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Georgia cops caught on bodycam ‘flipping coin to decide arrest’

Two Georgia police officers have been suspended after shocking bodycam footage apparently showed the pair deciding whether to arrest a woman suspected of dangerous driving based on a coin toss. READ MORE: US police drag woman face-down by feet during arrest at Atlanta ICE protest Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson from Roswell Police Department in Georgia stopped driver Sarah ...

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Imposter ‘Saudi prince’ caught after eating pork during $50,000 scam

A con artist who defrauded his victims of millions of dollars while posing as a Saudi prince got caught after a Miami hotelier noticed the supposedly devout Muslim royal was eating pork during their meetings. Anthony Gignac, a Colombian-born scammer known for targeting super-rich real estate developers, worked under the alias ‘Sultan Bin Khalid Al-Saud’ as he finagled gifts worth ...

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Kindergarten teachers caught on camera stabbing children with paperclips because they refused to nap

Two kindergarten teachers have been arrested in China, having been caught on camera stabbing children with paperclips, because they refused to nap. Police intervened after a dramatic confrontation between parents and teachers. Local media report that parents grew concerned when their children began to return home with red needle marks on their skin. One mother –known only as Ms Pan– ...

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Convicted turtle trafficker goes international while on probation, gets caught again

A South Carolina man previously convicted of turtle trafficking is facing jail time again for the same crime after pleading guilty to charges of smuggling up to $ 400,000 worth of protected reptiles from Hong Kong to the US. Federal prosecutors said that Steven Verren Baker, 38, of Holly Hill, South Carolina, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges of conspiracy ...

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Torn to shreds: Moment of horrifying car crash in central Moscow caught on camera (VIDEO)

Blood-chilling footage captured the moment two cars smashed into each other at high speed in central Moscow. One of the vehicles is seen being torn to pieces, with at least one fatality reported. The incident is said to have taken place on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, a major road in the Russian capital. The opening scenes of the video show the typical ...

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Lightning strike caught on camera as biblical storms wreak havoc in Germany (VIDEO)

A dramatic lightning strike has been caught on video as Germany continues to be battered by storms of biblical proportions. Heavy thunderstorms have swept parts of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia leaving several areas including Dusseldorf, Wuppertal and Aachen completely flooded. One Dusseldorf resident caught the moment a bright burst of lightning flashed before his eyes. A man can be ...

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Moment Belgian gunman dies in a hail of police bullets caught on camera (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

This is the moment armed police shot dead an alleged terrorist suspected of killing three people, including two police officers, in the western Belgian city of Liege. The video was obtained by RT’s Ruptly news video agency. The man is thought to have attacked the two officers from behind with a knife before taking one of their guns and shooting ...

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NJ mayor says cop caught punching woman in head ‘just doing his job’ (VIDEO)

A New Jersey city mayor has defended one of his police officers after a video showing him punching a young woman in the head went viral, insisting she “refused to comply” with instructions. Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr told NJ.com, said that “the police were doing their job” when arresting 20-year-old Emily Weinman on a New Jersey beach. Footage of ...

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Party like a Russian… minister? Saratov officials caught drunk & half-naked inside state-owned car

A routine traffic stop triggered a full-scale political scandal in Russia’s Saratov region after police discovered a local minister and a young female official drunk and half-naked inside a state-issued car during his vacation. The incident took place early in the morning on May 25, when road police stopped a vehicle travelling with its lights off. Behind the wheel was ...

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NJ cop caught on camera punching girl in the head (VIDEO)

A video showing a police officer punching a girl in the head as she apparently resisted arrest on a New Jersey beach on Saturday has gone viral. Footage of the incident was shared on social media by Twitter user @HewittLexy, who said she was sleeping on Wildwood Beach when she woke up to the altercation just after 4pm local time. ...

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