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Public outrage as top Baltimore cop charged with tax evasion

The resignation of the Baltimore Police Commissioner, charged by federal prosecutors for failing to file federal tax returns, has sparked fierce public debate over how the issue has been handled and the mayor’s credibility. The 53-year-old commissioner, Darryl De Sousa, left the office after a mere four months into the job. De Sousa was suspended last Friday after a federal ...

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Jerusalem Day: Israelis clash with Palestinians on Temple Mount ahead of charged week (VIDEO)

Violence erupted between Israelis and Palestinians at the holy site of Temple Mount in East Jerusalem on Sunday, as hundreds of Jewish worshippers descended on the area for Jerusalem Day. Footage posted by RT’s video agency Ruptly shows police breaking up a fight between a group of Arab and Jewish men. Clashes reportedly began after around 1,000 Israelis moved towards ...

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NYC store security guard filmed tackling teen to the ground, charged with assault (VIDEO)

Shocking footage of a department store’s security guard tackling and punching a teen who was suspected of shoplifting at the lower Manhattan, New York premises has led to the employee being charged with assault. Video of the incident, which happened Friday night, shows the teen being pinned to the ground by three Century 21 security officers as the youth shouts ...

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Dieselgate: Volkswagen ex-CEO charged with fraud in emissions scandal

The US Justice Department has filed criminal charges against former Volkswagen Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn. He is the ninth person to be hit with criminal charges connected to the so-called ‘Dieselgate’ scandal. The 70-year-old is charged with four felony counts, including conspiracy to defraud the US, wire fraud and violating the Clean Air Act from at least May 2006 through ...

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Australia’s biggest bank charged fees to dead clients

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), which is the nation’s largest lender, has collected fees from customers who it knew had died, a major inquiry has heard. The inquiry was ordered by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last year following a series of scandals involving financial misconduct. CBA told the Banking Royal Commission, which is the country’s top form of public hearing, ...

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Muslims charged with violent plots get longer sentences, more media attention – study

Muslims accused of plotting violence in America get seven times more media attention and four times longer sentences than their non-Muslim counterparts, a new study claims. Published by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), an American Muslim advocacy group, the study claims that the American justice system treats Muslim perpetrators differently than other criminals. All of the perpetrators studied ...

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FBI agent charged over leaks to The Intercept

An FBI agent in Minnesota has been charged over leaking secret documents to The Intercept, reportedly related to threats made by individuals from a particular Middle Eastern country and the FBI’s use of informants. A two-page document filed by prosecutors for the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, cited by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, charges Terry James Albury with two counts of ...

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Equifax exec charged with insider trading, profiting $1mn in ‘largest data breach in US history’

Former Equifax executive Jun Ying has been charged with insider trading by the SEC after he allegedly sold off over $ 1 million worth of shares before the company’s high-profile data breach was disclosed last year. Ying was indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday, after allegedly making over $ 1 million in profit while avoiding potential losses of ...

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‘3 strikes!’: 70yo woman charged with hiring hitmen while in jail.. for hiring a hitman

In a case akin to a mafia movie, an elderly lady has been jailed for trying to hire a hitman to knock off her husband. She now faces new charges, after reportedly trying, while she was behind bars, to have two other people killed. A jury found Linda Gillman guilty on Friday of trying to hire a hitman to kill ...

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Evil twins: New York school teacher & brother charged with bomb-making

A teacher at an Upper Manhattan high school and his twin brother have been arrested on suspicion of running a bomb factory in their Bronx apartment. Police recovered some 30 pounds of precursors and a bomb-making manual. Christian Toro, a teacher at a charter school in Manhattan, allegedly enlisted his students’ help to manufacture explosives. Christian, along with his twin ...

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