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Flower power: Russian govt mulls bill to lift poppy plant production ban to grow for medical use

Russia’s government has received a bill that would lift its current ban on poppy plant cultivation. If approved, the law would allow for the mass domestic manufacture of opiate-based medicines. The draft federal law provides for the abolition of the ban “on the cultivation of drug-containing plants,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade said Monday, according to TASS. Read more ...

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Lewinsky was an adult, so Bill did nothing wrong, Hillary Clinton believes

Monica Lewinsky was an adult when having an affair with the US President Bill Clinton, and that absolves him of any responsibility, Clinton’s ever-protective wife and failed presidential candidate Hillary has said. Hillary Clinton was speaking to CBS’ Sunday Morning when anchor Tony Dokoupil asked her about Bill Clinton’s 1990s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Back then, he ...

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Apple rebukes Australia’s “dangerously ambiguous” anti-encryption bill

Apple has strongly criticized Australia’s anti-encryption bill, calling it “dangerously ambiguous” and “alarming to every Australian.” The Australian government’s draft law — known as the Access and Assistance Bill — would compel tech companies operating in the country, like Apple, to provide “assistance” to law enforcement and intelligence agencies in accessing electronic data. The government claims that encrypted communications are ...

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Russian govt backs bill allowing use of geolocation data to search for missing kids

The Russian government has supported a bill that would allow police and rescuers to quickly access geolocation data on the phones of missing children in emergency situations. News of the government’s support for the bill was announced on Friday by the main sponsor of the legislation, MP Irina Yarovaya (United Russia). Read more The motion, drafted in mid-July this year, ...

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The Internet Bill of Rights is just one piece of our moral obligations

David Gorodyansky Contributor More posts by this contributor Warrantless surveillance law proves it’s time to take privacy into our own hands This is the future if net neutrality is repealed; the creeping, costly death of media freedom Congressman Ro Khanna’s proposed Internet Bill of Rights pushes individual rights on the Internet forward in a positive manner. It provides guidelines for ...

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Russian pension reform bill signed into law by Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a motion ordering an increase to retirement age while allowing for a rise in payments and offering additional guarantees for citizens approaching the end of their working lives. Increase in retirement age and pension payments A package of bills regulating pension reform was published on Thursday and its main part will come ...

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‘Double standard bullsh*t’: #MeToo icon Alyssa Milano hates Kavanaugh… but ‘loves’ Bill Clinton?

Actress Alyssa Milano has used her political clout to rally behind Christine Blasey Ford, but her tweet on apparent “love” for Bill Clinton dug up from the deep past has sparked accusations of deep hypocrisy The #MeToo icon took a conspicuous stand against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has been accused by multiple women of ...

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Duma unanimously passes Putin’s amendments to pension reform bill

The Russian parliament has approved amendments by Vladimir Putin to the bill providing for a gradual rise in the age of retirement. The changes are expected to soften the impact of the unpopular measure for ordinary citizens. The nine amendments drafted by President Putin reduce the proposed increase in the retirement age for women, guarantee that pensioners keep all current ...

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Bill Cosby sentenced to at least 3 years in first celebrity conviction for #MeToo

Comedian Bill Cosby, 81, has been sentenced to three to 10 years in a Pennsylvania state prison for drugging and molesting a woman in 2004. Cosby was sentenced on Tuesday over the assault, which took place at his Philadelphia home back in 2004. The sentence was a bit lighter than demanded by prosecution, which urged the judge to put the ...

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State Duma passes Putin’s bill criminalizing the sacking of workers approaching retirement age

The Russian Lower House has approved a bill introducing a legal definition of pre-retirement age, together with criminal responsibility for employers who fire or refuse to hire workers in this age bracket without a solid reason. The pre-retirement age is described as the period of five years before the official retirement age. The latter figure will change during future pension ...

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