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Duma gives first nod to bill ordering life sentences for sex crimes against minors

The Russian Lower House has passed, in the first reading, a motion to tighten laws on sex crimes against children – with punishments of up to life in prison and the removal of the statute of limitations in all such cases. Currently sex with minors is punished with up to four years behind bars, but the term can be increased ...

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Spain moves towards legalizing euthanasia, as parliament agrees to debate bill

Spanish lawmakers took a major step towards legalizing euthanasia as the lower house of parliament agreed to consider a proposal on assisted suicide for terminally ill or severely disabled patients who choose it. Drafted by the ruling Socialist Party (PSOE), the bill was accepted for consideration by Spain’s lower house on Tuesday. PSOE spokesperson, Adriana Lastra expressed the party’s enthusiasm ...

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New bill offers amnesty to Ukrainian refugees who illegally remain on Russian territory

A senior Russian majority party lawmaker has drafted a bill offering amnesty to all Ukrainian citizens who remain on Russian territory, speeding up the naturalization procedure for those who seek it. The bill has been prepared by the head of the lower house commission for relations with the Commonwealth of Independent States and Russian diaspora in foreign countries, Konstantin Zatulin, ...

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Sex pests: Bill Gates to fund modified mosquitoes in bid to wipe out malaria

Bill Gates wants genetically-modified mosquitoes to use sex to destroy their own offspring in a bizarre bid to wipe out malaria. The Microsoft founder is pumping $ 4 million into the endeavor to tackle the vector-borne disease, which is spread by female mosquito bites and kills 445,000 people a year. The plan is to release genetically-modified male mosquitoes into the ...

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Google’s 11th-hour intervention puts ‘revenge porn’ bill in New York back on ice

A New York state bill that would outlaw ‘revenge porn’ has been shelved until next year, after a late lobbying effort by tech giant Google succeeded in blocking a vote in the state Senate. The bill, which existed in legal limbo since 2013, was pushed through the State Assembly after a New York Post article last year highlighted the problem. ...

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California cops shoot down bill restricting lethal force

California law enforcement organizations say they won’t budge on a bill that would limit the situations in which they can use lethal force. Assembly Bill 931 would raise the standard for the use of lethal force from ‘reasonable’ to ‘necessary.’ If it were to pass, police officers could only kill a suspect if all other options were exhausted. While the ...

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Israeli ministers approve bill to ban filming of IDF actions, despite opposition of Attorney General

A controversial bill that criminalizes filming IDF soldiers has been advanced by an Israeli government committee. The Israeli Attorney General, however, said it would not withstand a constitutional review in its current form. The Ministerial Committee for Legislation, which determines the coalition government’s position on all pending bills, has green-lighted the legislation, which envisages penalties of up to five years ...

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Fines for insulting Russian national football team if new bill becomes law

Russian MPs have prepared a bill introducing fines for public statements insulting the players or coach of the Russian national football team, saying that moral climate was an important condition for sports victories. The bill has been prepared by a group of lawmakers, headed by MP Vitaly Milonov of the majority party United Russia. He is best-known as the principal ...

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Bill Clinton reveals why Hillary lost (hint: Jill Stein & Russia)

Former President Bill Clinton shed some light on why he thinks his wife might have lost her 2016 presidential bid. He dramatically exposed Russia’s “preferred alternative” – the Green Party candidate. Speaking at an event in New York, Clinton reckoned that Green Party candidate Jill Stein was the “preferred alternative of the Russians,” and hinted that shadowy Russian actors must ...

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Naftogaz says court has seized Dutch assets of Russia’s Gazprom over $2.6bn compensation bill

Published time: 5 Jun, 2018 06:43 Edited time: 5 Jun, 2018 06:59 A court has seized the Dutch assets of Russian energy major Gazprom to pay $ 2.56 billion in compensation to Naftogaz, the Ukrainian company has said. In February, the Stockholm arbitration court demanded that the Russian company pay for a shortfall in the delivery of gas to Ukraine. ...

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