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Bus left hanging off the edge of a bridge in Madrid crash (VIDEO)

A nail-bitingly close call in Madrid left a bus teetering off the side of a bridge, at risk of plunging onto a road below, after its driver lost control and smashed through the safety barrier on Sunday. The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) bus came to a dramatic halt with its front half hanging precariously off the edge of the bridge ...

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On track: Train link to Crimean Bridge is almost complete

More than 80 percent of railway track to the newly-built bridge linking Russia with Crimea is complete, according to the project’s website. The railroad will link the bridge with the transport system of Crimea and mainland Russia. Construction and installation works are being carried out along the entire length of the route. It is constructed using a continuous welded railroad ...

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Bridge collapse in Mumbai, India, halts train traffic, injures 5 (PHOTOS)

Part of a bridge over a railway in Mumbai, India, has collapsed in a heavy rain that has inundated the area. Traffic has been halted both beneath and on the bridge. Five people have reportedly been injured. The collapse occurred at about 7am local time (1:30 GMT). Images on social media show a sizeable portion of the overpass bridge broken ...

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Barely-believable highway collision sees dump truck plow into bridge (VIDEO)

Jaw-dropping video shows the moment dump truck’s tray slammed straight into an overpass at high speed on a busy Australian highway. The dramatic smash happened on a Melbourne freeway around noon, Friday, local time. Unnerving footage recorded by a fellow motorist, and obtained by 9News, shows the dump-truck tray standing upright as it approaches the bridge. A man can be ...

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Man 'with gun' blocks Hoover Dam bridge near Las Vegas

A man who was reportedly armed blocked traffic going both ways on the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas, eventually getting arrested on the Arizona side, the Nevada Highway Patrol said. Officers from the Arizona Highway Patrol, as well as Lake Mead, Boulder City and Las Vegas police all responded to the scene, according to local media. The man was described ...

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Consumer prices to fall in Crimea with new bridge link to Russian mainland – Putin

The newly built bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia will lower consumer prices on the peninsula thanks to regular traffic flow, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read more  “Some prices are higher in Crimea than in the neighboring Krasnodar and Rostov regions,” Putin said during his Q&A session on Thursday. The situation will change when the Crimean Bridge is ...

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Russian tightrope walker stuns St. Petersburg as he crosses Neva River over open bridge (VIDEO)

To mark the birthday of Russia’s ‘northern capital’ of St. Petersburg, one daredevil crossed the Neva River balancing on a tightrope 40 meters (131 ft) above the water, as revelers on the embankment watched him with bated breath. St. Petersburg’s spectacular bridge openings are a tourist magnet on their own, wooing many Russian and foreigners alike each year. As the ...

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‘Bomb Putin bridge’ journo thinks he’s trolling Moscow with jail comments… but there’s a catch

A US political commentator, who gained notoriety in Russia this week by suggesting Ukraine should bomb the freshly-opened Crimean bridge, has felt the wrath of Russia’s most devastating weapon: the phone prank. The name Tom Rogan would have meant nothing to most Russians until this week. He is one of dozens of lesser-known Washington DC media figures, a contributor for ...

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Russia launches criminal probe of US pundit over ‘bomb Crimea bridge’ article

An article urging Ukraine to bomb Russia’s newly-built bridge to Crimea has led to the Russian equivalent of the FBI opening a criminal case against US political commentator Tom Rogan for inciting terrorism. Svetlana Petrenko, spokeswoman for Russia’s Investigative Committee, told reporters on Thursday that Rogan’s article “contains signs of public calls for terrorist activity on the territory of Russia.” ...

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27 months in 3 minutes: How Russia built Europe’s longest bridge (TIMELAPSE VIDEO)

Published time: 17 May, 2018 17:37 Edited time: 17 May, 2018 17:49 It took thousands of people and 27 months to build a 19km bridge connecting Crimea to Russia’s mainland. This is how the titanic construction project unfolded – compressed in tree minutes of stunning timelapse footage. The Crimean bridge was opened earlier this week for cars. The video clip ...

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