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Are immigrant detention centers in US making a killing since Trump took office? – RT's Keiser Report

RT’s Keiser Report looks into reports that facilities that hold immigrant families in Texas have seen their stock price almost double since Trump was elected in 2016. Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser also discuss corporate flight from Britain as the country prepares for Brexit and the economic disaster that will follow. In the second part of the show, Keiser interviews ...

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iOS 12 will automatically share your iPhone’s location with 911 centers

Apple this morning announced a new feature in iOS 12 which will automatically share your location with first responders when U.S. users dial 911 using their iPhone. The move is meant to address the problems with dialing emergency services from a cell phone, where outdated infrastructure has made it difficult to obtain a mobile caller’s location quickly and accurately, Apple ...

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Expanding ‘chokehold’ on Russia: Analysts to RT on NATO’s plan for new command centers

Building two command centers in the US and Germany, NATO is either preparing to take on Russia or executing its “suffocation” strategy against Moscow, military analysts told RT. “NATO had 33 military commands during the Cold War, but they reduced the number of those commands to seven,” Alexander Bartosh, former Russian diplomat and military expert told RT. Read more The ...

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Why Microsoft wants to put data centers at the bottom of the ocean

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the second phase of Project Natick, a research experiment that aims to understand the benefits and challenges of deploying large-scale data centers under water. In this second phase, the team sank a tank the size of a shipping container with numerous server racks off the coast of the Orkney islands and plans to keep it ...

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Migrants must be ‘repelled at border’ if refugee centers plan fails – Bavarian interior minister

Germany must start turning potential asylum seekers back at its borders if a new refugee centers initiative championed by federal authorities fails to work as planned, the Bavarian Interior Ministry head said. “Uncontrolled immigration has already fundamentally changed not only the political architecture but also the security situation in Germany in 2015. That should not happen again,” Markus Soeder, the ...

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Real targets of US-led strike were Syrian airfields, not research centers – MoD

The US-led missile strike against Syria on Saturday targeted research centers and military facilities, including airfields, Russia’s Defense Ministry said, adding that none have received severe damage thanks to the air defenses. “The real targets of the attacks of the US, Britain and France on April 14 were not only Barzah and Jaramani research facilities, but also Syrian military infrastructure, ...

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NATO to open new command centers in US & Germany – officials

The US and Germany are set to become the locations of two new NATO headquarters, according to officials. The German command center would reportedly be responsible for deploying troops after a possible incursion from Russia. Speaking to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity, NATO officials said the US will become home to a command center focused on maritime security in the ...

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Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup: Extra FAN ID delivery centers open across Europe

Foreign football fans planning to attend this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia can now collect their FAN IDs at Russian Science and Culture centers located across Europe, Russia’s Communications Ministry said Monday. Supporters can now pick up their FAN ID – which provide visa-free entry to Russia from ten days before the opening match to ten days after the ...

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Michigan bill would put guns in schools, churches & daycare centers

In the wake of the recent mass shootings in Texas and Nevada, state lawmakers in Michigan are about to vote on legislation that would allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons in gun-free zones. On Tuesday, the Michigan Senate Committee on Government Operations voted 3-2, along party lines, to send Senate Bills 584-586 to the state Senate floor. The bills ...

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Loophole lets convicted sex offenders live near NYC pre-k centers

ALBANY — Dozens of registered sex offenders are living within 1,000 feet of pre-kindergartens in the city, a new report Tuesday revealed. The report from the state Senate’s Independent Democratic Conference found that 93 convicted sex offenders were living within 1,000 feet of standalone pre-K programs — which, thanks to a loophole in state law, is not prohibited. Another 60 ...

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