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Iran’s elite guards vow ‘deadly’ revenge as Tehran blames US & allies for parade attack

Those behind the terrorist attack at the Ahvaz military parade will face “unforgettable vengeance,” Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said, as Tehran persists in accusing Washington and its regional allies of orchestrating the assault. Up to 29 people were killed and more than 60 others injured after gunmen fired indiscriminately at the crowd during a military parade in the southwestern Iranian city ...

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Iran blames ‘regional terror sponsors & their US masters’ after military parade attack

Published time: 22 Sep, 2018 08:50 Edited time: 22 Sep, 2018 08:58 Following a deadly attack on a military parade in southern Iran, the country’s foreign minister said that regional sponsors of terrorism and their “US masters” are to be held accountable for such assaults. Top Iranian diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif vowed to respond “swiftly and decisively” after gunmen opened ...

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Israeli army blames Damascus for Russia’s Il-20 downing, mourns death of crew – statement

Israel has blamed the Syrian government for the downing of the Russian Il-20 plane jet in Latakia province, according to the IDF statement. Israel said that it “expresses sorrow for the death of the aircrew members” of the Russian plane. However, it stated that  the government of Bashar Assad “whose military shot down the Russian plane,” is “fully responsible” for the ...

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Trump says ‘no reason’ for costly war games with South Korea, blames China for stalemate with North

US President Donald Trump has blamed Beijing for the lack of progress on North Korea’s denuclearization, saying China has put North Korea “under tremendous pressure” in response to a trade war Trump had started in the first place. The White House statement, posted by Trump in a string of tweets, says that the US President “feels strongly” that Pyongyang has ...

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Trump blames ‘clowns and losers’ Comey & co for loss of FBI’s ‘stellar reputation’

US President Donald Trump branded ex-FBI executives James Comey and Andrew McCabe as “clowns and losers” in a tweet criticizing them and other officials for ruining the once “stellar reputation” of the FBI. “Will the FBI ever recover its once stellar reputation?” he asked while calling out Comey and McCabe, along with former FBI agent Peter Strzok and “his lover, ...

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In post-attack speech, Venezuela's Maduro blames right-wingers & Colombia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, speaking shortly after an attempted attack during his Saturday public address, has said some of the perpetrators have already been captured. Maduro, without any sign of injury, delivered a televised address about two hours after his public speech at a military event was interrupted by loud explosions. Venezuelan officials said explosive drones were detonated near the ...

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‘You can break a person’: Widow of #MeToo witch-hunt victim blames campaign for husband’s suicide

Sweden’s #MeToo movement has come under fire after its most prominent target committed suicide. However, an investigation failed to prove accusations against Benny Fredriksson, a leading figure in Stockholm’s art world. Fredriksson was the artistic director of the Swedish capital’s arts and culture center Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, and the husband of Swedish opera superstar Anne Sofie von Otter. Last December, he ...

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Iranian rial falls to record low against the US dollar & central bank blames ‘nation’s enemies’

The unofficial rate of the Iranian rial plummeted to a record low of 112,000 rials against the dollar on concerns over the imminent return of full US sanctions. The rial has lost more than a half of its value against the dollar in just four months, having fallen to the 50,000-mark for the first time in March. Iranians have been ...

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Coca-Cola blames steel & aluminum tariffs for planned price hike

Prices for canned Coke in North America are set to rise in part due to the financial strain linked to tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum introduced by Washington earlier this year, according to the Coca-Cola Company. “We had to take with our bottling partners an increase in prices in our sparkling beverage industry in the middle of the year, ...

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Liberal comedian slammed for past pedophilia jokes blames Russia for ‘coordinated attack’

Another day, another Russian plot exposing an American public figure for questionable past behavior. This time a comedian, whose past attempts to joke about pedophilia got roasted on Twitter, is seeing the Russian hand. Liberal comedian Michael Ian Black came under fire by conservatives in recent days for a series of offensive past tweets referencing pedophilia and child abuse — ...

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