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Britain and US row over suspected ISIS terrorists ‘The Beatles’

Britain is locked into a diplomatic row with the US over the fate of two Londoners, suspected members of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson does not want them returned to the UK to face trial. James Mattis, the US defense secretary, has ruled out sending Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh — dubbed ‘The Beatles’ — ...

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Britain pays out the worst state pension in the developed world

The UK pays retirees the worst state pension of any country in the developed world, official figures show, as Brits currently under the age of 30 are warned they could have to wait until they’re 70 to receive anything at all. The basic payout of £122.30 a week in Britain is the least generous in the West — worth just ...

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We will use sanctions to punish Britain post-Brexit, Brussels vows in leaked documents

The EU could use sanctions like grounding Europe-bound flights, suspend single market access, and impose trade tariffs to punish the UK if it breaches Brexit transition terms, Brussels has warned. Under proposals drafted by the European Commission, the EU would have unprecedented legal powers – without the oversight of European courts – to punish Britain unilaterally if it breached the ...

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Britain First vow to defend Jacob Rees-Mogg in battle with ‘Antifa idiots’ (VIDEO)

Britain First leader Paul Golding has issued a bizarre warning to anti-fascists after a protest at Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Bristol university visit which turned violent. Golding vowing ‘we will find you, and we will get you.’ The Conservative MP became embroiled in a fracas at the University of the West (UWE) in Bristol last week. Rees-Mogg, a high-profile Brexiteer ...

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Every Brexit option will hurt Britain, leaked govt report reveals

A leaked government analysis on the impact of leaving the EU has detailed how Britain’s economy will be worse off after Brexit – no matter what trade deal is struck with the bloc. The report, ‘EU Exit Analysis – Cross Whitehall Briefing’, outlines three of the most likely scenarios, and brings only bad news for Britain. Growth for the UK ...

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Germany vs Britain: Merkel mocks May as leaders grapple over Brexit

Germany appears to have lost all respect for the UK government over Brexit. It has emerged that Chancellor Angela Merkel ridiculed British Prime Minister Theresa May in public and to the media. Clear tensions are emerging between the two female leaders as Merkel – a mighty force in the European Union – and May each hope to get the better ...

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‘I’m not racist’: Donald Trump would apologize over retweet of far-right Britain First (if asked)

US President Donald Trump said he would apologize for retweeting Islamophobic videos by far-right group Britain First if he was asked to, adding he is “often the least racist person” anyone could ever meet. The president came under fire in November after sharing anti-Muslim videos from the group’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen’s Twitter page. Talking to ITV Good Morning Britain ...

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Trans attacks: Shock report shows sex change adults abused in Britain

Transgender men and women are being attacked in workplaces across Britain by co-workers and customers, according to a staggering new report. Read more One in eight trans people have been physically assaulted on the basis of their chosen identity, it is being claimed, backing up court rulings that the UK has become increasingly hostile for the trans community. Recently, a ...

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Henry Bolton refuses to stand down as crisis hit UKIP leader calls for Britain to 'drain the swamp'

Crisis-hit UKIP leader Henry Bolton will not stand down from his position after his love life made national news headlines – because his girlfriend made racist remarks about Prince Harry’s future wife, Meghan Markle. Bolton spoke on Monday afternoon, after his party was hit with a wave of resignations, insisting he will not stand down. He took aim at the ...

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‘Our hands remain outstretched’: EU continues to beg Britain to backtrack on Brexit

The choir of EU officials urging Britain to reconsider its decision to leave the bloc is growing. Jean-Claude Juncker added his voice to the crescendo, saying “our hands remain outstretched.” Speaking in the European Parliament on Wednesday, Juncker, president of the European Commission, said: “The UK people, the UK government, may wish to find a different way out.  “We’re very ...

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