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Kim covered by ‘wall of bodyguards’ strolls Singapore quay before meeting Trump (VIDEO)

Hours before the historic summit with US President Donald Trump is set to kick off, Kim Jong-un went out for a walk in Singapore surrounded by a wall of bodyguards. The North Korean leader appeared completely boxed in by several dozens of men in black when he decided to take a walk near the luxury St. Regis hotel, where he ...

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Benghazi before and after NATO intervention: Young man’s photos highlight devastation in Libya

Before and after images are good for promoting healthy eating, but they have a dramatically different effect when it comes to war-torn countries, as proven by a Libyan man who took photos of himself in Benghazi in 2000 and 2018. His photos posted on Twitter show the same locations in Benghazi after 18 years. Where there were once tall buildings ...

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US sought Saudi oil support before Iran deal withdrawal

A day before US President Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, a senior official of the Trump Administration phoned Saudi Arabia to ask it to help keep oil prices stable should the US decision on Iran disrupt oil supply. A senior US official had called Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman before President Trump announced his decision on ...

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Ex-FBI #2 McCabe asks for immunity before talking to Senate about Clinton emails

The former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, is reportedly seeking immunity from prosecution before testifying at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. McCabe is accused of authorizing the leaking of information about the FBI’s probe into the Clinton Foundation to the media. He is now reportedly willing to provide ...

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Real Russian bots: Syria-tested ground drones to enter service before year’s end – military chief

Three models of ground drones, which proved to be highly useful during Russia’s demining effort in Syria, will be fully introduced in service before the end of the year, the chief of Russian military engineers said. Three robotic tools helped Russian troops clear booby traps and mines left behind by militants in Syria. They are Uran-6, a remotely-controlled demining vehicle, ...

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Head of Russian Audit Chamber bursts into tears when summing up her work before parliament

Tatyana Golikova, who has been offered the post of deputy PM in charge of social policies, has burst into tears during the parliamentary session which approved her resignation as the head of the Audit Chamber. “All our efforts were targeted at maximum saving of the state resources. If you take a close look at our reports you will see that ...

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No more fire & fury? US dangles carrot at North Korea, like it did before

Less than a year after Donald Trump’s notorious “fire and fury” threat against North Korea, the US is now offering aid and investment if Pyongyang ditches its nukes. The progress seems remarkable… if you have a short memory. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says North Korea only has to give up its nuclear weapons program to become America’s next ...

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Smooth criminal: Burglar caught doing victory dance before getting picked up by police (VIDEO)

Security cameras caught a burglar busting a move to celebrate his break-in… before he was picked up by the cops. CCTV cameras in Fresno, California, captured David Seale, 43, doing a victory dance after stealing an expensive laptop (worth a reported $ 2,500) and cash from an office building over the weekend. A tenant in the building reported the stolen ...

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All for nothing? What it took to clinch Iran deal before Trump dumped it with stroke of pen (VIDEO)

Well, now it’s official – the US dumped the Iran nuclear deal with the flick of a pen. RT recalls how six major powers and Iran spent nine years in hard talks trying to build up trust, and finally signing the historic accord. It took nine hours of uneasy talks and days of face-to-face meetings between high-ranking diplomats from Iran ...

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Putin puts Medvedev candidacy for PM before parliament

Published time: 7 May, 2018 11:43 Edited time: 7 May, 2018 12:33 After the swearing-in ceremony at the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin formally nominated current chair of the Russian government, Dmitry Medvedev, to retain his post. The candidacy is to be confirmed by the Russian parliament. According to the Russian constitution, the government has to resign after the inauguration of ...

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