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Violent tendencies can be ‘zapped’ out of your brain, new research suggests

Electrical brain stimulation may help reduce people’s inclinations to commit violent crimes, a new study has found. The ‘shocking’ treatment could potentially be used to treat or prevent violent behavior, researchers say. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore used an electrical current to stimulate a part of the brain called the prefrontal ...

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Musical surgery: Flutist plays Bach & Mozart as doctors cut out her brain tumor

Surgery to remove a brain tumor is terrifying at best, but one patient decided to make the process a little more bearable, by playing the flute during the operation, providing surgeons with a recital in the most unusual of places. Sofia Pinaeva, 28, underwent the surgery at University Hospital in Graz, Austria. She opted to stay awake for the surgery; ...

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Bad to the brain: Scientists learn what makes killer bees so aggressive

A group of martyr scientists who wanted to better understand the brain of killer bees were forced to take their lives into their hands to gather the evidence, and all in the name of research. The study, published in the Journal of Proteome Research, aimed to analyze the brains of Africanized Honeybees, aka ‘killer bees,’ to learn how it affects ...

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Spiritual feeling: Study locates part of brain that deals with the supernatural

A team of US scientists believe they may have discovered the chemical origins of human spirituality in a particular part of the human brain. Religious, supernatural and even meditative moments can create all manner of human reactions, changing people’s emotional and psychological state. And, while supernatural events or incidents stemming from a mystical being on-high remain difficult to explain, scientists ...

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US government employee suffers brain injury after hearing ‘abnormal sound’ in China

A US government worker has reportedly suffered a mild brain injury after hearing an “abnormal sound” while working in China. The incident has sparked comparisons to last year’s alleged ‘sonic attack’ on US diplomats in Cuba. The US State Department issued a health warning to its citizens based in China outlining the mysterious case. “A US government employee in China ...

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Here’s why you shouldn’t charge your brain implant during a lightning storm

In a scene reminiscent of sci-fi films, a woman’s brain stimulation device was shut down after her house was struck by lightning. Though, unfortunately, she didn’t acquire a superpower, she was lucky to escape with her life. Brain stimulators are used to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and severe muscle spasms by sending periodic shocks through the brain to ...

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Mystery illness struck ‘widespread brain networks’ of US embassy staff in Cuba – study

New research has cast doubt on the claim US diplomats in Havana were the victims of a sonic weapon attacks. Some 21 embassy staff in Cuba were affected by a mystery illness in August last year. Diplomatic staff were reportedly the victims of targeted attacks on their homes and hotel rooms in the Cuban capital. Those taken ill reportedly heard ...

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Boy survives 6-inch screw to the brain after freak accident (PHOTOS)

A 13-year-old boy from Maryland underwent brain surgery after a freak accident caused a 6-inch screw to become lodged in his skull. Darius Foreman fell from a branch when he was building a treehouse last Saturday. As he fell he knocked over a five-foot-long wooden plank, which fell onto his head and drove a screw into his skull, right between ...

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Sand-eating Lithuanian woman claims ‘mineral diet’ cured her brain tumor (VIDEO)

An elderly Lithuanian woman, who claims to be living on a sand-only diet that has drastically improved her health, is sharing her helpful insights with anyone interested in trying this totally inedible fare. Talk about true grit. Stanislava Monstvilene, 70, from Lithuania claims she has been living for more than a decade consuming nothing but sand. The substance, known to ...

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Virus could treat brain cancer and boost immune system – study

Published time: 4 Jan, 2018 11:03 Patients with aggressive brain tumours could be treated with a virus, according to a new study. Injected directly into the bloodstream, the virus could also boost their immune system in the process. Scientists at the University of Leeds and the Institute of Cancer Research in London carried out successful trials on nine brain cancer ...

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