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Good Friday Agreement: Has Brexit put Northern Ireland’s peace at risk?

Northern Ireland has big problems. It has been without a government for a year and now Brexit threatens to exacerbate border issues. On the 20th anniversary of the region’s seismic peace deal, there are still challenges ahead. The issue of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is a major sticking point in Brexit negotiations. The ...

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‘We won’t hold UK hostage over Brexit’: Spain hopes to finalize Gibraltar deal by October

Spain’s foreign minister says the country still wants to reclaim the British enclave of Gibraltar but has pledged that it won’t hold up the UK’s transition out of the European Union to realize its territorial ambitions. “We recognize that Gibraltar was ceded to Britain more than 300 years ago but our aim is to recover it,” Alfonso Dastis told Reuters. “However, ...

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UK government needed good spy scandal after Brexit fallout – Russian rep to EU

The British government needed “a good old-fashioned spy scandal” amid tensions following Brexit, Russia’s ambassador to the European Union said in the interview to RT. Vladimir Chizhov said that although the UK managed to split the EU on the issue of expelling diplomats, the hysteria has not gripped the business community. London can hardly be satisfied with the outcome of ...

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Facebook’s wider Kremlin Brexit ad sweep draws a blank

Facebook has claimed to have found no further evidence of co-ordinated Russian-backed ad purchases on its platform targeting the 2016 Brexit vote in addition to the ad buys it previously reported. In December Facebook reported finding three Brexit-targeted ads and less than $ 1 spent by Russian-backed agents. These were from the same pool of 470 Kremlin accounts that it ...

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Brexit bore: Theresa May’s blandest speech ever? Boris didn’t listen and Twitter yawned

An almost audible yawn emitted from political pundits across the UK during Theresa May’s latest ‘Road to Brexit’ speech. Not for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson though, who missed the address completely. Twitter, however, was ablaze with wonder. How can one person say so much without actually saying anything at all? Also, what on Earth was the UK foreign secretary doing ...

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Theresa May needs a miracle in keynote Brexit speech after a week of attacks

Theresa May could regret planning her (latest) key Brexit speech for a Friday, as it has left the rest of the week free for a whole range of political heavyweights to pre-empt and undermine her. Two former British prime ministers, the Irish leader, the leader of the opposition and the EU’s key negotiators have all offered the current prime minister ...

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Ex-PM Blair pleads with EU leaders to stop Brexit by changing free movement laws (VIDEO)

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on EU leaders to change migration laws. Widely disliked though never short of an opinion on Brexit, Blair believes Brussels should be doing the work to stop Britain leaving the union. Addressing fellow wonks at the European Policy Centre, a think-tank with links to the European Parliament, Blair urged EU leaders to address ...

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Brexiteers round on former PM John Major’s Brexit ‘hypocrisy’ (VIDEO)

In an unusual move, Ex-PM John Major has spoken out against incumbent Theresa May, suggesting MPs could force a second Brexit referendum or outright reject any final deal. Brexiteers were quick to accuse the ex-PM of “hypocrisy.” The former prime minister, noted for his humble Brixton origins, called for MPs to have a “decisive” vote on any final deal negotiated ...

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Nigel Farage slams Jeremy Corbyn over ‘sell-out’ Brexit speech

Brexiteer Nigel Farage has branded Jeremy Corbyn’s key Brexit speech a “sell-out” as the Labour leader threw his support behind a continued customs union with the EU. The ex-UKIP leader suggested Corbyn is betraying voters. Speaking on the BBC’s Daily Politics program, Farage suggested Corbyn had turned his back on Labour voters who want to see Britain leave the EU. ...

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Did Corbyn send a hidden message to try and recruit Tory Brexit rebels?

Brexit may have divided an entire nation but it appears to be cementing the most unlikely of alliances in British Parliament as Tory rebels and Labour MPs find themselves unusually on the same side. United in their anger over the EU/UK divorce and their disapproval of Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of the split, two groups are beginning to come ...

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