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‘Lost volcano world’ teeming with life discovered thousands of meters below remote seas (PHOTOS)

An expedition to map remote parts of the ocean off Australia has yielded a startling discovery – a “lost world” of volcanoes where towering underwater peaks reach higher than sierras in the Andes mountain range. Uncovered by a Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) vessel during a trip 400km east of Tasmania, the subaquatic world appears to be teeming ...

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‘Quadrillion tons’ of diamonds located 160km below Earth’s surface, researchers say

There are over a quadrillion tons of diamonds waiting to be found – the only problem is that they’re 160km beneath the Earth’s surface, according to researchers, who used soundwaves to reveal the massive precious stone deposit. The incredible discovery was made by scientists at MIT, Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley after they analyzed seismic records. Read ...

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'Low point in US patriotism:' Number of 'extremely proud' Americans slips below 50% for first time

With politics and society increasingly divided, only 47 percent of US citizens polled say they’re “extremely proud” to be Americans, the lowest number ever. The number of Republicans with this extreme pride is at a five-year high. A new annual survey by Gallup, released on Monday, has highlighted two widening political divides, one between Republicans and conservatives, on the other ...

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‘Superhero’ firefighter catches falling man midflight from a window below (VIDEO)

Incredible resourcefulness and improvisation by Latvian rescuers has helped save a person who fell from the fourth floor of a multi-story building. The hero firefighter has managed to grab the victim by the feet midflight. The members of Latvia’s National Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) responded to an emergency at a multi-unit apartment building last weekend, where a “suspicious” person ...

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Gold below $1,300 means golden opportunity to buy – analyst

Prices for gold have seen a major drop over the recent month, but Bill Baruch, the head of futures and commodities brokerage firm Blue Line Futures, says that’s no reason to be in a bearish mood. Gold futures for June delivery were trading at $ 1,287 per ounce at 12:04 GMT, having dropped five percent from its peak one month ...

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Bitcoin plunges below $10,000 as major crypto exchange to share user details with US tax authorities

The cryptocurrency market, led by bitcoin, plummeted after US-based exchange Coinbase said it would hand over the data of nearly 13,000 of its customers to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Bitcoin, the world’s number one digital currency, was trading at slightly over $ 9,529 at 8:21am GMT on Monday, off last week’s peak of $ 12,000. The virtual currencies ...

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Bitcoin leads cryptocurrency carnage, crashing below $8,000 for 1st time since November

The cryptocurrency market continued to plunge on Friday with investors dumping digital coins after another global regulator announced an upcoming crackdown. Read more Bitcoin fell below $ 8,000, shedding 60 percent of its value in a matter of 45 days, when a $ 20,000 record was broken. Numbers two and three, ethereum and ripple, plunged 28 and 33 percent respectively. ...

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Bitcoin train goes off the rails, plunging below $8,500

Top digital currency bitcoin dropped more than 16 percent on Friday, losing over half of its value since January, representing more than $ 72 billion. The cryptocurrency was trading at $ 8,224 as of 10:30am GMT, according to CoinMarketCap data. Bitcoin has now lost almost 58 percent since hitting a record price of $ 20,000 in mid-December. The decline followed ...

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Bitcoin plunges below $10,000 as cryptocurrency sell-off continues

The digital currency market is extending its losses, with all the major cryptocurrencies on a broad sell-off. Bitcoin is headed for its worst monthly slide since December 2013. Read more The market leading digital currency slid 12 percent on Wednesday to $ 9,817, before recovering slightly above $ 10,000, according to the CoinMarketCap website. Its market cap is currently around ...

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Below the belt: 6 most personal attacks on Trump during his first year in White House

Attacks on Donald Trump have been fast and furious, but some appeared to be so cheap, ridiculous or hurtful that even the man himself was too embarrassed to list them in his “Fake News Awards.” Are they credible? You be the judge. ‘Donald Trump is illiterate’ While previously thrown around as a vague insult, this accusation has been recently used more ...

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