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N.Korea faces unrealistic preconditions, US regime change policy made it seek nukes – Tulsi Gabbard

Washington’s policy of worldwide violent regime change has spurred Pyongyang to develop nuclear weapons, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has said, adding that Pyongyang is being saddled with “unrealistic preconditions” from the West. Gabbard pointed out on Twitter that the US already found itself “seconds away” from a nuclear attack during the Cold War in 1962. She said “peace with North Korea ...

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Facebook feed change sacrifices time spent and news outlets for “well-being”

Facebook is making a huge change to its News Feed algorithm to prioritize friends and posts that spark comments between them at the expense of public content, news outlets, and importantly, the total time spent and ads you see on the social network. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook today, “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from ...

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Irn-Bru fans ‘panic-buy’ soft drink ahead of sugar-reducing recipe change

Published time: 4 Jan, 2018 16:18 Fans of Scotland’s national drink Irn-Bru are ‘panic-buying’ cans of the 117-year-old soft drink amid plans to change its recipe.The new Irn-Bru will see the drink’s sugar content cut by more than 50 percent, its makers confirmed. AG Barr have said they will be tweaking Irn-Bru’s recipe to dodge the UK government’s tax levy ...

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Iran slams ‘grotesque’ meddling and calls for regime change by US through social media

Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo has accused the US of “grotesque” interference in his country’s affairs, and of encouraging regime change in the Islamic Republic. He also accused Trump of inciting “disruptive acts.” As a wave of protests against poor worsening standards and unemployment gripped Iran, Washington was quick to throw its support behind the demonstrators. US President ...

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Time for (regime) change? Neocons press Trump to sanction Iran over protests

US neoconservatives and liberal interventionists are pushing President Donald Trump to ratchet up pressure on Tehran, as protests sparked by economic stagnation continue for a fifth day in Iran. New sanctions are possible, US deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iran and Iraq, Andrew Peek, told VOA News. Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed the possibility in a Fox News appearance ...

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Netanyahu predicts Iran regime change, denies Israel’s involvement in protests

Published time: 2 Jan, 2018 15:04 The Israeli PM has advocated regime change in Iran, saying that if the Tehran government collapses, Israelis and Iranians will be “great friends.” He then ridiculed Iran’s claim that foreign players were behind recent protests. Benjamin Netanyahu was responding to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who had earlier suggested that Israel was involved in the ...

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‘Bell End’ residents launch petition to change street name after ridicule

Published time: 2 Jan, 2018 11:55 Residents living in the unfortunately named street ‘Bell End’ – which is also British slang for the tip of the penis – have launched a petition to change the “rude” name. They claim they have “become a laughing stock.” “As you may be aware, the term ‘Bell End’ can be seen and used as ...

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Price gouging? Cancer drug price spikes from $50 to $768 per pill after change of owner

Published time: 27 Dec, 2017 12:13 A long-standing medication for cancer has become almost unaffordable for most of patients, as its price has skyrocketed 1,500 percent over four years. The company behind the drug is under fire. The remedy for brain tumors and Hodgkin lymphoma was introduced 42 years ago, and the highest dose was sold for $ 50 per ...

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Could you be the BBC’s ‘head of change’? Beeb baffles with £78k role

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 13:02 The BBC is looking to splash out £78,000 ($ 104,500) on a new “head of change.” Wondering what that is? You’re not the only one. Channeling its own comedy series W1A, the Beeb is seeking someone who can, well, nobody is really sure about that part. Filling out the application form could be a ...

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Welcome to Westeros: Belfast Airport makes GOT name change (PHOTOS)

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 17:13 Much like some of the characters in ‘Game of Thrones,’ Belfast International Airport is enduring an identity crisis. This holiday season it’s been renamed Westeros Airport – in honor of the fabled land of fire and ice. A significant portion of the HBO phenomenon is shot in Northern Ireland. Apparently keen to take advantage ...

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