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Controversial Russian city mayor quits in protest over canceled elections

Yevgeny Roizman, the mayor of Yekaterinburg, Russia, who had risen to fame through his controversial anti-drug policies, has announced his resignation in protest of cancellation of mayoral elections. On Tuesday Roizman refused to put the issue of cancellation on the agenda of the city legislature. Some of the lawmakers proposed that procedural issues should be taken care of by one ...

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WHO may declare international emergency as Ebola outbreak reaches major city in Congo

The Ebola outbreak in Congo risks running out of control with the first suspected case reported in a city of over 1 million. The WHO has called an emergency meeting over a health crisis of potentially “international concern.” Previously the disease was suspected in patients only in rural parts of the country, but reaching the city of Mbandaka makes the ...

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Criminalizing homelessness? Colorado city to punish sitting or lying on sidewalks

A city in Colorado has passed a law banning people from sitting or lying down in the street. Critics have claimed the ordnance represents attack on the homeless. Durango City Council unanimously passed the motion on Tuesday, and the ordinance will come into effect this summer. According to the Durango Herald, the rule will forbid people from sitting or lying ...

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Lost city uncovered: 3,200yo tablets reveal secret, royal location (PHOTOS)

A collection of 3,200 year old tablets discovered concealed inside jugs have revealed the location of an ancient lost royal Mesopotamian city in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Archaeologists from the University of Tübingen in Germany uncovered the tablets in 2017, after finding them hidden inside a collection of ceramic jugs in Bassetki in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The ...

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Heavy clashes in W. Afghanistan city as major Taliban offensive kicks off (VIDEO)

The Taliban has launched a major offensive to capture a city in western Afghanistan, with heavy fighting breaking out in the area, officials say. Local residents fear the whole province may fall to the insurgents. Taliban militants stormed the city of Farah, the capital of Farah Province on the border with Iran on Tuesday morning, Afghan media initially reported. The ...

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Explosion hits police HQ in Indonesia's 2nd-largest city

Published time: 14 May, 2018 02:52 Edited time: 14 May, 2018 02:58 An explosion has hit a police station in Surabaya, Indonesia, officials say. It comes a day after coordinated suicide blasts at three churches there were perpetrated by members of one family. A vehicle exploded at the police office on Monday morning, according to the police. The exact number ...

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3 churches hit by suicide bombers in Indonesia's 2nd-largest city

At least two people have been killed in three seemingly coordinated suicide bombings that hit churches in the second-largest city of Indonesia. About a dozen other people have been injured. Images in the local media show debris and bodies on the ground in the city of Surabaya on the Island of Java, as police cordon off the blast areas. “The ...

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Cleveland offered $120 million in freebies lure Amazon to the city

A Cleveland.com article detailed the lengths the small midwestern city would go to lure Amazon’s in 50,000-person HQ2. In a document obtained by reporter Mark Naymik, we learn that Cleveland was ready to give over $ 120 million in free services to Amazon including considerably reduced fares on Cleveland-area trains and buses. The document, available here, focuses on the Northeast ...

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Sin City sex drive: Las Vegas to attempt world record orgy

Las Vegas is looking to live up to its reputation as Sin City next month with the world’s largest ever orgy attempt. And you can still be a part of it. The current world orgy record stands at 500 people. It was set in Japan over a decade ago. Menage Life, who are organizing the Las Vegas attempt, promise to ...

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Ukrainian politician pulls gun on neo-fascist mob at city council meeting (VIDEO)

A Ukrainian politician took the phrase crying over spilt milk to a whole new level when he pulled on a gun on protesters and fired warning shots during a city council meeting in Nikopol. The incident reportedly happened on Friday when neo-fascist Right Sector activists stormed the city council meeting demanding a change in the administration. The group managed to ...

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