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Lawyer who filed complaints to UN against Lithuania over CIA black sites wants leaders indicted

A human rights lawyer, who sent complaints to the UN against Lithuania for allowing the CIA to host secret prisons on its soil, is sure he will see the country’s leadership indicted. He talks exclusively to RT. In May of this year, Lithuania and Romania were found responsible for knowingly allowing the torture of prisoners at secret CIA facilities on ...

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‘Police hunt in black communities, protect & serve in white ones’ – Ex-NYPD cop tells RT

Violent protests have broken out after a Chicago policewoman shot and killed a black man, who bodycam footage revealed to be armed. RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze sat down with an ex-NYPD cop to discuss the force and police racism. Harith Augustus died after being shot in the back at least five times by a female police officer, according to a Chicago ...

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‘They only kicked out black people’: Indianapolis man told to leave his own pool ( VIDEOS)

One man’s relaxing afternoon at his building’s pool spiralled into a tense standoff as he was told to leave in what appears to a racially profiled incident. Shayne Holland was sitting by the pool at the River Crossing at Keystone apartment complex when an off-duty Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer who was working as a security guard asked if he ...

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French officer who 'accidentally' killed black man charged with manslaughter as riots continue

A French policeman who fatally shot a black man during a brawl with officers has been charged with manslaughter. The man’s death has led to an outbreak of violence, with riots extending into their fourth day on Saturday. Read more Tensions continue to run high in Nantes, a city in western France where a 22-year-old man, identified as Aboubakar Fofana, ...

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‘Racial profiling’: Man fired after calling police on black neighbor at pool (VIDEO)

The holiday spirit was in short supply at a community swimming pool in North Carolina on July 4, where a black woman claims she was racially profiled by a neighbor who called the police after she questioned his request for ID. Jasmine Edwards filmed the bizarre incident at a private pool in Winston-Salem. She says she was reported to the ...

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From ‘self-defense’ to ‘accident’: French officer who killed black man, sparking riots, changes tune

The French officer who shot and killed a black man, triggering three days of riots, has changed his story. He now claims he didn’t fire out of self-defense, but says it was an accident. The officer, who fired at a 22-year-old male, identified as Aboubakar F., on Tuesday initially said he acted out of self-defense, while trying to arrest the ...

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Constituent calls cops on ‘suspicious’ black politician canvassing (PHOTO)

A black Democratic politician was canvassing in Oregon when a white woman called the police on her, marking the latest in a string of instances of black people being reported to the police for engaging in ordinary activities. Rep Janelle Bynum, Oregon State Representative in House District 51, is running for re-election in November this year. However, her campaign nearly ...

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Latvia probes ‘racist’ election ad showing black man with EU passport and lily-white woman

A political party in Latvia has come under fire after its official Facebook page posted a Nazi-related ad, which apparently aims to show the EU as a tribal black man and Latvia as a blond white woman nursing a black baby. The scandal started on Sunday, when the Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ Party (LSDSP) posted the controversial picture ahead of ...

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Photos of US female hunter posing with rare black giraffe ‘trophy kill’ spark outrage

Images posted by a US hunter of her “dream kill” –an 18-year-old rare black giraffe she shot down in South Africa– have sparked outrage online and have prompted the hunter to defend her actions. The photos, actually taken in June 2017, had resurfaced online after they were shared by a local South African website, AfricLand Post, a couple of weeks ...

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