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Roy Moore names Borat creator in $95m lawsuit over bogus ‘pedophile detector’ interview – reports

Former Senate candidate Roy Moore is suing Sacha Baron Cohen, after the Borat creator duped the politician into appearing in a comedy sketch involving a fake “pedophile detector” supposedly developed by Israeli military chiefs. Moore, a former Alabama Supreme Court judge, has also included CBS and Showtime in the $ 95 million suit over his appearance on the American network’s ...

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Amazon latest to face UK complaint over ‘bogus self-employment’

Amazon is the latest tech giant to be targeted by a legal challenge in the UK related to gig economy working practices. The UK’s GMB Union is filing suit on behalf of couriers for three delivery companies used by Amazon — accusing the suppliers of making bogus claims that the delivery drivers were self employed, and thus denying them employment rights such ...

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‘It was a good laugh’: Germany’s Bild duped by bogus Russian meddling ‘bombshell’

Red-faced German Bild has been forced to retract a ‘bombshell’ report about Russian interference in German politics, which was invented by a satirical magazine just to have a “laugh” and to expose Bild’s lax editorial standards. Editors of Titanic, a German monthly satirical magazine with a circulation of approximately 100,000 copies, found it odd and amusing that the German media, ...

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US dangling ‘bogus’ threat of Moscow meddling on Latin America – Snr Russian diplomat

As elections near in some Latin American nations, Washington has been busy preaching its mantra about Moscow’s alleged attempts to meddle in others’ internal affairs, says a Russian Foreign Ministry department chief. The US is trying to spread its staunch belief about Russia’s intervention in the 2016 presidential vote to sway the election in favor of Donald Trump, warning its ...

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‘Whole state was terrified’: Hawaii urges ‘tough & quick’ reprisal for bogus missile alert

After the entire state of Hawaii suffered an almighty scare over an imminent missile attack warning, angry officials and the public are calling for “tough and quick accountability” for the “totally inexcusable” mishap. “The whole state was terrified,” said Hawaiian US senator Brian Schatz following the false alarm on Saturday morning, which went uncorrected for 38 minutes. He called for ...

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Rees-Mogg resurrects ‘bogus’ claim that Brexit will give hospitals £350mn extra per week

Jacob Rees-Mogg has resuscitated the widely debunked pro-Brexit claim that leaving the EU would deliver an extra £350 million per week to the National Health Service (NHS). The Old Etonian is tipped to become the next Tory leader to succeed Theresa May. In a speech in London offering an alternative budget ahead of actual Budget Day next week, Rees-Mogg said ...

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Bot-hunting Twitter bot sniffs out bogus political tweets

If you’ve ever wondered if the hashtag heavy, politically far afield Twitter user you’re about to eviscerate in 140 characters is totally delusional or merely not quite sentient, well, wonder no more. On Wenesday, Quartz just launched a handy Twitter bot known as @probabot_ to sort so much automated chaff from Twitter’s proverbial fields of wheat. Probabot identifies political tweets ...

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El Chapo wants case dismissed, alleging bogus extradition

Jailed Mexican drug czar Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman, a two-time escape artist from prisons south of the border, wants his case tossed — claiming he was improperly extradited to Brooklyn, according to court papers filed Thursday. Guzman’s lawyers claim the Mexican government initially only agreed to transport the diminutive drug kingpin to Texas or California, His defense team wants Brooklyn ...

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China fires back at Trump's bogus claim about North Korea

Beijing hit back hard Monday after being on the receiving end of a President Trump Twitter tirade linking China trade to a North Korean missile test. After Trump wrote that he was “very disappointed” in China for profiting from American trade while staying silent on North Korea, the Chinese government cautioned against pinning the blame on them. “We think the ...

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Bogus flyer dupes hundreds into attending Raiders' Vegas meeting

Police were called after hundreds of job seekers on Thursday flooded a board meeting for the new Oakland Raiders stadium in Las Vegas and turned irate when they discovered they’d been had by a hoax. A flyer promoting “pre-job recruitment sign-ups” attracted more than 700 people to a regularly scheduled meeting of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority board. Tensions flared ...

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