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Putin on cyberwarfare: Action causes reaction, you don’t like reaction – let’s talk rules

Nations that don’t like being the targets of cyberwarfare have the incentive to work on common rules of cyberspace the same way rules for nuclear weapons were negotiated, said the Russian president. Vladimir Putin made the comparison in response to a journalist’s question about the latest accusation in the US that Russia used its cyber capabilities to interfere with the ...

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Wildfire causes ammunition explosions at former Russian military range (PHOTO, VIDEO)

An evacuation of a garrison town was ordered and traffic put on hold after a wildfire caused shells to detonate at a former military range in Russia’s Republic of Udmurtia. Social media users posted photos and videos online of a huge cloud of thick white smoke coming from the abandoned military range. The incident happened near the village of Pugachevo ...

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Global tourism causes 10th of all greenhouse gas emissions – report

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney shows that global tourism, a trillion-dollar industry, contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and its carbon footprint is expanding rapidly. Domestic and international tourism account for eight percent of total worldwide carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, researchers have found.  The study was based on data from 189 countries around the ...

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Facebook drops fundraising fees for personal causes

Despite Facebook being under fire for everything pertaining to Cambridge Analytica, the company still hopes to be able to do some good. Today, Facebook is dropping its platform fees pertaining to fundraisers for personal causes. That means Facebook is getting rid of the 4.3 percent platform fee in the U.S. and the 6.2 percent fee in Canada. Those fees were ...

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Daily Mail’s ‘racism’ against Skepta, Wiley & grime music causes Twitter outrage

A UK radio DJ has slammed the Daily Mail after it focused on the criminal history of black musicians interviewed for a spread on grime music. The paper is now being torn to shreds on Twitter, with users branding it racist. Meet the “two faces of grime (that’s British rap with violence and expletives),” said the headline introducing the spread, ...

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Philippines’ Mayon volcano spews fountains of lava, causes flight cancelations (VIDEOS)

The Mount Mayon volcano has begun spewing lava, ash and black fumes into the air just after Philippines authorities raised the alert to level 4, advising people to stay away from the eight kilometer danger zone. Mayon, the country’s most active volcano, began stirring last week, forcing some 40,000 residents in the central province of Albay on the island of ...

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Going in style: Lavish toilet at Russian university causes stir

A baroque-styled gilded loo for university management in Russia’s Urals region have raised a few eyebrows after images were leaked on social media. The eccentric toilet appeared overly posh, compared to the ones that students use. Ornate carvings in gold-plated walls, shiny flooring and decorated ceiling, cushions and elegant lamps do not exclusively belong to the Versailles rooms, for they ...

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Right-wing Lombardy leadership candidate causes stir, saying migrants ‘wipe out’ white race

An Italian politician running for president of wealthy Lombardy province triggered an avalanche of accusations over an interview in which he claimed the white race was in danger due to migration flows. Speaking to local Radio Padania on Monday, Attilio Fontana of the right-wing, nationalist Northern League (Lega Nord) party alleged migrants are threatening the very existence of the white ...

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Water main break causes (more) chaos at JFK (VIDEOS)

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 23:55 Edited time: 7 Jan, 2018 23:56 The winter-related chaos at New York’s JFK airport has gotten worse. After three days of flight disruptions due to the ‘bomb cyclone,’ a water main break caused a further shutdown of international flights into Terminal 4 Sunday. The water main break resulted in Terminal 4 being flooded, triggering ...

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket causes multi-car crash in California (VIDEO)

Published time: 27 Dec, 2017 09:34 Edited time: 27 Dec, 2017 10:11 A SpaceX rocket that soared over Southern California on Friday caused not only a social media frenzy, but a three-car pile-up on a freeway. A dashboard camera captured at least three cars smashed on one California freeway as the rocket was flying overhead and drivers apparently slowed down ...

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