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Russia must sever diplomatic ties with Britain over Skripal case – leftist party leader

The head of center-left opposition party Fair Russia says Moscow should sever diplomatic relations with London over recent unfounded accusations regarding the Skripal case – as he believes there is no scope to settle the dispute. “We should stop expecting reasonable action from our so-called Western partners or wait for the conflict to settle soon by itself,” Sergey Mironov said ...

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UK government's reputation at stake over Skripal case – Russia's envoy to Britain

The Skripal case has raised a lot of questions, which are posed not only by Moscow, but by the British people, the Russian ambassador to the UK told RT, and failure to answer them puts the UK government’s reputation on the line. “We have the strategic patience and what we’re going to do is to just press the British government, ...

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Russia to Britain: 'You can keep the criminals, but return the money'

There are 61 Russian criminals living in London who have stolen around $ 10 billion from their home country, according to Russia’s prosecutor general, who is demanding that the money should be returned. “Since 2002, we have made requests to the UK for 61 extraditions. These people are accused or already convicted in Russia for committing economic crimes, the amount ...

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Moscow homebuying surges as Britain spooks wealthy Russians

The forced return of wealthy Russians from Europe as a result of explicit threats issued by UK authorities has boosted demand for premium property in Russia’s real estate market. Read more The number of inquiries for luxury property in Moscow and the Moscow region surged by 21 percent in the first quarter of the current year, according to market research ...

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Britain to review visas issued to 700 wealthy Russians

The UK authorities are planning to look retrospectively at visas granted to wealthy foreign investors, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said, responding to a question about Russians who had been granted travel permits. The question touches upon 700 Russians who had reportedly received so-called Tier 1 visas between 2008 and 2015. This type of visa is given to foreigners planning to ...

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1st non-stop flight from Australia to Britain lands after 17 hours

The first non-stop flight between Australia and the UK has landed at London’s Heathrow Airport. A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner carrying over 230 passengers and crew completed its 14,498km (9,009-mile) journey from Perth in 17 hours. Captain Lisa Norman, one of four pilots on board, told passengers of Qantas Flight QF9 after touchdown: “I would like to welcome you to the ...

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Britain doesn’t share data in Skripal case with us, but demands explanation – Moscow

The UK does not share any data or evidence in the Skripal case with Russia, but at the same time, London demands an explanation from Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry says. “The British authorities don’t share any data they received following the probe [on the Skripal case] and don’t answer any questions concerning Yulia Skripal,” Director of Department for Nonproliferation ...

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It was Russia/Soviets/Stasi/KGB … Political accusers in Britain and US just aren’t trying anymore

Britain and America’s ability to share should be an example to angry toddlers across the globe. They share a language, Middle Eastern bombing campaigns, and now lame excuses for their political screw-ups. “Hey Washington, are you using Russia at the moment, because London needs it to cover its ass today.”  Donald Trump should never have made it to the White ...

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Britain and US row over suspected ISIS terrorists ‘The Beatles’

Britain is locked into a diplomatic row with the US over the fate of two Londoners, suspected members of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson does not want them returned to the UK to face trial. James Mattis, the US defense secretary, has ruled out sending Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh — dubbed ‘The Beatles’ — ...

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