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Report: Chinese smartphone shipments drop 21% to reach lowest level since 2013

Analysts have long-warned of a growth crunch in China’s smartphone space, and it’s looking like that’s very much the case right now. China’s smartphone growth has been the feel-good story for domestic OEMs who have clocked impressive figures as the billion-plus population has rushed online via mobile devices. However, the market reached saturation point in 2017 — when sales stopped ...

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Chinese FM confirms ‘many casualties’ in North Korea tourist bus crash

A major traffic accident in North Korea has resulted in numerous casualties, among them Chinese tourists, the country’s foreign ministry has confirmed. “The Chinese Embassy in North Korea was informed by the DPRK that a serious traffic accident occurred on North Korea’s Huanghai Road at night, causing heavy casualties to Chinese tourists,” the foreign ministry said, adding that “relevant details ...

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Trade wars: Trump claims Chinese president 'will take down' barriers harming US economy

As trade tensions threaten to boil over between the two nations, US President Donald Trump insists his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will scrap barriers to commerce “because it is the right thing to do.” Washington is seeking to cut a deal with the Chinese government to eradicate a trade deficit and allow US products to enter the market in Asia ...

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Chinese tariffs hitting US where it’s most vulnerable – farming

Soybean trade between China and the US, crucial for American agriculture, would become the first casualty in a trade war between the world’s biggest economies. Beijing announced Wednesday it is going to slap a 25-percent tariff on American agriculture, cars, and more than 100 products if the US imposes levies on Chinese goods. One of the most sensitive issues could ...

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‘It’s only polite to reciprocate’: Beijing slams new US tariffs on $50bn worth of Chinese goods

After the US unveiled a preliminary list of imports from China that will be hit by the tariff hikes ordered by President Trump last month, Beijing has vowed to take retaliatory measures of “equal scale and strength.” “The Chinese side strongly condemns and firmly opposes the unfounded Section 301 investigation and the proposed list of products and tariff increases based ...

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Faulty Chinese space station burns in atmosphere as space-watchers guess its crash site

Chinese space station Tiangong-1, whose imminent crash space-watchers have awaited with bated breath, has pierced the Earth’s atmosphere over the South Pacific, Chinese state media says. Most of it has reportedly burned up. The space station made its long-awaited re-entry in the central region of the South Pacific at 8:15 am [00:15 GMT] on Monday, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported, ...

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Flying above the law: Chinese gang used drones to smuggle $80mn worth of iPhones

Chinese authorities have busted a high-tech smuggling ring that used unmanned aerial vehicles to illegally transport almost $ 80 million worth of smartphones from Hong Kong. The suspects smuggled up to 15,000 phones per night. The cross-border gang was busted by Customs officers in the Shenzhen metropolitan area in southeastern China. Shenzhen links Hong Kong to China’s mainland. Authorities arrested ...

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Sandstorm apocalypse: Orange ‘blizzard’ engulfs Chinese city (VIDEO)

An enormous sandstorm has blasted a huge swathe of north eastern China, entirely engulfing a city in Inner Mongolia and turning the sky orange. The city of Xilingol bore the brunt of the monster storm as it swept in off the Gobi desert. Chinese news outlet CGTN aired video footage of the storm as it lashed the Mongolian city’s streets. ...

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No country for jaywalkers: Chinese city wants facial recognition to ID offenders

A Chinese city is taking jaywalker-shaming to the next level: Shenzhen authorities hope to instantly fine jaywalkers via text message. The city already has LED screens in the streets used to publicly shame unruly pedestrians. Read more Intellifusion, a Shenzhen-based AI firm, is in the preliminary stages of developing a system that can identify offenders as soon as they impatiently ...

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Chinese bombers & fighter jets conduct drills in South China Sea & Western Pacific

China has dispatched warplanes to the South China Sea and the Western Pacific for combat readiness drills, the PLA Air Force has announced, just days after the US Navy exercised its ‘freedom of navigation’ in disputed waters. The Chinese Air Force (PLAAF) has moved its H-6K bombers and Su-30 and Su-35 fighters to a number of potential war theaters in ...

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