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Chinese ‘aggressive industry’ threatens US military complex, ‘stable budget’ needed – Pentagon

A new Pentagon report calls China the main threat to the US military-industrial complex, sounding alarm over the decline of some “critical defense functions,” due to Beijing’s actions, workforce shortages and “unstable” funding. “While multiple countries pursue policies to bolster their economies at the expense of America’s manufacturing sector, none has targeted our industrial base as successfully as China,” the ...

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Chinese investment into computer vision technology and AR surges as U.S. funding dries up

Tim Merel Contributor More posts by this contributor The Reality Ecosystem: What AR/VR/XR needs to go big China could beat America in AR/VR long-term Last year 30 leading venture investors told us about a fundamental shift from early stage North American VR investment to later stage Chinese computer vision/AR investment — but they didn’t anticipate its ferocity. Digi-Capital’s AR/VR/XR Analytics Platform showed ...

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Chinese chip spying report shows the supply chain remains the ultimate weakness

Thursday’s explosive story by Bloomberg reveals detailed allegations that the Chinese military embedded tiny chips into servers, which made their way into data centers operated by dozens of major U.S. companies. We covered the story earlier, including denials by Apple, Amazon and Supermicro — the server maker that was reportedly targeted by the Chinese government. Apple didn’t respond to a ...

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‘Near collision’: Leaked photos show Chinese ship chasing away US destroyer in South China Sea

Four photos apparently depicting the moment a Chinese destroyer had a close encounter with USS Decatur in the South China Sea have surfaced online, showing the blockbuster ‘near collision’ encounter of the two navies. The US Navy pictures, obtained by gCaptain website and authenticated by a naval source to Stars and Stripes, depict the tense encounter of the Arleigh Burke-class ...

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Sex doll brothel in Moscow gets chatty ‘intelligent’ robot – but it can only speak English & Chinese

Moscow’s first sex doll brothel’s newest ‘employee’ is an AI-packed doll called Emma. Though not Russian-speaking, the doll, able to chat and react to clients’ actions, has been “repeatedly requested” by patrons of the brothel. The new doll is able to blink and to move her head and lips, according to the Dolls Hotel press service. The machine, so far, ...

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‘Maneuvered to prevent collision’: Chinese destroyer chases USS Decatur in South China Sea

A Chinese destroyer sent to escort the USS Decatur on a ‘freedom of navigation’ sail-by in the disputed South China Sea has come dangerously close and forced the US vessel to maneuver to “prevent collision,” the US Navy said. The encounter between the US and Chinese Navies unfolded on Sunday morning when Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, sailing under the ‘freedom of ...

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‘Insincere’: Beijing rejects second apology from Swedish show over Chinese tourist ‘poop’ jokes

China has rejected a second apology from the Swedish show which featured a warning to Chinese tourists not to defecate in public. As diplomatic tensions between two countries loom, the program says its message was lost. The episode of the satirical show Svenska Nyheter (Swedish News), aired by national broadcaster SVT, the largest TV network in the country, took the ...

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Chinese national arrested in US for allegedly acting as agent of Beijing

In a move likely to hit relations already soured by a bitter trade war and election interference accusations, the US has now arrested a Chinese national it accuses of working as an unregistered foreign agent. Ji Chaoqun, 27, was arrested in Chicago on Tuesday. The Chinese national is suspected of working “at the direction of a high-level intelligence officer in the Jiangsu ...

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US orders Chinese media to register as foreign agents – reports

China’s Xinhua News Agency and Global Television Network have reportedly been ordered to register as foreign agents by the Justice Department as the US continues to clamp down on foreign agencies questioning mainstream narratives. The official state-run news agency and one of the most reputable services in the world was asked by the US authorities to comply with the mandates ...

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China tariffs hammer drops: Trump announces new duties on $200bn worth of Chinese goods

US President Donald Trump has announced import tariffs on $ 200 billion worth of Chinese goods. China has promised to retaliate. The move, which sees $ 200 billion worth of Chinese imports slapped with a ten percent levy, comes amid a deepening trade spat between the world’s two largest economies. The tariffs will be applied to more than 1,000 Chinese ...

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