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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify before House committee over ‘shadow banning’ & bias claims

Published time: 24 Aug, 2018 21:41 Edited time: 24 Aug, 2018 21:53 Twitter’s chief executive Jack Dorsey will appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Sept. 5 to testify about the company’s algorithms that have repeatedly raised suspicions of judgment bias and stealth censorship. The panel plans to grill Dorsey about “the complex processes behind the company’s algorithms ...

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Mysterious mirror video shows boy’s reflection walking before he moves (POLL)

A bizarre video, which appears to show a young boy’s reflection moving before he does, has provoked a flood of reaction online as people offer a range of explanations for the perplexing footage. The video, posted on Twitter by a woman from San Antonio, Texas, earlier this week, features the woman’s son standing in front of a mirror, sticking out ...

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14 fans injured after structure collapses before Backstreet Boys Oklahoma concert (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

At least 14 people who gathered for a Backstreet Boys concert in Oklahoma have been injured after a severe storm blew over an outdoor entrance structure. The outdoor show of the legendary group was due to take place at the Colosseum at WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, 190km from Oklahoma City on Saturday evening. Organizers said they spotted ...

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Russian heavy bomber Tu-160 executes mid-air refueling before landing in Arctic (VIDEO)

Video has captured the moment a Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 performed a mid-air refueling maneuver during a military drill. The stunt is considered particularly difficult, even by veteran pilots. The footage, released on Thursday by the Russian Defense Ministry’s official channel Zvezda TV, shows the large bomber Tu-160 (NATO reporting name – Blackjack) performing aerial refueling as it flies behind ...

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Startups should read this checklist before they go “whale hunting” for big partners

David Frankel Contributor More posts by this contributor You earn a million dollars a year and can’t get funded? Dear auto entrepreneurs, please think outside the gearbox A top four tech company recently approached the CEO of one of our B2B portfolio companies with a tremendous offer. This company, with buy-in from its world-famous CEO, believes the startup’s core technology ...

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Suicide bomber’s belt of explosives blew up before he got to Christian church service in Egypt

Egyptian security forces have thwarted a suicide bomber as he attempted to position himself among members of a church congregation wearing a belt of explosives, during a religious celebration at a heavily guarded Christian church. The suicide bomber was attempting to enter the Church of the Virgin Mary in Mostorod, Shubra Al-Khaim, when tight security prevented him from getting close ...

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Atlanta school abolishes pledge of allegiance before class, says it’s not ‘inclusive’

An Atlanta charter school will no longer recite the pledge of allegiance before class in the morning, as staff feel it does not contribute to “a fully inclusive and connected community.” “Over the past couple of years it has become increasingly obvious that more and more of our community were choosing to not stand and/or recite the pledge,” Atlanta Neighborhood ...

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‘I’ll have you killed!’ Duterte scolds 100+ corrupt Philippine cops brought before him

President Rodrigo Duterte has demonstratively threatened to keep a close watch on and to neutralize suspected corrupt cops if they ever make a single mistake that taints the public image of the Philippines’ police force. More than one hundred policemen, who are currently being probed for various offenses across the country, were delivered to Malacañang Palace for a public scolding ...

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Mattis calls space a ‘developing war zone,’ mulls creating combatant command before Space Force

US Defense Secretary James Mattis says the Pentagon agrees with President Donald Trump on viewing space as a possible battlefield and is considering setting up a combatant command until the Space Force can be created. “We need to address space as a developing war-fighting domain, and a combatant command is certainly one thing that we can establish,” Mattis told reporters ...

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Trump: Sessions must stop Mueller ‘right now' before witch hunt 'stains America’

President Donald Trump again lashed out at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘Russiagate’ investigation via Twitter, warning Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step in and end it “right now.” “This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday. ..This ...

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