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Twins pitcher Ryan O’Rourke throws up before every appearance

He empties the tank — and his stomach — for his team. Minnesota Twins relief pitcher Ryan O’Rourke might have the weirdest, and most uncontrollable, superstition in baseball: he vomits before taking the mound. O’Rourke mustered up the guts to tell TwinCities.com Tuesday “I go in the bathroom, or sometimes it’s just on the back of the mound. But, yeah, ...

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Jubilation as woman removes veil & stomps on it after escaping ISIS before it's set ALIGHT

In the clip, the woman is seen cheering and screaming after removing her niqab along with a group of women and children. Another woman then takes the garment from off the ground and torches it with a lighter. The clip, tweeted by Kurdish news outlet Rudaw, later shows women smoking cigarettes and men dancing in celebration. Twitter users have since ...

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Teacher ‘sent pupil 500 texts before fondling him in the classroom’

UPPER DUBLIN POLICE • GETTY A teacher sent more than 500 calls, texts and chats through Snapchat with a student The pupil told a jury: “I caught on that she wanted something sexual out of everything she gave me. “I didn’t have any affection towards her. She was buying me stuff.” The teenager said he romped with English tutor Rose ...

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Rick Ankiel says he drank vodka before MLB starts in 2001

The meltdown on the mound during the 2000 MLB playoffs was fresh in Rick Ankiel’s mind as he prepared for his first start of the 2001 Cardinals season. But the former pitcher-turned-outfielder believed that an adjustment to his mechanics, which went awry during the third inning of his NLDS start against the Braves with a record five wild pitches, was ...

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How Brad Stevens gave the Celtics an All-Star win before deadline

NEW ORLEANS — One of the biggest perks for coaching in the All-Star Game is spending quality time with some of game’s best players and in some cases soon-to-be free agents. Brad Stevens, who is both charming and cunning in a Pat Riley kind of way, seized upon that opportunity as only few have. Stevens, according to two sources, showed ...

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Eurocrats 'to coax UK into paying £51BILLION divorce bill BEFORE starting trade talks'

Brussels bureaucrats are said to be keen on settling the rights of expatriate citizens across the crumbling superstate before progressing with trade talks with Theresa May. Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, is believed to favour a divorce-first approach with Britain – meaning the Government’s plans to strike an EU trade deal by the end of 2018 could be dealt ...

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How cosy! Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau share CANDLE-LIT DINNER before sharing a KISS

Trudeau was in Berlin ahead of a meeting with the German chancellor today, after just securing the CETA trade deal. Before addressing the world in a press conference where he called Angela Merkel “tremendous”, Mr Trudeau was invited for a impromptu dinner with the Chancellor and foreign policy adviser Christoph Heusgen at the Hotel Regent last night. The Canadian Prime ...

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Harrison Ford's Radio Missteps On Takeoff Before Botched Taxiway Landing (AUDIO)

2/17/2017 12:40 AM PST EXCLUSIVE Harrison Ford didn’t sound like a seasoned pilot of more than 20 years when he stammered through radio calls to the tower … minutes before his screwed up landing on a taxiway. TMZ has obtained audio of Harrison’s convo with air traffic control as he took off from Santa Monica Airport at 11:49 AM on ...

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Jets need to cut Darrelle Revis before he embarrasses them more

Darrelle Revis played two-hand touch for 17 weeks before finally getting physical. The aging, contact-averse cornerback’s alleged involvement in a sketchy after-hours street fight on the South Side of Pittsburgh last weekend should prompt the Jets to make the most sensible decision: Cut this guy now before he embarrasses you more. Revis’ play this season hovered between disgraceful and pathetic, ...

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Student ‘highly intoxicated’ and rammed window before fatal fall

A university student who fell to his death from the 11th floor of a New Orleans hotel room repeatedly rammed into and broke the window before he took his fatal plunge. Witnesses told police Cole Whaley struck the window in the Double Tree Hotel room three times with his shoulder, CBS News reported. The 20-year-old University of Southern Mississippi student ...

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