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BREAKING: North Korea has produced NUCLEAR WARHEADS, US officials confirm

In an assessment cited by the Washington Post, an unnamed official reveals the US believes Pyongyang has made a breakthrough in its bid to become a nuclear state. The intelligence community “assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” a portion of the assessment read. Analysts have long suspected North Korea ...

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BREAKING: Car ploughs into crowd of people outside Stockholm hospital – multiple injuries

Several have been injured in the incident at Capio Vårdcentral Högdalen. The medical centre is in the Hogdalen area of Stockholm. The windows of the hospital have been smashed and pillars demolished as the vehicle smashed into the entrance. One person has been transferred to Karolinska Hospital via air ambulance. Emergency services rushed to the scene when the alarm was ...

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BREAKING: Inmates take over maximum security prison with three hostages

Six prisoners are said to have control of keys and doors in the Tucker Unit prison in Tucker, Arkansas. Maximum security prisons in the US are used to home some of the nation’s deadliest criminals. A prison spokesperson told local media said: “Three correctional officers currently in the area where these inmates have control of the keys and doors.” More ...

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BREAKING: Contaminated eggs from Netherlands are in British supermarkets

The supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have taken million of eggs off their shelves amid fears they could contain Fipronil. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said the public health threat is ‘very low’, but that it would be monitoring the situation. Aldi have said that it was a “purely precautionary” measure and its eggs in its UK stores are produced in ...

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BREAKING: China demands North Korea halts its DEFIANCE but issues warning to the US

The foreign ministers of China and North Korea started bilateral talks in Manila, the Philippines yesterday following the unanimous decision by the United Nations Security Council to apply tough sanctions on Pyongyang over its missile tests. The rare international meeting which involved the North Korea’s Ri Yong Ho was closed to the media. More to follow… Daily Express :: World Feed

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BREAKING: US military calls off search and rescue operation after marine aircraft crash

The aircraft was involved in what the military described as a “mishap” off the east coast of Australia on Saturday. The Marine Corps said they shifted their operations to recovery efforts in coordination with the Australian Defence Force, which could last several months and notified the next-of-kin for the three missing Marines. The statement said: “The transition comes after teams ...

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BREAKING: North Korea hit with HUGE sanctions as missile row escalates

The hermit state has repeatedly ignored worldwide pleas to end its aggressive military programme and fired two missiles last month.  The most recent was especially worrying for Kim Jong-un’s enemies, with experts warning it shows an attack on the US mainland is increasingly likely.  Tonight the UN announced it had unanimously agreed to impose new sanctions.  The Security Council’s sanctions ...

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BREAKING: US Marine aircraft crashes ‘killing two’ and leaving several members missing

The MV-22 Osprey went down earlier today – with ships and other aircraft being scrambled to help with the search and rescue mission. In a statement, the US Marine Corps said: “The United States Marine Corps confirms there is an active search and rescue operation ongoing for service members involved in an MV-22 mishap off the east coast of Australia.” ...

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BREAKING: US Governor announces he is 'DEFECTING' from Democrats in MAJOR boost to Trump

Jim Justice announced at rally attended by his “dear friend” President Trump that he will be registering for the Republican Party tomorrow. The 66-year-old coal mining magnate and the richest man in West Virginia was elected as a Democrat governor in the November 2016 election, although he refused to endorse Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. More to follow… Daily Express :: ...

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