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In a haunting 360 VIDEO, listen to father relive his daughter's death amid ruins of ghost city Mosul

Panoramic footage from the ruined old city of Mosul, Iraq lets you take a walk through the husk of what was once a bustling economic center, and later a stronghold for ISIS terrorists. Now, what it resembles most is a cemetery. Former Old Town resident Mohammed Qadir walks through the decrepit shell of his former home, detailing the horrors witnessed ...

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Taliban 'at its strongest since 2001' as it batters Afghan forces in strategic city of Ghazni

Around 100 Afghan troops were killed in fighting with Taliban over the strategic town of Ghazni. The group will be making new gains if the US keeps relying on force alone in Afghanistan, geopolitical analyst Ali Rizk told RT. For the last four days, the Taliban has been clashing with government forces for control of the Ghazni Province and its ...

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'They will f*ck up': Company involved in Flint water crisis bids to serve largest city in Africa

Activists are concerned that Veolia, the company linked with the Flint, Michigan water crisis, is on the shortlist to manage two-thirds of water system in Lagos, Nigeria, where many children die from water-borne diseases. “I feel Veolia is a snake, and they slithered over to Lagos to try to increase their profit margins,” Nayyirah Shariff, director at Flint Rising activist ...

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Black-clad group protesting police brutality stage brutal attack outside Portland city hall (VIDEO)

Protesters against police brutality turned violent themselves and attacked security officers outside Portland City Hall. Footage shows a guard being repeatedly beaten on the head with a megaphone. The group of protesters stormed City Hall on Wednesday to express outrage after officers injured multiple people on Saturday, when Antifa demonstrators stormed a gathering by the right-wing Patriot Prayer. Footage of ...

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‘Nobody has a clue where the goats came from’: Idaho city overrun with mystery farm animals (VIDEO)

Is it a sign of the impending rapture? No it isn’t, but some runaway goats-for-rent (this is a thing) did flood a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho. Residents in a western suburb of the state capital opened their curtains on Friday morning to find scores of goats roaming free through the streets, eating the lawn grass and enthusiastically attacking house trees ...

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50 arrested after city council session descends into fist-fight in Ukraine (VIDEOS)

A heated debate about a city budgeting issue in Ukraine escalated into a mass brawl, ending with police arresting almost 50 “active violators” in the aftermath. Mass clashes between supporters of Artem Semenikhin, the Mayor of the city of Konotop in northern Ukraine, and his opponents forced local police officers to intervene “to prevent mass riots and civilian casualties,”according to ...

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100s of refugees settle in public park in Nantes after city expelled them from local house (VIDEO)

Some 500 refugees are now stranded in a public garden in Nantes, France, where they are living in tents after being expelled from an abandoned house nearby. As doctors warn of epidemics, locals voice unease over their presence. An estimated 500 refugees, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea, have settled in numerous tents in the heart of Nantes, western France, after ...

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Pranksters plant weed in Wyoming city flower pots

Mischievous marijuana growers have tricked a Wyoming city into illegally cultivating cannabis plants in its charming flower pot displays. Three marijuana plants were discovered by Powell city employees, who had been inadvertently nourishing the plants as they watered and cared for the flowers. The first find was made on June 29 and was followed by another haul of the illicit ...

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Murder suspect shoots 3 officers in Kansas City before dying in gunfight

A murder suspect in Kansas City shot three police officers before he was fatally shot during a gunfight with other officers, according to local authorities. The incident began when officers were conducting an investigation at the Sky-Vu Motel while seeking a person of interest in the death of Sharath Koppu, an Indian student at the University of Missouri, who was ...

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Muslim swimmers forced out of city pool over ‘cotton rule,’ mayor apologizes

The mayor of a US city has apologized after officials forced a group of Muslim children out of a community pool by falsely claiming that their hijabs and niqabs did not meet safety standards. Mayor Mike Purzycki of Wilmington in Delaware said staff had exercised “poor judgement” at the Foster Brown public pool earlier this month. The situation arose when ...

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