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Girl power: Fuel tanker demolished by giant haul truck driven by… a woman (PHOTOS)

Social media was sent into overdrive after dramatic pictures surfaced showing a Kamaz fuel tanker run over by an enormous BelAz haul truck. What sparked the tart-tongued comments was the fact the BelAz was driven by a woman. The incident happened in Russia’s Kemerovo region of Siberia on Friday. The woman was driving a BelAZ – one of the world’s largest, ...

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Jade Helm drills conspiracy fueled by… Russian bots, claims ex-CIA top spook

The almighty Russian bots were to blame for panic and paranoia around military drills held in Texas and six other states in 2015, claims former CIA head Michael Hayden. As is the tradition with bot theories, he cites zero proof. Read more Claims of impending martial law and other nefarious plots floated around the internet ahead of eight weeks of ...

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Trump ready to meet Kim ‘by May’ after N. Korean leader says he wants to talk denuclearization

US President Donald Trump has been invited to meet in person with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, a senior South Korean official has announced after a meeting at the White House. Kim said he is committed to denuclearization and said North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests, South Korean national security adviser Chung Eui-yong announced on ...

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‘Sensitive’ Super Bowl documents found on airplane by… CNN

CNN scored an easy Super Bowl scoop after one of its employees allegedly stumbled on a US government study of a simulated anthrax attack targeting Sunday’s sports venue, tucked away in the seat-back pocket of a commercial plane. Although not labeled as classified, the Department of Homeland Security draft “after-action” reports were designated “For Official Use Only” and “important for ...

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German GSG 9 elite police unit to grow ‘by a third’ amid terrorism fears – chief

Germany envisions a second base for its elite counter-terrorism police force, the GSG 9, in Berlin and also plans to bolster its ranks by a third amid growing security threats, according to the unit’s chief. The second hub for the unit is essential to ensure a “quicker response” to security threats, including in Germany’s capital, Berlin, which already saw a ...

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‘This is not a drill’: Hawaii gets ballistic missile alert ‘by mistake’

Published time: 13 Jan, 2018 18:49 Edited time: 13 Jan, 2018 18:58 A text warning of an imminent incoming ballistic missile, which urged residents to “seek immediate shelter” was “accidentally” issued by Hawaii Civil Defense, briefly stirring panic and confusion on social media. DETAILS TO FOLLOW HAWAII – THIS IS A FALSE ALARM. THERE IS NO INCOMING MISSILE TO HAWAII. ...

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‘By the people, for the people’: Kim Dotcom to launch alternative internet

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 10:56 Kim Dotcom, wanted in the US for alleged widespread illegal file sharing, has vowed to build an alternative internet to combat privacy and freedom problems online. The knowledge that government agencies have used the internet to spy on citizens, along with high-profile hacking scandals, has brought online privacy to the forefront of people’s minds. ...

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