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'Convenient accident': Twitter reacts after FBI 'lost texts' between Russia investigation staffers

Reactions are rolling in after the FBI reportedly lost five months of text messages between staffers who worked on probes into Hillary Clinton’s emails and alleged collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign. News of the reportedly ‘lost emails’ broke after Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, wrote in a January 20 letter that the ...

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Young brawlers: Mass fight breaks out between junior hockey teams in south Russia (VIDEO)

While Russia’s North Caucasus region is well known for its successful wrestlers and other combat sports athletes, ice hockey, where fighting is also part of the game, seems to be slowly gaining popularity. Video footage of a mass fight last weekend between players of two junior hockey teams, local club Alania and visitors Haski (Nevinnomysk), which happened in the capital ...

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Russia may mediate nuke talks between the two Koreas – top MP

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 13:57 Moscow may act as mediator in the denuclearization talks between the two Koreas, as the nuclear issue affects Russia’s national interests, Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee, said. “It highly likely that efforts by international mediators will be required to promote the issue of denuclearization and the nuclear dossier” on ...

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No new ‘Iron Curtain’ between Russia and US – Lavrov

Published time: 25 Dec, 2017 06:11 Edited time: 25 Dec, 2017 06:53 There is no new “Iron Curtain” between Russia and the US, the Russian Foreign Minister said, predicting that relations between the two world powers will improve, though time which could have been used to mend ties has been wasted. “I don’t think that the term ‘Iron Curtain’ could ...

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'US will be doing its utmost to cause problems between Russia & China'

The ‘new’ security strategy is a justification for the US and its junior tool, NATO, to continue to up the ante and spend ever greater sums on maintaining tension in the world, says Prof William Mallinson, Marconi University. US President Donald Trump outlined his view of the world and America’s role in a new national security strategy.  According to the ...

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AI to flag child porn images… but can’t distinguish between nudes & desert landscapes

Published time: 19 Dec, 2017 14:41 UK police want artificial intelligence to assume the upsetting task of intercepting child-abuse images on suspects’ phones and computers. However, existing software can’t distinguish between a naked body and a desert landscape. London Metropolitan Police Head of Digital and Electronic Forensics Mark Stokes told The Telegraph that although the force, which examined 53,000 devices ...

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The difference between good and bad Facebooking

“Social media” is a clumsy term that entangles enriching social interaction with mindless media consumption. It’s a double-edged sword whose sides aren’t properly distinguished. Taken as a whole, we can’t decide if it “brings the world closer together” like Facebook’s new mission statement says, or leaves us depressed and isolated. It does both, but our opportunity and the tech giants’ ...

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Trade between Russia & India up 22% this year

Published time: 11 Dec, 2017 13:04 India’s President Ram Nath Kovind announced on Monday his country’s trade with Russia has increased by almost a quarter in the first six months of this year. “The early operationalization of the International North South Transport Corridor can play a significant role in achieving our bilateral trade targets,” the government press release said. Read ...

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‘Clinton fan club’: More links between ‘Russiagate’ probe team & Hillary surface

Serious questions have been raised over the independence of Robert Mueller’s investigation into allegations of Russian meddling in last year’s US presidential election. This follows fresh reports of strong links between members of the investigating team and Hillary Clinton and her aides. Investigator Aaron Zebley – often referred to as Mueller’s “right-hand man” after having served as the former FBI ...

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Genetic differences between straight and gay found by new ‘speculative’ study

Gay and straight men have different variations of at least two genes that somewhat correlate with their sexual orientation, a new study appears to show, lending credence to the theory that sexual preferences are inherited, not chosen. The study appeared Thursday in the Scientific Reports journal. Scientists at the North Shore University in Illinois compared the genomes of 1,077 gay and ...

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