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Floating crane hits Crimean Bridge during heavy storm in Russia (VIDEOS)

Videos shot by locals show a large floating crane pressed against the Crimean Bridge after it was sent adrift by heavy winds. The collision led to the partial closure of a road section as the crane had to be towed back. The large yellow crane hit the recently opened 19km-long bridge during a raging storm in the Kerch Strait on ...

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Fuel tanker smashes into bridge in Japan during massive typhoon (VIDEO)

A hulking tanker ship smashed right into a bridge linking Osaka Kansai airport with the Japanese mainland. The collision happened as Japan is being battered by the largest typhoon in 25 years. In a dramatic video, the ship can be seen dashed against the bridge. The vessel, which weighs more than 2,500 tons, did extensive damage to the bridge, but ...

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Drone footage captures night search for survivors of Genoa bridge collapse (VIDEO)

Drone footage has captured the harrowing aftermath of a bridge collapse in Genoa, as rescue efforts continued into the night in the hope of finding more survivors. The footage shows large search lights illuminating the accident site, with emergency vehicles and rescue workers picking through the rubble. At least 39 people were killed on Tuesday after the bridge failed and ...

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‘It was a miracle’: Survivor of Genoa bridge collapse shares his story (VIDEO)

An Italian has told RT’s Ruptly how he miraculously managed to flee the site of bridge collapse in Genoa just seconds before it fell. At least 35 people died in the tragedy, and there are fears that the death toll may rise. An injured eyewitness who walked away from the catastrophe spoke to Ruptly on Tuesday, sharing what he remembers ...

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VIDEO from above shows scale of deadly Genoa bridge collapse

Aerial footage from the scene of Tuesday morning’s tragic bridge collapse in Genoa shows the devastation left behind after tons of concrete, tarmac and steel fell onto the ground below. Dozens are believed to have been killed. The Italian government has branded the accident “an immense tragedy.” When part of the bridge collapsed, debris crashed into apartment buildings located immediately ...

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Democratic congressman ‘jokingly’ wishes GOP Senate candidate would jump off a bridge

Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, told a gathering that he hoped Donald Trump – the “big orange president” – would tell GOP senate hopeful Marsha Blackburn to jump off a bridge, expressing confidence that she would comply. Speaking at a community prayer breakfast in Memphis hosted by the senate campaign of former Governor Phil Bredesen – a Democrat running ...

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Satellite shots show epic scale of world's longest oversea bridge (IMAGES)

Satellite images are showing off just how enormous China’s almost-finished mega-bridge is. Stretching for 34 miles, it connects Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland’s southern city of Zhuhai. The bridge is expected to become the world’s longest cross-sea bridge when it opens to traffic later this summer, cutting travel time in half for commuters. Photos captured by satellite imagery service ...

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Putin orders construction of world’s longest bridge

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to work out a plan to construct a bridge connecting Sakhalin Island in the country’s Far East with mainland Russia. Read more “The question of building a bridge between Sakhalin and the mainland has long been discussed, for decades. It has long been a dream of the people living on the island,” ...

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Bus left hanging off the edge of a bridge in Madrid crash (VIDEO)

A nail-bitingly close call in Madrid left a bus teetering off the side of a bridge, at risk of plunging onto a road below, after its driver lost control and smashed through the safety barrier on Sunday. The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) bus came to a dramatic halt with its front half hanging precariously off the edge of the bridge ...

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On track: Train link to Crimean Bridge is almost complete

More than 80 percent of railway track to the newly-built bridge linking Russia with Crimea is complete, according to the project’s website. The railroad will link the bridge with the transport system of Crimea and mainland Russia. Construction and installation works are being carried out along the entire length of the route. It is constructed using a continuous welded railroad ...

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