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‘Someone watched too much Robocop’: Kalashnikov’s walker robot causes meme frenzy

The concept of a walker robot, revealed by Russia’s renowned arms maker, Kalashnikov, has been mocked online over its design and resemblance to the machines from Robocop and Star Wars. Many users hurried to share their discovery that the 4-meter-tall “controlled bipedal walker” presented by the company at Army-2018 expo had many design similarities with ED-209, which faced off against ...

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Massive firework explosion causes injuries & damage at Spanish fiesta (VIDEO)

Some 20 people have reportedly received minor injuries after a pyrotechnic explosion interrupted celebrations at a festival in northern Spain, shattering windows and putting the area on lockdown. The blast occurred around midnight on Saturday in the municipality of Cangas del Narcea in Asturias during the closing celebrations of the city’s La Magdalena festival, according to Europa Press. A “huge ...

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Rogue camel causes chaos on Moscow highway (VIDEO)

Published time: 20 Jul, 2018 08:57 A runaway camel caused havoc on a Moscow motorway after it appeared out of nowhere and ran across multiple lanes of traffic, causing cars to swerve to avoid hitting it. The Bactrian camel was spotted running across the lanes of traffic on Wednesday, shocking motorists who weren’t expecting to come across a camel on ...

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Cute kids recreating World Cup final causes online race debate. Must it always end like this?

A video of young footballers recreating the World Cup final between France and Croatia kicked off a vicious race debate online. Does everything in the era of online comments and identity politics have to be like this? RT is winding down its World Cup coverage after a successful tournament in Russia, and produced the video recreation as part of that. ...

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Insults, demands & advice: Trump’s whirlwind European tour causes stir online

On his EU visit, US President Donald Trump lectured Germany on doing business with Russia, demanded tribute from NATO and offered advice on British politics. Many Europeans were having none of it, venting their spleen on Twitter. Trump flew into Belgium for the NATO summit on Wednesday, then jetted to the UK for a state visit on Thursday. He is ...

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Fist fight causes evacuation at US mall, shoppers fear active shooter (PHOTO, VIDEOS)

Terrified shoppers ran for their lives in a California mall after a mass brawl sparked panic that led some people to believe that there was an active shooter in the area. A vicious fist fight on Saturday caused an evacuation in Ontario Mills food court, with people reportedly running for the exits. The sudden hysteria led some people to believe ...

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At least 44 dead, dozens missing as heavy rain causes floods & landslides in Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Record-breaking torrential rains struck western Japan, causing at least 44 deaths and leaving dozens injured. The authorities have ordered mass evacuations in the affected areas. The heavy flooding destroyed roads and houses, forcing residents to seek refuge on the rooftops of buildings. Local media have reported various numbers of casualties, with the NHK public broadcaster stating on Saturday that the death toll ...

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‘Manu’ or ‘Mr President’? Macron causes stir posing with dancers at Elysee Palace

Emmanuel Macron has caused a stir by posing for a picture with scantily clad dancers at the Elysee Palace, days after chiding a schoolboy who called him “Manu,” telling him to choose between “Mr President” and “sir.” As France was enjoying the annual Day of Music festival, during which hundreds of free musical events take place across the country, the ...

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Deadly quake interrupts traffic, wrecks houses & causes blackout in Japan’s Osaka area (VIDEOS)

As well as killing at least three people and injuring hundreds, a powerful earthquake in the Osaka region has briefly brought chaos to local transportation systems and caused substantial damage to housing and infrastructure. The earthquake, measuring a magnitude 6.1, left a trail of destruction in its wake after striking the northern part of Osaka Prefecture during a Monday morning ...

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Find out who really ‘owns the press’ after Musk’s comment causes stir

Elon Musk caused a stir when he asked, “who do you think *owns* the press?” in a Twitter thread – but the names of the people and companies who have amassed control of the bulk of US media is definitely not a well-kept secret. Musk’s tweet was swiftly followed by Jew-bashing comments, as well as comments accusing the eccentric tech ...

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