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‘Don’t have oral sex, your mouth’s for eating’: Ugandan president warns citizens

The president of Uganda has issued a public warning to citizens of the central African country: Don’t perform oral sex. Speaking during a televised press conference last week, President Yoweri Museveni spoke of the “wrong practices indulged in and promoted by” groups of non-nationals. “The mouth is for eating, not for sex,” he said, adding: “We know the address of ...

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Russian civil servants’ careers now depend on internet reviews from citizens

The Russian government has changed the assessment criteria for civil servants – now their careers will depend on feedback from ordinary citizens, as well as their reactions to reviews posted on the internet. The order, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and published on the government’s website on Friday, details the rules by which the work of heads of regional ...

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Ukrainian interior minister faces probe for barring Russian citizens from polling stations

Russia’s Investigative Committee has started a criminal investigation into Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on charges of barring Russian citizens from voting in Ukraine during the presidential elections on March 18. “According to data possessed by investigators, Avakov ordered his subordinates in the Ukrainian Interior Ministry – which provided security in Russian diplomatic institutions in Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and Kharkov ...

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Hong Kong’s massive cash giveaway: 2.8 million citizens to get $510 each

The government of Hong Kong has announced its decision to share the city’s record $ 18 billion surplus with more than one-third of its residents. “[We are] trying to cover more people who may not directly benefit from the budget,” said Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po at a press conference on Friday. According to him, the handout was meant for ...

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Russia to blacklist more US citizens in reply to latest sanctions – senior diplomat

Russia is preparing a mirror reply to the latest broadening of the anti-Russian restrictions by the US, says Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. He added that those who initiated the confrontation are “playing with fire.” “On our side from the very beginning we are maintaining parity on the number of persons listed on sanctions registers. So this time we will ...

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Belgian court orders Facebook to stop collecting data on citizens, threatens fines of up to $125mn

A Belgian court has ordered Facebook to stop collecting data about the country’s citizens, and to delete information previously gathered. It threatened to fine the social network €250,000 a day if it fails to comply. In its ruling, the court determined that Facebook does not adequately inform users that it is collecting information. “Facebook informs us insufficiently about gathering information ...

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‘Cyborg artist’ with antenna in skull urges governments to accept half-robots as citizens (VIDEO)

A man who calls himself a “cyborg artist,” with an antenna dangling over his forehead, says the number of half-robots will only rise and governments should start recognizing them. British-born and Catalan-raised Neil Harbisson has an unusual implant – a special antenna attached to his head that has helped him cope with innate achromatopsia, commonly known as color blindness. The ...

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All Dutch citizens to become organ donors unless they choose not to under new law

Dutch citizens will soon be receiving letters asking them whether they want to be put on an organ donation list. Those who fail to reply twice will automatically be added, as the Netherlands passes a new donor law. On Tuesday, the Dutch Senate voted on a law that will make all citizens over the age of 18 potential organ donors ...

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Foreign Ministry issues fresh warning of US hunt for Russian citizens

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a warning to all citizens about the threat of being detained or arrested in foreign countries at the request of US special services. Read more “American special services are continuing their de facto hunt for Russians all over the world,” reads the statement published on the ministry’s website on Friday. The Russian diplomats also ...

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EU to veto Brexit if Theresa May fails to protect citizens’ rights, Brussels sources say

EU diplomats are threatening to veto any Brexit deal if Theresa May doesn’t backtrack on her “shameful” plans to deprive EU citizens of free movement rights during a transition period, it has been claimed. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday during a three-day trip to China, the prime minister left audiences baffled when she seemed to suddenly toughen her stance on ...

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