent members of the public will be at risk. Detective Inspector Mark Twamley admitted that the risk to the public is increasing. “There is the potential risk of innocent ...

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